Friday, 28 March 2014

CURRENT FAVOURITES: Aussie, Loreal, Barry M, Maybelline, Benefit etc.

Hey guys, 

This post is going to display all of my current favourites and make-up bits that are occupying my make-up bag. I was feeling uninspired blog-wise so I finally decided that I haven't done enough favourites so here it is:

I cannot vouch for the scent of this hairspray enough, it spells like berries and holds my hair a good few hours, say now I spritzed my hair at around 4:30pm because I was getting ready for a concert I was playing in and it has lasted until now and it's 10:36pm and will probably last most of the night so everything about this hairspray really is just en pointe I seriously recommend it. 

I had never really used oils in my hair before, I remember my mum bought me hot oil from VO5 which we both put in our hair for special occasions and I remember that being amazing but I never had an oil that I just pump and place on the ends of my hair. This is lovely before and after drying your hair and I use it especially when I feel like my hair is looking a bit dry it grants instant moisture to my dull hair.
P.S Normally I would never spend that much on hair products BUT it was only £6.00 when I bought it at ASDA but I believe it's risen in price so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for discounts!

I actually bought this colour ages ago but I think I only wore it once but took it off straight after because I hated the colour with my skintone but you know what, screw it, this year I love it. It's like a coral neon colour which is perfect for springtime!

This lip balm is honestly the best ever I've tried, it's moisture is like no other, I put it on before I put on my make-up and when I go to sleep because it leaves my lips so shiny but more importantly moist. I carry this everywhere I go, I actually got this in a combination of presents from one of my good friends Sammie, she has a Youtube channel that is awesome here's the link to her channel , make sure you guys subscribe she does wonderful videos!

I actually bought this when it was a mere £5 in Superdrug and I pondered getting two because I knew that the discount doesn't last long but I wanted to try it and I've literally nearly run out, I've have been obsessing over pink recently so it was probably the best first bright pink lip lacquer I've ever bought. What I also love about this product is the fact that it smells like mint when you put it on your lips. It was like I had been chewing gum but I hadn't been.

I've bought this palette two times, the first time it did get used a lot but I lost the lid and eventually it failed on me so I bought another one and literally the combinations are endless I am actually to this day still finding new colour combos to use for day and night so I'm literally in love with this palette a ton there is not a single colour I don't use, apart from the top right colour, it doesn't look used at all!

I love this product, I mostly use it when I've already filled in my brows but on some days where I'm feeling rushed I will just use it on its own. I recommend it for everyone it's  made brow life a whole lot easier!

I know what you're thinking £9.99 for this pot but I got this around Christmas time and my mumma bought it for me as a treat. I was honestly so excited to true it, on the packaging it had a before and after picture and I was like dayuuum your girls going to finally have eyelashes (because my real ones are short and non-existent) so when I tried it I was a tad disappointed but I layered it a few times and curled it with my eyelash curlers and it works a dream. 

£7.49 - Amazon
£2.99 - bookstore

This book, I bought a few days ago and it's literally such an awesome and convicting book, a total God send and anointed piece of writing. It's also so eye-opening and humbling, I've read it morning afternoon and evening since I bought and a great thing about it is that is has bible references as well so I spend ages looking them up and then referencing other pages of my Bible. Another things I love about this book is the titles, the chapters are short but there straight to the point, it's simple as well, Kempis tells it how God tells it and I am so blessed to read it.

I hope you enjoyed this post! 
What are your favourites? 
God bless,
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Sunday, 23 March 2014

#2 What's in my March Ebay basket?

Hey guys, 

This is the second in the series of posts, I figured I could just stick to Ebay as it was proven so popular in my last post which you can check out here:
There are no colour schemes within this post really, it's all a bit varied in terms of colour however I have focused on making sure that they are inexpensive a few favourites of mine are the pale pink jelly shoes which I think is perfect for spring/summer another favourite of mine is this blue blazer pictured below, I think the cut is gorgeous and very flattering and so cheap, I was shocked because I have been searching for an inexpensive blazer for so long and Ebay may be the answer to my blazer problems.

Like always, prices and link will be below, I hope you guys enjoy this post :)

God bless,
All my love,

Saturday, 22 March 2014

SALE SEARCH: River Island, H&M, New Look, Topshop, Urban Outfitters (ALL UNDER £20 2014)

 Hey guys,

I have recently come across a lot of sales items that I've found trying to find items from previous blog posts and I have been so impressed with what they have at discounted prices so I thought that I would give you guys a glimpse of the items that each of these shops offer so you can get a feel of everything and maybe check them out yourself. 

I don't know about you guys but the Sale tab when I'm online shopping is the first tab I click on but sometimes I'm way too occupied with new additions to bother checking the sale tab and if some of you are leading busy lives unlike moi maybe you don't really have time to sale shop? (whhhat?!). 

Also, I decided to find sale items that were £20 or under which really wasn't that hard (thank goodness for the lower to higher price option). So without furtherado here are the sale items I found, I hope you enjoy this quick post!

From left to right:

1) Black Ditsy Print Lace Insert Dress - £15 - River Island
2) Cream Polka dot Dress - £12.00 - River Island
3) Knitted Jumper - £8.00 - H&M

From top left to right:

1) Grey Floral Burnout Swing T-shirt - £5.00
2) Floral Skirt - £7.00
3) Monochrome Polka dot T-shirt - £3.00
4) Floral Button Tea Dress - £9.00
5) Monochrome Skater Skirt - £5.00
6) Red Floral Butterfly Tea Dress - £8.00

From left to right:

1) Knitted Fluffy Crop Jumper - £18 
2) Textured Shell Top - £7
3) Sequin Swing Top - £18

From left to right:

1) Pins Needles Peekaboo Bodysuit in Black - £10
2) Pins Needles Mesh Insert Flippy Dress - £15
3) Staring at Stars Skater Skirt in Floral Print - £16

God bless,
All my love

Style Inspiration: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS

Hey guys,

I have another Style Inspiration post for you and it's based on Pretty Little Liars, gahh, I love this show and if you guys haven't watched it, I definitely recommend it! One of the wonderful things I admire about this tv show is the fashion and how unique every individual character conveys their own style. 

First of all we have:


She is edgy, borderline punk but with a touch of glam, she wears combat boots and wears mostly dark clothing with statement peices, also she wears a lot of jewellery. 


Hanna is girly glam she wears her ever faithful skinny jeans and is a huge fan of blazers. She wears more colour than Aria and has a very ladylike approach than comes across as a very matured feminine touch. She is also always in heels!


Spencer has to be my favourite, her style is preppy and hipster? Is that word appropriate for her style? I don't know. Let's roll with it. She has a very neutral colour palette for her style and layers her clothing successfully. She loves brogues, knee high socks, boots and skirts her style is very classic and bohemian which I am a huge fan of!


Emily is definitely the most sporty so therefore has an incredibly laid-back, casual, effortless sporty fashion. She has a combination loose fitting tops and comfortable clothing with an airy-like feel to it all. 

Here are some style inspiration photos to feast your eyes on, all taken from Google:

and now let's start with pieces that we would find Aria wearing:

  • Click here to find out where you can buy all of these pieces POLYVORE

  • and now let's start with pieces that we would find Emily wearing:

Click here to find out where I found every single piece POLYVORE

 and now let's start with pieces that we would find Hanna wearing:

Click here to see where I got all of these items from POLYVORE

and now let's start with peices that we would find Spencer wearing:

Click through to find out where these pieces are from POLYVORE

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!
All my love,
God bless,

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Small Update: I finally got Google Friend Connect!! *fist pumps air*

Hey guys,

I have been searching the hills high and low for someone, anyone with a Google Friend Connect solution. All the blogs I look at have it and I never really found the glorious answer to my Friend Connect problems until I simply typed it into google and clicked on the first link there. It took me to this website Stramaxon which told me quite simply how to do it so make sure you check that out if you haven't been successful into retreiving Google Friend Connect from the depths of the Add a Gadget abyss. It was very helpgul as it now appears on my blog, so if you guys haven't followed me there it would be incredible and awesome and amazing if you guys could :) 

On another note I reached 500+ followers on Bloglovin! That is still so crazy to me that 500 people in this world of 7 billion actually took the time to check out my blog and press the follow button :) Seeing others enjoy my blog posts makes this even more wonderful to be a part of. I'm glad that you guys have stuck around! I will be sure to do a giveaway very soon, comment below on ideas for items I might like to include in a giveaway. It's the first time I've ever done a giveaway so if anyone who has done one before already would be so gracious as to give me tips that would be wonderful :)

In other news I wanted to remind you guys to be sure to follow me on:

I almost always follow back (sometimes it's hard to forget). 

On a side note here are a collection of photos of my life in recent moments:

Hope you enjoy this quick post :)
All my love,
God bless,

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

New in at: NEW LOOK - pretty in pink.

Hey guys, 

I figured that I would catch up with my lack of blog posts tonight so here is another post of clothes I found on New Look's website, only after did I realise that all of the items I picked were indeed pink. These are indeed on my wishlist every single items looks lovely and perfect for Spring this season. Plus, floral everything. My favourite piece within this collection are most definitely the Stone Bow Peep Toe Jelly Wedges, what a wonderful way to evolve the jelly show trend then to turn them into wedges and make them extraordinarily cute, I think that this trend is one of the best to come this spring that I've seen in a while, it's new and unique, I have been waiting for the evolution of the jelly shoe for a while and this is a wonderful example of how fashion recycles itself for the better. Another trend I love is the floral hairband because being a huge fan of the hair pieces in summer it's the next best thing to dress up the casual bun.

I hope you enjoy this quick post, all the links and prices of each items are down below :)

1) Light Pink Crepe 1/2 Sleeve Skater Dress - £23 
2) Black Floral Pink Shorts - £15
3) White Polka Dot Floral Print Tea Dress - £18
4) Stone Bow Open Toe Jelly Wedges - £20
5) Coral Exotic Flower Bun Garland Hairband - £4.99
6) White Lattice Peep-toe Pumps - £18
7) Pink Check Notch Mini Skirt - £18

God bless,
All my love,

Life ♥: My Secondary School Prom 2011

Hey guys,

I've been looking for dresses to put in a Prom post that I'm working on and I figured I would involve my own Prom in a post before I post them. My Prom was around 3 years ago, I went with two of my best friends Leyla and Serena and also my boyfriend at the time Tom. My ate, Julyeta did my hair and make-up I actually had no idea how I wanted my hair at the time I only remember collecting so many pictures for dresses that I wanted to use so I completely forgot about how I wanted to do my hair. In the end I just wanted it curled with a fringe, I wish I had it up but oh well, she did my make-up wonderfully and she really knew how to do her stuff! I bought my jewellery and my dress from Debenhams and I'd say that altogether it came to under £200? I wore fake eyelashes (for the first time) and false nails (probably for the first time also) which I regretted because playing the violin I've never really been able to have my nails long and heck they were annoying, by the end of the night I wanted to rip them off myself (horrible picture).  I actually shamefully have a video that I created on my old Youtube channel Peppermints and Roses, a channel I began with my best friend Leyla and I'll put the link right at the end of this post so be sure to check that out!

For now here are some beautiful photos that were captured at Prom I hope you guys enjoy :)

Leyla, Me and Serena about to leave for Prom

The bestest friends I could ever ask for, Me, Leyla and Rach at Prom - aren't they beautiful :)

Me and the wonderful Grace at Prom!

Me and the stunning Jess at Prom :)

This was at Leyla's old house right before Prom, her garden was lovely!

Me and Rach (love her) at prom, seated and about to eat food I'm guessing.

Me, Rach and Leyla we'd make a wonderful British flag with our Prom dresses (totally not planned).

Our table at prom after our wonderful meal!

A few of our friends outside, thank goodness it was sunny!

I loved Prom it was such a beautiful way to send off beautiful friendships that we'd all made, so I encourage you to really enjoy your last times at secondary school, I miss it so much but I wouldn't do anything differently :)

Here's that embarrassing video I did straight after coming home from Prom:

God bless,
All my love,

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

-Style Inspiration: FROZEN - Elsa

Hey guys,

I'm so excited to show you this post I have been so obsessed with Frozen I've literally watched it at least 11 times since seeing it in the cinema a few weeks ago. If you guys haven't seen where have you been hiding all this time? Frozen is not only an incredibly directed Disney movie with a stunning score and visuals that place you inside the movie itself but it is also a story about true love and not about finding it in a man but in loving your family despite hurt and pain and putting your family first before any needs of our own. So, kudos for the beautiful storyline Disney and for showing everyone that true love isn't necessarily in the form of your boyfriend or girlfriend but can lie within those who we call family and friends - those are the ones we keep close because they love us despite our mood changes and embrace the loser inside of us :)

So after seeing Frozen for the gazillionth time and searching Google for pretty images and gifs that I could put into this post I found clothes similar to the colour scheme of Elsa's wardrobe which are teals, turqouise and blue colours. I went through a phase of this being my favourite colour for so long and I hope you enjoy all the peices I picked out for those of you that want to look like her. I will create a make-up tutorial for Elsa very soon because I have to share my obsession with the movie with you guys simply because I can't contain it and my cat is tired of hearing me sing "For the First Time in Forever" to him. Neither does my brother appreciate me singing "Let it Go" when he tells me he needs to fart.

So without furtherado here it is :D I hope you enjoy this post :D

Style Inspiration: FROZEN 

1. Light Blue Textured Skater Dress - £23.00 - New Look
2. Amaranthine Bracelet - £28.00 -
3. Teal Short Sleeve Lace Skater Dress £9.00 - New Look
4. Mint Green Geo Lace Pencil Skirt - £25.00 - New Look
5. Mint Green Mini Sports Watch - £9.99 - New Look
6. Embellished Dress - £69.00 - Topshop
7. Secret Lagoon Ring - £38.00 -
8. Light Blue Patent Block Heel Ankle Strap Heels - £20.00 - New Look
9. Light Blue Floral Jacquard A-line Skirt - £18.00 - New Look
10. Mint Green Crotchet Panel Metal Trim Envelope Clutch - £9.99 - New Look
11. Mint Green Chunky Strappy Sandal - £22.99 - New Look
12. Cobalt Cross Strap Court Shoes - £34.00 - Dorothy Perkins
13. Green and Gold Woven Ribbon Chain Necklace - £9.99 - New Look
14. Swarovski Aquamarine Mini Pear Earrings - £11.00 -
15. Swarovski Aurore Boreale Pear Earrings - £13.00 -
16. Mint Green Suedette Court Shoes - £20.00 - New Look

Click here for my Polyvore set on my profile, it holds every single item pictured here and the links to their websites :)

On a side note aren't these pieces gorgeous? My favourite dress is the embellished dress from Topshop, the intricate detailing is gorgeous and the shoes, oh my, I want every single one! 

Also, concerning the movie here's a funny clip from Jimmy Fallon starring Idina Menzel and the Roots using classroom instruments:

God bless,
All my love,