Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Victoria's secret - Scents

Hey loves, 
I have a new blog post for you guys to do with my recent purchases, excuse the rubbish photo taking with the silly flash! These are things I bought on recent trips to town and Westfield London I hope you enjoy what I bought!

Victoria Secret

2 and 3) Victoria Secret Body Spray Midnight Exotics in Deep Berry

Some of these I couldn't find links to but they were all found at the Stratford Westfield, I think that's what it's called so yeah, the prices on Amazon will of course vary from the ones that I bought at Westfield I got all of these products and another one Secret Charm which I gave to one of my best friends for her birthday for £30! They go for about £11 pound each otherwise there it is cheaper to get 5 for £30 :)

Victoria Secret Love Spell:
 this was my favourite scent out of them all it's a gorgeous sweet and peachy scent that I have received so many compliments on from my friends and family. I fell in love with the scent there and had gone so far as to buy the body butter as well. It's perfect for those girls who are looking for a sweet scent this autumn despite it being all pumpkin, cinnamon and spice I find wearing this a very refreshing scent on a cold winter's day! 

Victoria Secret Midnight Exotics in Deep Berry:
 This scent is in my opinion perfect for Autumn seeing as berry is the IN lip colour this season. Berries is exactly what it smells like and I find it to be a very sophisticated and grown-up scent very different to Love Spell which is a more child-like, fun and fruity scent. 

Victoria Secret Body Butter in Love Spell: 
As I mentioned before I was so in love with this peachy scent that I had to buy the body butter and I have used this so much after I bought, I've used it to moisturise straight out of the shower and even as a simple hand cream - it leaves my hands and body smelling amazing and fruity so I suggest that when going to Victoria Secret and finding that there is an offer on that you get your favourite scent in a body butter or a lotion because it is so worth it!

Victoria Secrets Sunny Brights in Sun Blissed: 
This scent is ma mommas favourite she says it reminds her of the Philipines.. which I don't think could be the fish markets haha but most likely her home with all the light fruity scents she has over there! But this one is a combination of sun-kissed tamarin and marigold which goes gorgeously together!

My favourite peachy scent of them all!

Anyway that is not all that I got from London I will post them gradually halfway through this post it seemed like a good idea to split my other buys seeing as these were a pretty meaty bunch of finds. It was my first time buying these scents and I was so so soooo excited to be at the Victoria Secret shop it is so amazing there and it looks like what Paris Hilton's bedroom or some of her closet would be! I suggest those in the UK make a day out of going to Westfield in London - both! As they are both amazing :D

See you guys next time!
God bless :)

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