Friday, 27 February 2015

What it's like: Taking a Gap Year

I took a gap year for many reasons. One of them was to earn money, another was to be able to relax with my friends and family and the third reason was to prepare myself for university.
Growing up in a Christian house-hold, I’d lived a pretty sheltered life, I hadn’t yet gone out clubbing in my local town and I was very much the occasional party-goer. For some reason it’s just never been my scene and I’m okay with that.

Most of my friends went to university straight from college and I was one of few that either took a gap year or chose to go against the idea of university. So I had heard of the numerous stories that my friends would tell me about university, how going out most nights was the norm and how student life was a penniless life. Most of these stories turned me away from going to university and for the longest time I didn’t even have any idea what I wanted to study.

At the beginning of my gap year I started blogging. My very first post on this blog was on October 7th and who knew it would inspire me to pursue writing at a degree level. I have adored writing for the longest time and now I had the chance to really take it seriously. I would encourage you now to take the subject that you are most passionate about, right now, make the decision, YOUR decision and no one else’s. Choose what you love and what you do as your profession will follow attached to it, never give up, never choose something that is the most “financially—stable”. Doing a degree that you have no love for whatsoever proves 3 or 4 hard, boring years of your life studying just because you have to or because “that’s what’s expected of me”. And of course many of you will be thinking “but what about being realistic?” what’s suddenly not so realistic about taking a step closer toward your dream?

I will be real with you now in saying that of course it was not easy, at times questions like “what are you doing with your life?” bombarded my mind and all these negative thoughts and invisible pressures I had placed on myself and what others had, with no intention of their own, placed on me. At times I felt trapped, lonely and vulnerable. I felt like I had amounted to nothing, I was going nowhere, I had no destination but I was simply floating aimlessly with no purpose whatsoever.
The Lord held me together in my gap year.

Taking a gap year made me think. It cleared my head and made me stop and appreciate the life I would be leaving behind for a short while. It taught me to love the company of my family and my friends and to reflect on the roots I had placed into the foundations of my life in this place I will forever call my home. It enabled me to be able to choose what I wanted to do at university in my own time rather than my college’s time or my parent’s time. How often will I be able to take a year’s break without having to worry about bills and money? If anything I feel like a gap year should be called a breathing year. A time where you can clear your head from school, exams, stress, deadlines for a few moments and to learn. It was a year of learning for me. Not in the education-sense but a learning curve for independence and learning about myself, what I liked, enjoyed, adored and disliked. It gave me time to write and more importantly time to learn more about the Lord. I was able to spend whole days in His presence and I was able to learn from seasons of barren and dry land. He placed people in my life that could teach me, that inspired me and that I could trust. He taught me trust in Him, trust in who I am becoming, who He is moulding me to be and teaching me His ways.

I believe He was preparing me for university from the start, even when I hadn’t decided whether or not I was going. The lessons I learnt in my gap year, helped me in my university life, even now I’m still seeing correlations between it all. This life and love that He has brought me to, I was never fully aware of until right now, sitting on my bed in my halls, reflecting on everything. It’s so strange to come to the realisation of what He’s done, what and who He is. I never thought this time a year ago that I would be here, my last year of college was a stressful year for me, almost as if I had nearly ruined all of my chances but He redeemed me and gave me opportunity and when I got here, everything fell into place. Of course not all of it was happiness on a stick but the majority of aspects of my university life, the friends I’ve met, the course I’m on, the church I go to and the extra-curricular activities I have involved myself in has me saying “This is where You called me to be” and that is what I’ve been saying and what He’s been saying over me since I got here. Even though it was incredibly hard to watch every move on into new chapters in their life, I held steadfast on Him knowing that He would lead me to where I needed to go. So here I am, living out the story He’s written and continuously writing for me and I can safely say that I’ve never felt so sure of where I’ve needed to be.

Rosalind xoxo

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

What it's like: 25 things about Being in an Orchestra.

There's nothing like it. There's excitement, adrenaline, hope, magical moments, connections you make with the audience as one. Then there's hours of rehearsals, frustrating musical phrases you just can't get right and technical excercises you wish you were better at. To say I have loved every part of being in an orchestra would be a lie. The bits when you are asked to play on your own, as a section or desk by desk are enough to stress you out and cause your hairs to turn grey. However, as soon as you walk onto the stage and sit down with wonderful and talented friends you do become as one. One body conveying a musical message that graces the ears of the audience and then all of the rehearsing suddenly becomes completely worth it. I have met the most musical, intelligent and kind people through participating in Orchestras and when you have being in an orchestra in common with someone you can relate to so many of the same things. Here's 25 things you'll be able to relate to with someone else who has played in an orchestra.

1) Practice is optional and you can sometimes get away with not practicing at all, it just depends on your technique and how well you can sight-read. 

2) You either have extreme hatred or love for the conductor.

3) You've both experienced hard pieces of music to play as an orchestra.

4) Your inability to count makes you rethink why you ever picked up an instrument in the first place.

5) The pain you both feel when you accidentally play in a rest.

6) Being part of a section that is either way too quiet or that just can't play at all.

7) Being part of the reason why you're in one of those sections.

8) Appreciation for classical music and other musicians technique.

9) Hidden rivalry that you've had with at least 2 or more other people in your section.

10) Utmost respect for the leader/front desk of the violins.

11) Forgetting key signatures.

12) Forgetting key changes.

13) Forgetting simple rhythms.

14) Forgetting a pencil.

15) Forgetting the music. 

16) Forgetting the music on the day of the concert.

17) Forgetting and never knowing the concert dates until a few days before it happens.

18) Not bringing enough money for snacks during intervals and those awkward in-between breaks between rehearsal and show-time.

19) Forgetting your instrument.

20) Not being bothered to carry it everywhere.

21) Being very concious of your bow going in the opposite direction of everyone else and not being able to change it fast enough.

22) Getting distracted by the ceiling of a venue and missing your cue.

23) The laughter music (and other people's mistakes) often brings to the orchestra.

24) Getting told you all did it perfectly by someone, ANYONE makes it completely worthwhile.

25) The happiness you feel when you all stand up with eachother at the end of the show and take a bow. And another bow. Sit down. Possibly stand up again. Bow. Awkwardly clap with your instrument in your hands. Sit down. Suffer in awkward 30 second silence and then begin to pack up.

There must be more but that's all my little brain can muster up right now. Comment below if you're in an orchestra, I would love to know whether you agree with me!

God bless,
All my love,

Rosalind xoxo

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Hey lovelies, today's post is in admiration of the beautiful Camila Cabello's style. Not only am I able to relate to her girly fashion sense but she is forever encouraging when it comes to being smart and kind. This post is in honour of Fifth Harmony's anticipated album Reflection which released a few days ago. I can't wait for it to be released in the UK! Here's my current favourite song of theirs featuring Meghan Trainor:

Anyway, I digress! Back to her style. Using the pictures that I have gathered from Pinterest I will find similar pieces of clothing to hers and make them as inexpensive as I possibly can. I hope you guys enjoy this post!

Look 1:
1// Cream Slouch Cropped Jumper - New Look - £10.00
2// Embroidered Skirt - H&M - £12.00
3// Moccasins - Forever 21 UK - £9.99

Look 2:
1// Black V Neck Zip Crop Top - New Look - £5.00
2// Black Scuba Skirt - H&M - £9.00
3// Pink Bow - Accessorize - £4.00

Look 3:
1// Striped High Neck Cropped Jumper - £20.00 - Missguided
2// Black Scuba Skirt - H&M - £9.00
3// Black Leggings - New Look - £7.99
4// Zerone Knee-High Black Boots - Just Fab - £39.00
5// Black Bow - Accessorize - £5.00

Look 4:
1// Mesh Cream Top - River Island - £20.00
2// Pale Blue Skirt - H&M - £15

Look 5:
1// Bat Wing Crop Top - Matalan - £8.00
2// Black and White Tartan Skort - River Island - £10.00

God bless,
All my love,
Rosalind xo

Monday, 9 February 2015

MAKE-UP TUTORIAL: Red lips, Neutral eyes

Hey beautifuls, I never usually do make-up tutorials on my blog and I feel like I have such a wonderful time doing my own make-up that I wish to share it with you guys. I am by no means an expert or professional at make-up. A few of my make-up mistakes include wearing bright green shimmery eye-shadow in Year 6, plucking my eyebrows way too thin in Year 7 and putting black eyeliner on the bottom of my eyelids (hashtag Cleopatra and not in a good way). I am still very much on a huge learning curve when it comes to my make-up. I wish I was a pro but practice makes perfect and with practice comes inevitable mistakes so I will try my hardest to explain the process of this red-lipped look I wore on my second birthday when I went home with my family last weekend.

FIRST of all, I always start with moisturiser. Then when that is dried I put Maybelline's 25 hour foundation in True Nude. Next I go in with concealer over my spots and under eyes. I normally dot the concealer with a triangle shape and blend it into my skin with my fingers.
NEXT I comb through my eyebrows with a spooley brush and start filling them in with an angled eyeliner brush from Revlon using Wet n Wild's brow kit, the darkest colour.
AFTER my eyebrows I use eye shadow, my current go-to eye shadow palette is MUA's Undress Me Too. Here I used the shade Wink. I place that all over my eyelid. Then I use Loreal's Superliner in Black along the top of my eye and I always angle it out.
THEN I curl my eyelashes and use Maxfactor's Masterpiece Transform mascara. I do this twice for extra volume. I know that it is wrong to do this but I hadn't decided on wearing eyelashes that day so it was a sort of last-minute thing but after I added Eylure's Naturals eyelashes no. 031 for extra volume on my eyelashes.
FOR MY LIPS I used Revlon Colorburst lip butter in Candy Apple to get that bright red lips. It is a wonderful red, moisturising lip gloss consistency.
LAST BUT NOT LEAST I used Sleek's Contour Kit in Dark to contour my cheekbones and finished the look of with Rimmel's Stay Matte powder.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post :)

God bless,
All my love,
Rosalind xo

Sunday, 8 February 2015

SALE HAUL: JEWELLERY from Dorothy Perkins!

Bonjour! I apologise for not blogging frequently this year hm, great start to 2015! I apologise profusely. I felt like a simple haul blog post would be a great way to ease into a blogging rhythm so here it is. I bought these beautiful pieces of jewellery a few weeks ago and had to share the beautiful prices with you guys and to encourage you to look hard through sale racks and always keep your eyes peeled for incredible new pieces to add to your wardrobe.

I bought all of these pieces of jewellery at Dorothy Perkins and I think they're absolutely gorgeous. Now, I honestly hadn't bought jewellery in what felt like forever so when I found out the real prices of these jewellery pieces I was a tad gob-smacked to say the least.

This beautiful locket with the pastel pink opal had beautiful detailing etched into the gold and the chain is very delicate with small bits of gold on it. It was part of  Millie Mackintosh's line collaborating with Dorothy Perkins and was originally £10.00 but I purchased it for £3.00.

I have always been a fan of bright colours, it seeps into my fashion sense and I love looking out for new ways to bring colour into my style so when I saw this necklace that had beaded blends of blue and tangerine I had to get it! This necklace was originally £12.50 and I bought it for £3.00.

How beautiful is this red beaded necklace! I love the combination of the different sized beads, they are beautiful! This was also originally £12.50 and I bought it again for £3.00! See a recurring theme here?

This necklace was by far my favourite. I actually wore it to my birthday meal that I had with a few uni friends because it went perfectly with my outfit. The pastel cold colour of the blues mixed with the warmth of the gold creates a gorgeous piece of jewellery. This also was originally £12.50 but I purchased it again for £3.00. So, to conclude these four pieces of jewellery that I would have bought for £47.50 I actually bought for £12.00! Hurray for sales :D 

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick post, be sure to subscribe or follow me on bloglovin' for more :)
All my love,
God bless,

Rosalind xo