Saturday, 22 March 2014

Style Inspiration: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS

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I have another Style Inspiration post for you and it's based on Pretty Little Liars, gahh, I love this show and if you guys haven't watched it, I definitely recommend it! One of the wonderful things I admire about this tv show is the fashion and how unique every individual character conveys their own style. 

First of all we have:


She is edgy, borderline punk but with a touch of glam, she wears combat boots and wears mostly dark clothing with statement peices, also she wears a lot of jewellery. 


Hanna is girly glam she wears her ever faithful skinny jeans and is a huge fan of blazers. She wears more colour than Aria and has a very ladylike approach than comes across as a very matured feminine touch. She is also always in heels!


Spencer has to be my favourite, her style is preppy and hipster? Is that word appropriate for her style? I don't know. Let's roll with it. She has a very neutral colour palette for her style and layers her clothing successfully. She loves brogues, knee high socks, boots and skirts her style is very classic and bohemian which I am a huge fan of!


Emily is definitely the most sporty so therefore has an incredibly laid-back, casual, effortless sporty fashion. She has a combination loose fitting tops and comfortable clothing with an airy-like feel to it all. 

Here are some style inspiration photos to feast your eyes on, all taken from Google:

and now let's start with pieces that we would find Aria wearing:

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  • and now let's start with pieces that we would find Emily wearing:

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 and now let's start with pieces that we would find Hanna wearing:

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and now let's start with peices that we would find Spencer wearing:

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