Monday, 3 March 2014

♥EBAY: 5 Shoes for under £25.00

Hey guys,

My "What's in my February Ebay basket?" post received a lot of good feedback so I wanted to do another Ebay related post and I tend to get most of my shoes off of Ebay I decided to share the boots and shoes I've found recently and as a bonus, because it's Ebay, all of these shoes are under £25.00 so no busting the piggybank for these ones.


I have always been a fan of the chelsea boot they are one of those staple pieces that a girl should have in her wardrobe, they are a definite grab-and-go shoe simply because they are easy to slip on and off and are usually so comfy. These come in a few casual colours and will most certainly go with any outfit casual or formal plus they're very inexpensive.


I bought a similar pair of boots to these except the front of the shoe was pointier which can sometimes make me appear elf-like (haha) also the cut out boot style is a wonderful way to dress up any outfit, I'm still in love with mine to this day and I also got mine for the exact same price and they're still going strong after 6 months of having them. I normally wear mine with tights but I've seen countless bloggers wearing them without.


I admire the way the designer has combined the Chelsea boot and the cut out boot style together, I think it's made a beautiful creation of a shoe plus the heel is a reasonable height to wear everyday. Plus I love the fact that you can get them in a velvet material as well they would look beautiful with a floral dress and leather jacket!


I have seen a similar version of these in Topshop a lot of bloggers have them, this is a cheaper alternative to these:


But as you can tell they are very similar apart from the double buckles but to save money I would definitely recommend getting the shoes from Ebay. They also come in a wide variety of colours and to think you could buy at least 2 and a half! :)


Now, you see the iridescent ones on the top right, I saw an instagram from Melonlady and she instagrammed a similar pair to these and although they weren't my usual style, I fell in love with them anyway. They might be a bit too high for my liking but they are still gorgeous nonetheless. 
I'll show you the boots the she posted, I'm pretty sure they were from and they look gorgeous:


And with those gorgeous boots, I leave you :) All the links to every single boot you find on this page are listed here so happy shopping!
God bless,
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