Saturday, 4 July 2015


Since getting back from university for the summer I've had a hard time seperating myself from my black tights and jackets. Recently I've bought a few summer pieces that I love and can't wait to wear on holiday, so much so I've already worn most of these pieces already. 

My go-to pieces when I'm feeling down and just want something comfy to wear are the two pairs of blue and white wide leg pants that is literally like wearing clouds on my legs. Also to solve my fear of wearing bikinis in public I finally found a bikini that I feel comfortable in. A majority of these beautiful pieces come from TK Maxx and other's H&M. 

1. Cream Top with Lace Detailing - TK Maxx - £12.99
2. Blue and White Victoria Patterned Pants - H&M - £14.99
3. Long White Daisy Detailed Top - TK Maxx - £12.99
4. Colourful Shorts - Patrons of Peace at TK Maxx - £8.00
5. Floral Red Off the Shoulder Long Top - New Look - £17.99
6. Grey Floral Top - Patrons of Peace at TK Maxx - £7.99
7. White Fringed Sleeveless Jacket - TK Maxx - £7.00
8. Yellow Flamingo Print Playsuit - Tescos - £8.00 
9. Turqouise Bikini - Floozie at Debenhams - £18.50
    Red Skirt Bikini Bottoms - Marks and Spencers - £12.00
10. Blue and White Pattern Pants - £7.00

Comment below your favourite summer pieces and I hope you guys are enjoying a relaxing break.

Friday, 3 July 2015

OOTD: Rainy Day

I understand that in England right now the weather has been absolutely stunning and with the hottest July day since records began over here it is most certainly a strictly no-tights ordeal. However with England you just never know. So I'll go out on a whim here and just post what I would wear on a rainy day (and what I did, in fact wear on a rainy day).

I have so much to blog about what I've been up to recently, hauls, purchases and products I'm loving and I also have exciting travel plans coming up as well.

Thank you to those who were patient and kind enough to stay following my blog, I really appreciate it despite seriously letting you guys down for a little over two months. Here's hoping home girl sticks to it!

Blue and White Dress - Band of Gypsies at T.K Maxx - £19.99 // Yellow Knit Snood - H&M - £8.99 // Brown Leather Jacket - H&M - £29.99 // Black Patterned Bag - Primark // Tights - ASDA // Brown Boots - Ebay £0.99

Thursday, 2 July 2015

RANDOM: Exploring the other side of the garden.

There is something so refreshing that washes over you when you come across breath-taking views just outside of your back garden. I have the privilege of being surrounded by green fields and trees that go on for miles and I honestly don't set foot in them as often as I should. So when I do, despite growing up in these fields I still stand in awe of nature.

Nowadays I find myself standing fascinated at God's creativity. As if living in the city for the past couple of months has just made me even more appreciative of untouched land. Hand made by the ruler of all.

I took my dog Bailey for a walk around the perimeter of a couple of the fields surrounded our home, it took us an hour and she feels so at home in the wild, amongst nature like they were long lost friends. She feels more free when she's not confined to her space on the couch back at home. She sniffs the air and looks longingly into the distance letting birds catch her eye with their dashing and darting about the sky and swooping down below.

Before I set off walking I strike up a conversation with the Lord. Walks like these must get lonely with a beloved animal of yours that can't talk back to you. So instead of talking to myself I talk to Him. Over and over again He just continues to show off His beauty and glory in the things that really set my heart racing, which is a beautiful field, an incredible sunset or the sun rising at the crack of dawn. Nature. God's original plan for His world, hardly touched by man except to walk through and grow crops from.

It's moments like these that make me really grateful for where I live and reminds me of the beauty waiting on the other side of my door. I want to leave the house because I want to not because I have to. I want to appreciate the beauty that nature brings because I want to not because it'll be a cool Instagram photo. I want to love wherever I end up with all I have, knowing that the Lord placed me there to search for beauty even in places that nature is not found in. There's beauty in concrete jungles too.


Here's a short blog post that I wrote a couple of weeks ago before I left my university halls room. It has been lying in my drafts for a while and I thought I might as well share it instead of it just lying there and festering!

I write this blog post sitting on a wheely chair without any actual wheels, in a very bare university halls room snuggled in a fluffy blanket. I also write it with my first year of university behind me, my exams, my coursework and presentations all complete with nothing but the summer to look forward to.

This year has brought joy, laughter, loneliness, tears, patience and a genuine love and thankfulness for the life that the Lord has given me. This year has taught me a lot about myself and who I am becoming and has strengthened my identity in Jesus. Each day I am learning just what it is to walk with Him in trials and in joyful times. I have learnt to lean on Him when I find myself in despair and to go deeper into an intimate relationship with Him. He has blessed me with wonderful friends that I have met at university and that I will keep for years to come. He has strengthened me to literally be that independent woman that don't need no other man but Jesus (and a strong independant man if He blesses me with one in the future). I have learnt how each day that He blesses me with is a choice for who I stand for. Some days I may not get it right, in fact some days I may get it very very dreadfully wrong but each day, I know that He's with me all along.

This year I've been pushed out of my comfort zone. Time and time again. Things that I never thought I would be able to do before, I did in His strength.
This year has taught me patience and the power of waiting on the Lord and trusting His perfect timing.
This year has made me experience miracles and intimate times with the Lord, talking to Him and telling Him everything, laying it out before Him and giving Him praise in the rain.
This year has given me new revelation of His power and His might and His will for my life.
This year has taught me the power of prayer and how eager He is to show His glory through His people.
It has also taught me to "speak even if your voice shakes".

This year has also taught me what not to do:

It's taught me not to worry.
It's taught me not to be anxious.
It's taught me not to shy away from opportunities.
It's taught me not to judge but to love.
It's taught me not to compare my journey to others.
It's taught me not to buy a cheap frying pan that spends more time burning things then it does cooking things. I must invest in a good frying pan next year.
It's taught me not to accumulate so much stuff. My dad told me that I had collected more things in just under a year than he has his whole life. *cough* HOARDER *cough*
It's taught me not to buy so much food in a weekly shop because I'm guaranteed to not eat it all by the time their best before date rolls around.
Buy small loaves of bread.
Don't leave your broken shower broken. Tell the maintenance people to fix it. A.S.A.P Showering in the dark is not ideal.
Try not go into your overdraft unless you can't help it. I know it feels like free money but you will be stuck in it for the whole year like I was and it will be a bummer trying to earn back money that you don't even have with that summer job.
Lastly, it's taught me to never doubt myself. I'm quickly learning that I underestimate myself way too much and that if I even had a quarter of belief in myself it would get me further in life than the latter. And if you ever doubt whether or not you are able to handle going to university keep your focus on what an amazing addition you can be to that place and that your intelligence isn't reliant on a grade, put your passion first and work on your weaknesses, sometimes you can really surprise yourself.

All my love,
God bless,