Friday, 22 November 2013

A Mini ASDA Haul ♥

Hi loves, 
for those who live in the beautiful UK our equivalent version of Wal-Mart is ASDA. Therefore it is my favourite supermarket store!
I bought a few things when I went out with my mum a few days ago to ASDA and I wanted to show you guys! Even though some of it you might not be interested in I will say one thing. Everything I bought individually were under £10!

Enjoy :)

So here are all the things I bought including two cardigans pictured at the end! 

Purple Loofa: £1.99 (my dog keeps on eating these)
Air Wick Air Freshener in Cinnamon Apple: £1.00
Snow Spray: £1.00
Cookies and Cream Candle: £1.00
Fairy Lights: £1.75
BrowEssentials Kit: £2.00

This is what the Brow Kit looks like if you want 
to look out for it, I suggest on not investing in it, its not very good everything falls out as it doesn't close properly and the brow stencils are small too small like slits. No one wants slits for eyebrows. 

Also with how big that brush is, you'll never beable to fill those slits in, I dont think the brush would even fit in it!

I found this in a "Everything £1" section I smelt it and I was like mmmmm cookies and cream! However the burn scent is non-existent for me
maybe it's because my Yankee Candle is so amazing that I have yet to find a candle that can top it...

THIS MAKES MY ROOM SMELL. AMAZING. Although caution, don't spray too much, it'll make you choke. Logic really haha :L It's autumn in a can. I tell no lie! 

This is awesome even though we have a warning of 100 days of Snow in the UK and I probably won't need it but I can use it for DIY just like Macbarbie07 used to spray a jar and a mirror for Christmas Decor!

This is a Black and White cardigan I got for £9 reduced from £16! 

Not bad at all! Its soooo comfy I got it in a size 14 because it was super cosy and comfy for me :) The waterfall bits act as a cute scarf as well.

Here is the knitting detail! The quality is fabulous!

I also got it in brown, black and white in the same size and it's again gorgeous and comfy, inexpensive.

My last purchase is not pictured in the first because I got them at different times but anyway its still from Asda :)
Gingerbread Latte: £2.00
Caramel Latte: £2.00

My favourite is Gingerbread, been a fan of them since forever! I thought I would caramel better but I didnt so I suggest you guys invest in the Gingerbread Latte as it's Limited Edition :)

Hope you guys enjoyed this quick post!
God bless,

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