Monday, 11 November 2013

Amazing Phone Cases - Wishlist

Hey loves!
Check out these amazing phone cases that I found on - I've been hunting for a while for a phonecase as beautiful as these but these honestly made my jaw drop when I saw them! 

Vintage style world Map Samsung Galaxy S3 Case ,Leather Galaxy case with Bronze compass,rudder ,anchor

For the link click here!
Since I was little I have always wanted to travel the world, I have only been to France and Spain but I have never set foot on a plane before so phonecases like this one will always remind me of how much I really want to travel! It's so rustic and vintage looking, the sewed detail and pleather case makes it look durable and for the price of this beautiful phonecase I really hope it is!
Price: £10.25 GBP

Materials: Leather, metal
Ships worldwide from China

Floral Samsung galaxy S3 case mint teal blush 

For the link click here!
I have always been so obsessed with floral designs, if I could, I would have floral everything! Clothes, bed covers, shoes, tights, shirts, hair... If only some of those were acceptable! Here is a gorgeous peice of phonecase - the phonecase that literally made me jump up and down about! The style is so elegant, detailed and beautiful it has such a victorian feel on the pattern that overlies the neon turqouise and black background giving an edgy feel to a classic and brimming with history print. I love the wooden affect on the bottom of the phonecase is creates that simple, beach affect that makes you feel tranquil. I do believe I will be asking Santa and every family member for this particular item for Christmas as its amazing and my favourite out of the two.
Price: £16.01 GBP

Materials: 3D print, hard case, soft case
Made to order
Ships worldwide from Hong Kong

Au revoir!
God bless

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