Saturday, 23 November 2013

#BritishBloggerSelection Favourite Shop ♥

Hey loves, this week we have to talk about our favourite shop!
I must say I loveeee shopping, but I always shop in a one without fail and that's: Primark. 
Fashion on a budget guys.
The nearest Primark is about half an hour drive to 40 minutes away from me so going to Primark is always a treat. And that is an acceptable reason for my too splurge there. JUST SAYIN'.
Here are a few of my Primark wishlist picks that I found on their website! I'm actually SO excited that they have a website now because it's been my favourite shop for AGES.

Check shift Dress - £17
Lace Floral Dress - £13
Velvet Long Sleeve Crop Top - £7.00
Rose Tea Dress £8.00
Daisy Chic Dress £8.00

I love Primark for its cheap clothes, I still wear many of mine that I got years ago! Their quality is alright and compared to a few years ago Primark have definitely increased their price but it's fine because it's still affordable. They offer on-trend peices for hardly anything! With unique patterns and styles to suit every girl and also random sale rails with gems you can look through for as well as a freaking awesome pyjama section which I cannot leave without going to! Who can argue with this?

Visit their website here:
They have got the largest collection and most of the peices will be in select Primark stores, it also tells you your nearest one so you can grab a few of your girls and go shopping!

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  1. Ah I'm so happy to find out that you can view some items on the Primark website now! Some great picks here :)

    Alice ¦ BeautyByAlicee ¦ YouTube

    1. I know right haha exciting stuff, now I just wish payday would come quicker so I could invest in some of these picks!
      Thankyou so much!