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Primark Christmas Party Picks

Primark Christmas Party Picks

Primark Christmas Party Picks by rose1995 on Polyvore

Hey loves, seeing as Primark have now got their website up I decided to get from the clothes they have on their site and create a collage of my favourite peices of theirs that will be great for a Christmas party or even to wear on Christmas Day if you love dressing up as much as I do!
For the most part these peices are decked out in sequins and sparkles which at this time of the year is TOTALLY acceptable. Some include the colour black which is also perfect for this season as it is not only slimming but goes with anything.

Starting from the top left to the right we have:

Faux Fur Coat £35.00
This coat, I can imagine will not feel as expensive as the fur in say, a Topshop coat, that's an obvious one but it is quite cheap and warm, probably warmer than your trusty leather jacket. This peice is great to just through over your dress when leaving a party and will be killer when arriving.

Gold Sequin Jacket £23.00
This blazer is gorgeous, I think I'll be buying this one myself, you can also get this blazer in Black. It looks so expensive, I can imagine the material lasting you the party season! The cut is great too and the rolled-up sleeves look is very cool. This peice would look perfect over a plain dress, too much pattern may look too busy.

Quilted Sequin Bomber £25.00
This bomber jacket looks so hot and it looks like really good quality, this is great for the sporty girls out there that can work the trainers and jeans looks with this. I am not a girl that can rock the sporty look UNFORTUNATELY but this is also girly enough thanks to the sequins to also pair with a plain dress.

Velvet Cut-out Crop Top£6.00
Yup, you read that price right. So cheap! This looks like a staple peice to have in your wardrobe if you enjoy revealing a bit more skin, I personally would not be able to work this but if I could I would pair it with NUMEROUS skirts and because it's plain I could rock sequins and glitter and polkadots and aztec tribal patterns. Just sayin.

Navy Lace Dress £17.00
This dress is also available in black... This looks like a midi dress and I've been seeing the midi skirt and dress going around recently, I know that in the summer there was a bit of a craze about it but it has come back beautiful people, in the form of a tight-fitting lace dress.

Lace Dress £15.00
This dress is a gorgeous burgundy colour with black lace detail around the chest area it is also slim fitting. I love the lace detail on this one it looks so busy and gorgeous!

Jewelled Bib Necklace £8.00
For a while I wasn't very impressed with Primark's jewellery and I didn't buy any of it but recently I got some beautiful peices and this peice is wonderful wonderful accessory to be combined with our little black dresses girls.

Sequin Peek-a-boo Dress £17.00
I love this cut, I'm not a fan of my arms but this style, because the chest is so busy and the a-line cut is distracting from the arms I like the look of it! 

Sequin Wrap Dress £15.00
This dress, similar to the last but slightly more revealing has the most gorgeous detail on its top half also the lower half looks like a really flowy skirt which is perfect for when you're on the dancefloor and you wanna swish like crazy.

Embellished Cami £12.00
This is a gorgoeus peice, I believe it can be dressed up or down and will definitely look amazing with some plain black jeans and a blazer along with crazy amazing heels.

Jewelled Collar Top £12.00
I love this pastel pink top is has it's girly edge to it which you can always dress up with a skirt or jeans.

Hope you enjoyed this post and that it inspires you to head over to Primark and find awesome peices for your holiday wardrobe!
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  1. I can't believe that cut out crop top is only £6! That's a definite purchase next time I'm in Primark! Great post! xx

    1. I know right! It's crazy haha! For sure :D Thanks for stopping by :))