Thursday, 28 November 2013

A very Christmassy post: Winter Inspiration

Hey loves,
Okay.. I have been told time and time again this November that "it's too early for Christmas" WELL, with 2 days till the beginning of December I thought it was acceptable to create a Christmassy post full of beautiful pictures that I have found on Tumblr so all credit goes to the creators and capturers of these gorgeous moments.

For Christmas I love to go all out, I literally can't wait to deck my bedroom out in gorgeous glitters and stars and baubles and tinsel and all things bright and sparkly. It's literally a magical time of the year and my favourite holiday by FAR. 

Gingerbread houses are a MUST this Christmas, I love creating them and letting out my inner (non-existent) artist out! 
I looked up some Gingerbread houses online for you guys if you were thinking of getting one this Christmas it's a great way to bring all your friends or family together and just have a load of fun :)

Or if you just wanted a Gingerbread house as strictly Decoration only then check out this

HOWEVER, we cannot forget the reason why we have Christmas, do not be so deceived as to think that we should not give thanks that the Saviour of the very world we live in was born at Christmas (or roughly around). The most beautiful thing to ever happen to this world was the birth of a little boy name Jesus. Born in the most humblest of fashions, born in literal slums of cow-pat and hay, grew up to give His life, decided to choose death to save us. What other king could have so humbly come to save our souls? To come down off his throne and take the expression "I would die for you" and literally mean it? The most precious and amazing event happened at Christmas, the birth of Jesus so let us not get carried away with presents, food, shopping and the like let's take a moment, even a whole day or series of days remembering and giving thanks to Jesus and His birth.and never ever forget how much He loves you and wants a relationship with you. He's calling us, as His bridegroom to get ready, because He is soon coming to save us :)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, 
Keep posted for more!
All my love,

My favourite two necklace purchases × PRIMARK.

Hey loves,
 I recently bought 2 peices of jewellery from Primark that I am absolutely in loveeeeee with and I wanted to share it with you guys!
They were both £2.00 which I think is amazing they have lasted everday since I bought them which is a good thing :)

The first necklace is a teardrop with a gold rim also the white opal with the black cracks make it perfect for that antique and rustic effect! And this literally goes with any outfit! I'm a huge fan of long necklaces and always have been, I know that statement necklaces are in though but I have to wait a few days for payday until I can invest in some for the Christmas Party Season :)

Also, I wanted to insert a selfie to show you guys my love for this hella cosy jumper that I got from ASDA which is featured in my mini asda haul  :)

The second necklace is a silver necklace with beautiful patterns engraved in it with black jewels! It's soo gorgeous I am absolutely in love, this one, I must admit though it was harder to put this with an outfit than the gold necklace but it is still one of my favourite necklaces :)

Hope you enjoyed this quick post!
All my love,

An autumn walk with my love♥

Hey loves,
I'm so sorry I haven't blogged in a while! I have a lot of posts coming up though so stayed tuned :)
A few days ago I went on a cute little walk with my boyfriend and my dog Bailey. Can I just say it's such a lovely thought to have someone that you can talk endlessly to and not get bored, someone who just the right balance of cute, romantic and funny rolled up into one person. I am so blessed that God gave me Him! As you can see the views were beautiful, I love the look of Autumn, it's cosy even though sometimes a little cold. 

He was sooo bummed about his Jordan's getting muddy, I would be seeing as they cost so much! However, who wears Jordans to walk a dog :L 

If anyone was wondering Bailey is a cross between a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and a Beagle and she is absolutely gorgeous, don't you think? She recently got spayed so she's a bit slow right now compared to her crazy temperament! 

This is the view from my way down the road, honestly it is breathtaking everytime I look at it!

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick post.
God bless!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Primark Christmas Party Picks

Primark Christmas Party Picks

Primark Christmas Party Picks by rose1995 on Polyvore

Hey loves, seeing as Primark have now got their website up I decided to get from the clothes they have on their site and create a collage of my favourite peices of theirs that will be great for a Christmas party or even to wear on Christmas Day if you love dressing up as much as I do!
For the most part these peices are decked out in sequins and sparkles which at this time of the year is TOTALLY acceptable. Some include the colour black which is also perfect for this season as it is not only slimming but goes with anything.

Starting from the top left to the right we have:

Faux Fur Coat £35.00
This coat, I can imagine will not feel as expensive as the fur in say, a Topshop coat, that's an obvious one but it is quite cheap and warm, probably warmer than your trusty leather jacket. This peice is great to just through over your dress when leaving a party and will be killer when arriving.

Gold Sequin Jacket £23.00
This blazer is gorgeous, I think I'll be buying this one myself, you can also get this blazer in Black. It looks so expensive, I can imagine the material lasting you the party season! The cut is great too and the rolled-up sleeves look is very cool. This peice would look perfect over a plain dress, too much pattern may look too busy.

Quilted Sequin Bomber £25.00
This bomber jacket looks so hot and it looks like really good quality, this is great for the sporty girls out there that can work the trainers and jeans looks with this. I am not a girl that can rock the sporty look UNFORTUNATELY but this is also girly enough thanks to the sequins to also pair with a plain dress.

Velvet Cut-out Crop Top£6.00
Yup, you read that price right. So cheap! This looks like a staple peice to have in your wardrobe if you enjoy revealing a bit more skin, I personally would not be able to work this but if I could I would pair it with NUMEROUS skirts and because it's plain I could rock sequins and glitter and polkadots and aztec tribal patterns. Just sayin.

Navy Lace Dress £17.00
This dress is also available in black... This looks like a midi dress and I've been seeing the midi skirt and dress going around recently, I know that in the summer there was a bit of a craze about it but it has come back beautiful people, in the form of a tight-fitting lace dress.

Lace Dress £15.00
This dress is a gorgeous burgundy colour with black lace detail around the chest area it is also slim fitting. I love the lace detail on this one it looks so busy and gorgeous!

Jewelled Bib Necklace £8.00
For a while I wasn't very impressed with Primark's jewellery and I didn't buy any of it but recently I got some beautiful peices and this peice is wonderful wonderful accessory to be combined with our little black dresses girls.

Sequin Peek-a-boo Dress £17.00
I love this cut, I'm not a fan of my arms but this style, because the chest is so busy and the a-line cut is distracting from the arms I like the look of it! 

Sequin Wrap Dress £15.00
This dress, similar to the last but slightly more revealing has the most gorgeous detail on its top half also the lower half looks like a really flowy skirt which is perfect for when you're on the dancefloor and you wanna swish like crazy.

Embellished Cami £12.00
This is a gorgoeus peice, I believe it can be dressed up or down and will definitely look amazing with some plain black jeans and a blazer along with crazy amazing heels.

Jewelled Collar Top £12.00
I love this pastel pink top is has it's girly edge to it which you can always dress up with a skirt or jeans.

Hope you enjoyed this post and that it inspires you to head over to Primark and find awesome peices for your holiday wardrobe!
God bless,

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Weather, Face and Outfit of the Day - November 18th♥

Hey loves, isn't that view gorgeous! 
It's the view I have from my bedroom window, obviously this photo has been edited but it doesn't stray to far from the truth, I'll tell you that!
 It was a really cloudy and overcast day on the 18th but the trees were lovely autumnal colours and I HAD to take a picture. To edit this photo I used Google Photos to edit it, I'm telling you guys Google Photos is AMAZING I've been using it for this blog for a while now, I just share them privately from my phone and they're up with the click on a button! I don't even have to save each photo I just edit it and then copy the image url! You guys should seriously try it, it has made life so much easier :)

This was my face of the day, pretty simple although I think I edited the photo too much as you can't see my eyeshadow that I used, oh well you guys will get the gist once I show you the eyeshadows I used.

This pallette was one that my mum got me for Christmas, I think you can get it online on Amazon, I'll post the link here again I don't know if it was the actual one but this is close to it. It's real cheap as well! These colours are gorgeous and these brown and pink tones are probably my most used colours, I use my finger to apply them to my eyes which are not always as effective when it comes to blending but I, sadly, have not yet invested in a great and effective blending brush so that's on hold for the moment. 

Here is my outfit of the day, this slouchy long-sleeved jumper t-shirt (haha wonderful description there) is from Primark and I bought it for around £8.00 maybe I got it a few sizes up so it could be super slouchy for me when it comes to wearing it. I love jumpers like this grey and white one it's perfect for dressing up and lounging around in the house with!

My skirt was from George at Asda, it's just a raspberry, cream and black skirt for £10.00 which was a bit of a splurge for me at the time because I had little money but I was in love with the whole idea of having my wardrobe decked out in tartan and plaid. It's also a warm thick cotton material which is super cosy for winter. Also the elastic waist band cinches in at the waist and we all like a good waist-cincher!

Here is my attempt at an all-together shot of my outfit, I didn't put my shoes or anything in because I don't believe I wore any but I did wear thick tights to keep me warm!

Hope you guys liked this post,
God bless

#BritishBloggerSelection Favourite Shop ♥

Hey loves, this week we have to talk about our favourite shop!
I must say I loveeee shopping, but I always shop in a one without fail and that's: Primark. 
Fashion on a budget guys.
The nearest Primark is about half an hour drive to 40 minutes away from me so going to Primark is always a treat. And that is an acceptable reason for my too splurge there. JUST SAYIN'.
Here are a few of my Primark wishlist picks that I found on their website! I'm actually SO excited that they have a website now because it's been my favourite shop for AGES.

Check shift Dress - £17
Lace Floral Dress - £13
Velvet Long Sleeve Crop Top - £7.00
Rose Tea Dress £8.00
Daisy Chic Dress £8.00

I love Primark for its cheap clothes, I still wear many of mine that I got years ago! Their quality is alright and compared to a few years ago Primark have definitely increased their price but it's fine because it's still affordable. They offer on-trend peices for hardly anything! With unique patterns and styles to suit every girl and also random sale rails with gems you can look through for as well as a freaking awesome pyjama section which I cannot leave without going to! Who can argue with this?

Visit their website here:
They have got the largest collection and most of the peices will be in select Primark stores, it also tells you your nearest one so you can grab a few of your girls and go shopping!

Hope you enjoy this post,
check out my last British Blogger Selection post here:
Here's Ellie's blog, the creator of British Blogger Selection:

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
God bless 

Christmas Jumpers on a Budget!

Christmas Jumpers on a Budget!

Hey loves,
 I have Christmas jumpers for you in this post!
These jumpers are £40 and under, because as it's Christmas us girls are on a budget!
Starting from the top left to right etc..

1) Amazon £7.50
2) £9.49
3) New Look £15
4) £9.49
5) BHS £25.00
6) New Look £15
7) River Island £35
8) New Look £23
9) New Look £20
10) New Look £15
11) Amazon £8
12) New Look £18

So the majority of these are cheap and seeing as a Christmas jumper is something you only wear at Christmas I personally can't justify spending over £15 on one so if I am to buy one (for the first time this year) then it's going to be one from Amazon or

My favourite jumper out of all of these is the first and the last one! I like number 1 because not only is it cheap but it has that Fair Isle print going on and the colours are patriotic and Christmas colours, even though it seems a little busy pattern-wise I think it balances it out!
I like 12 because it's looks baggy and loose fitting, also I love the way the sleeves are shaped, I think this jumper has a simple enough colour pallette and pattern to be able to be worn in fall time as well as winter so maybe it is worth spending over £15 on!

Tell me what you're favourite Christmas jumper is!
Once I buy one, I'll definitely show you guys :)

God bless!

Verse of the Day #2

Friday, 22 November 2013

A Mini ASDA Haul ♥

Hi loves, 
for those who live in the beautiful UK our equivalent version of Wal-Mart is ASDA. Therefore it is my favourite supermarket store!
I bought a few things when I went out with my mum a few days ago to ASDA and I wanted to show you guys! Even though some of it you might not be interested in I will say one thing. Everything I bought individually were under £10!

Enjoy :)

So here are all the things I bought including two cardigans pictured at the end! 

Purple Loofa: £1.99 (my dog keeps on eating these)
Air Wick Air Freshener in Cinnamon Apple: £1.00
Snow Spray: £1.00
Cookies and Cream Candle: £1.00
Fairy Lights: £1.75
BrowEssentials Kit: £2.00

This is what the Brow Kit looks like if you want 
to look out for it, I suggest on not investing in it, its not very good everything falls out as it doesn't close properly and the brow stencils are small too small like slits. No one wants slits for eyebrows. 

Also with how big that brush is, you'll never beable to fill those slits in, I dont think the brush would even fit in it!

I found this in a "Everything £1" section I smelt it and I was like mmmmm cookies and cream! However the burn scent is non-existent for me
maybe it's because my Yankee Candle is so amazing that I have yet to find a candle that can top it...

THIS MAKES MY ROOM SMELL. AMAZING. Although caution, don't spray too much, it'll make you choke. Logic really haha :L It's autumn in a can. I tell no lie! 

This is awesome even though we have a warning of 100 days of Snow in the UK and I probably won't need it but I can use it for DIY just like Macbarbie07 used to spray a jar and a mirror for Christmas Decor!

This is a Black and White cardigan I got for £9 reduced from £16! 

Not bad at all! Its soooo comfy I got it in a size 14 because it was super cosy and comfy for me :) The waterfall bits act as a cute scarf as well.

Here is the knitting detail! The quality is fabulous!

I also got it in brown, black and white in the same size and it's again gorgeous and comfy, inexpensive.

My last purchase is not pictured in the first because I got them at different times but anyway its still from Asda :)
Gingerbread Latte: £2.00
Caramel Latte: £2.00

My favourite is Gingerbread, been a fan of them since forever! I thought I would caramel better but I didnt so I suggest you guys invest in the Gingerbread Latte as it's Limited Edition :)

Hope you guys enjoyed this quick post!
God bless,