Sunday, 3 November 2013

New found Beauty Products on

Evening guys! I was just browsing the inter-web and I decided to look for a coat, I am in desperate need of one so I thought maybe would have one? Visit their website here. 
I got sidetracked by their Beauty tab as the coats I was viewing had nothing that caught my eye and I was so surprised to see brands like Nyx and OPI on there so I decided to check it out. I found a few products on there that I would love to have on my persons so I thought "why not blog about it?" So here I am :)

The first product I found was this translucent Powder by Nyx. I have only recently this year been getting into powder as I have only recently just learnt that it not only rounds off a make-up look but also mattifies the skin so there are no shiny parts. 
Here is the link:
and the photo: 
Nyx HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder - £10
The next product I found that I got wayyy to excited about was their Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Burgundy, it just appears as one of those thick creamy colours and just because it's Nyx I imagine it to stay on for ages. I am too in love with burdgundy right now and the colour may be the death of me but I seriously cannot avoid it being only £5.00 and all!
Here is the link:
and the photo:
Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Burgundy £5.00

The next product I found isn't necessarily beauty on the face but beauty on da nailssss. I personally, to my close friends are known for loving nail varnish a little TOO much also I have raved about OPI for long enough, I think it's time to actually invest in a few starting with THIS ONE:
Here's the link:
and the photo of its beautifulness:

OPI Mariah Carey Collection Underneath The Mistletoe Nail Polish - £12.00

This colour is a beautiful shimmery deep red colour which is perfect for fall, Mariah Carey you really pulled it out of the bag with this colour and as I continue to stare at it I am wanting my bank to fill up on money so that I can get it! 

The next colour is also from OPI but a slightly berry colour!
Here is the link:
and the photo:
OPI San Francisco Collection Muir Muir on the Wall - £12.00

This is a gorgeous purple toned colour with sparkles I am absolutely in love with it the shimmer looks gorgeous!

That's all for now guys I hope you enjoy this blogpost! All my love, God bless!

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