Saturday, 23 November 2013

Weather, Face and Outfit of the Day - November 18th♥

Hey loves, isn't that view gorgeous! 
It's the view I have from my bedroom window, obviously this photo has been edited but it doesn't stray to far from the truth, I'll tell you that!
 It was a really cloudy and overcast day on the 18th but the trees were lovely autumnal colours and I HAD to take a picture. To edit this photo I used Google Photos to edit it, I'm telling you guys Google Photos is AMAZING I've been using it for this blog for a while now, I just share them privately from my phone and they're up with the click on a button! I don't even have to save each photo I just edit it and then copy the image url! You guys should seriously try it, it has made life so much easier :)

This was my face of the day, pretty simple although I think I edited the photo too much as you can't see my eyeshadow that I used, oh well you guys will get the gist once I show you the eyeshadows I used.

This pallette was one that my mum got me for Christmas, I think you can get it online on Amazon, I'll post the link here again I don't know if it was the actual one but this is close to it. It's real cheap as well! These colours are gorgeous and these brown and pink tones are probably my most used colours, I use my finger to apply them to my eyes which are not always as effective when it comes to blending but I, sadly, have not yet invested in a great and effective blending brush so that's on hold for the moment. 

Here is my outfit of the day, this slouchy long-sleeved jumper t-shirt (haha wonderful description there) is from Primark and I bought it for around £8.00 maybe I got it a few sizes up so it could be super slouchy for me when it comes to wearing it. I love jumpers like this grey and white one it's perfect for dressing up and lounging around in the house with!

My skirt was from George at Asda, it's just a raspberry, cream and black skirt for £10.00 which was a bit of a splurge for me at the time because I had little money but I was in love with the whole idea of having my wardrobe decked out in tartan and plaid. It's also a warm thick cotton material which is super cosy for winter. Also the elastic waist band cinches in at the waist and we all like a good waist-cincher!

Here is my attempt at an all-together shot of my outfit, I didn't put my shoes or anything in because I don't believe I wore any but I did wear thick tights to keep me warm!

Hope you guys liked this post,
God bless


  1. oo that view from your bedroom is lovely! :) xx

    1. It is beautiful isnt it? Im so blessed to have it as my view :) Thankyou for stopping by :3 xoxo