Friday, 15 November 2013

Collection 2000 Gothic Glam in Revenge

Hey loves, I have a new blog post for you this glorious sunny Autumn day!

I am currently staring out of the window on a glorious Autumn /winter day in England and the sky is clear! No sign of any clouds whatsoever! The crisp yellow and brown leaves look absolutely picturesque against the blue sky and I feel the need to go out and do something even though I haven't planned anything!

I recently on a late night trip out to Tescoes with my love went to the makeup section which was surprisingly open! I thought it closed at 10pm but obviously not! Anyway I bought just one lipstick from Collection 2000 for £2.99 and that was part of their Gothic Glam collection which I was eyeing up just before Halloween.

I got no. 3 Revenge which is a gorgeous raspberry dark colour that is shiny and gives off a great lipgloss effect, I did not end up moisturising my lips before I applied the lipstick but according to these photos and reality it doesn't really look like I had to!

What drew me to this colour as opposed to the others was how dark the stick colour looks like in real life which looks like a plum colour so unless the flash has discoloured it or made it a little lighter the actual colour surprised me and it is very similar to one that I already bought previously from their Deluxe collection which appears in a previous blog post of mine!

For staying power I put it first on at 11am and after I had eaten at 3pm the colour was 3/4 lost so this lipstick is one to carry around in your handbag and reapply after 2 or 3 hours.

In terms of how easy it is to apply I thought it was relatively easy and I had little wiping off to do as it just glided on.

In terms of packaging I really like it, I think any black and gold packaging on makeup look super sophisticated and the thing with this product is that because of its weight it doesn't seem at all cheap.

If you guys are looking for raspberry, purple or dark red colours and don't feel like spending over £5 on a lipstick then I suggest you head to Collection 2000 which is available in any Boots or Superdrug store and this includes Supermarkets but they may vary depending on which one you go to.

I would just keep a lookout for their Gothic Glam Collection which actually only consists of three lipsticks and 3 gorgeous nail varnishes which, if I can get my hands on.. I'll definitely show you guys!
Have a wonderful day!
God bless 


  1. This colour looks gorgeous! I may have to go out and get it, especially if it's only £2.99! xx

    1. I know I fell in love with it in store the store and its even more awesome on, I would definitely recommend! Thanks for checking it out :)