Thursday, 31 October 2013

Autumnal Wishlist 2013

Autumnal Wishlist 2013

Autumnal Wishlist 2013 by rose1995 featuring black handbags

Red Swing Dress 
$40 - missguided

I am absolutely loving velvet dresses for the fall and winter time, they are timeless peices that you can place combat boots and tights with for casual comfy days and pair it with heels and jewellery for the nights you want to go out. Ever since I saw Katy Perry wear it with the cutest outfit which I will post here I fell in love and instantly wanted one to style as my own.

$135 -

Simple floral dresses instantly give colour and vibrancy to any outfit especially at fall and winter time all you need to do is add a cosy cardigan and a leather jacket, include tights and boots and thats an easy outfit that has been made so I found this style of skater dress which is also slimming because it cinches in at the waist.

Comfy and fluffy knit sweaters are a must for fall and winter it is so essential I cannot even express enough! This white sweater has a ribbed front so will keep me extra warm in the cold months to follow. I must invest in a variety of colours and even invest in a few cardigans next month as they are so easy and simple that you could throw them over a dress and even make it look cute!

$125 -

I originally wanted a coat from but as the one that I desired was sold out I decided to hunt for a similar one. My desire coat would be dark red, blue or black, it needs to cinch in at the waist so peplum, have long sleeves, a pretty button detailing and preferably a hood!

$19 -

No words can express how IN tartan is, tartan skirts, shirts, coats and scarves, tartan is a must have essential for the winter. For my fellow americans that would be plaid. It is such a historical print, inheritted no doubt from the scottish highlands that we have tired timelessly to reinvent it and I prove that this year we have successfully created a great way to wear a kilt.

There is no way I could afford these exact boots but I found them on Polyvore and I happen to think they are absolutely glorious! Personally my carves are too big to fit into most which is why I need to invest in wide calf boots or at least buy riding boots that have a rubbery side that will stretch to my calf shape. Style wise these go amazingly with jeans or legging and an cardigan, more my style would be with a skirt or dress and tights.

Boots are so in this season I must buy more, these two pairs of boots are the boots I need the most, the black pair have a slight heel to them and lace up which would be able to go with absolutely anything and I believe they will be so comfy and easy to walk in.

The brown combat boots are the style I want as they go wide at the top enabling you to wear seriously comfy sock above them creating that super fun girly feel to boots!

$24 -

I was first introduced to this bag because of the uglyfaceofbeauty she's an amazing beauty guru on Youtube and I leave the link to her channel here. She styled it with a few outfits and I loved this bag, I did have the opportunity to buy it when I was in London however I didn't but I have regretted doing so every since. I believe that handbags are really just something you should splurge on as they are on you at all times and it takes a lot of thought and investment to find the perfect bag to go with everything.

I have loved snoods ever since they came out a couple of years ago! I remember having one from Next except I lost it at a friends house and haven't really bought a fluffy one since! This one from topshop is probably affordable for me however I do have a feeling that Primark will provide me with a lot more choice for much cheaper prices. Snoods are a comfy circular ball of comfiness haha, that, was an awesome description. These go so easily on and can casualise any given outfit. They also go with ANYTHING, skirts and jeans galore.

$32 -

I haven't wanted a burgundy hat for at least 2 months now and I still have yet to find one that will go comfily onto my head, these really can create a bohemian feel to any outfit and I imagined this particular peice with a black blazer and skirt with tights and combat boots!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The day my mama was born.

Hey guys, I have another blog post for you! It was recently my mama's birthday and I just wanted to share some pictures from her little birthday celebration. She is the most amazing and supportive mother ever I am so very grateful for her presence in my life. God has truly blessed me with an amazing woman of God as a mother. She is so wise and inspires me and always knows what is on my mind and the amount of times she has prayed for me and I have been delivered have been marvellous experiences! Although this year has been tough for us we still look to a God that is wonderful and mighty and will love us for eternity. I am who I am because she raised me well and with godly council. 

until next time!

God bless 

Me and my mama on her birthday with her beautiful white chocolate cake!
Mama, my little brother and I :)
Me and mama. We like to take loads of selfies.

My love, my brother and my mama and I :)

God bless!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Introducing the girl behind the blog

Hey guys! I found this question post on Tumblr yesterday and I figured it would be a good way to introduce myself seeing as I'm going to be blogging a lot more from now on. I hope you enjoy this and don't find it too boring and maybe you could copy and paste these questions in the comment box or on your own blog so that your followers can get to know you too!

Enjoy :)

1. selfie

 2. what would you name your future kids?
I personally absolutely am in love with the name Arabella, I think it's gorgeous and means something along the lines of "Beautiful Altar". So if I had a girl I would call her Arabella, and that's really been the only name that has stuck with me for a while. Boy-wise I haven't actually thought about it really..
 3. do you miss anyone?
I miss my best friends right now they're both at university and no doubt having an incredible time! I just pray for a hedge of protection over them that they will soon come back to me safely :) Also I miss my mama, she doesn't live here anymore however I still miss her erryday. 
 4. what are you looking forward to?
I'm looking forward to but am also incredibly nervous for a job interview this thursday I pray that God gives me this opportunity, if not, it'll be in God's will so what do I have to lose? Also I'm looking forward to a hopeful ESYO tour to germany in the summer AND Uni next year. AND Christmas!
 5. is there anyone who can always make you smile?
God and His Spirit, when I'm feeling down He always makes me laugh! Also my boyfriend has the funniest humour, we just get eachother! I love laughing :)
 6. is it hard for you to get over someone?
No, not necessarily I guess it depends on the relationship I have with that someone. God has always been gracious and merciful towards me in those situations, i.e heartache when I ask Him he always bandages me up in no time and for me that is all you could possibly want in a Father. 
 7. what was your life like last year?
My life last year right now I would have been getting into the swing of things at college little did I know, this would be a hard year for me in terms of what was going on at home. I also would not have left my last church so I would not be where God has planned me to be and where I am right now.
 8. have you ever cried because you were so annoyed?
Of course! Crying is the best way to just let loose all of your frustrations especially crying to God, it's described as something you do when you can't find the right words to express yourself. I also cry at annoying customers at work but I forgive them by God's grace and move on. I am, a shameful crier.
 9. who did you last see in person?
My dad, just now, our dog Bailey did a huge mishap in the conservatory and he saw, came in and cleaned it up, right after having a few stern words with the dog.
 10. are you good at hiding your feelings?
No, not really , those closest to me like my mother and my boyfriend know when I am sad. With other people I can until we converse on a subject close to home and then they realise something is up.
 11. are you listening to music right now?
I am indeed, I just clicked on Matt Redman - Your Grace Finds Me on Youtube after listening to Kari Jobe.
 12. what is something you want right now?
I'm satisfied food wise but other than that... maybe a caramel latte with cream and caramel sauce. YUM.
13. how do you feel right now?
I feel very free. Freer than I've ever been and that's all because of God. No doubt about it. 
 14. when was the last time someone of the opposite sex hugged you?
My boyfriend a few days ago when we were saying Goodbye to eachother :)
 15. personality description
I would say that when I'm not really familiar to people I am really nice and smiley and will be talkative and trying to make the situation more comfortable. When I know you very well I can be very loud, I have a hugeeee laugh that varies in cackles a hollas. I am also a really good listener and will input my opinion whenever's necessary but will also have patience with people. 
 16. have you ever wanted to tell someone something but you didn't?
Oh yeah most definitely! Maybe it was the Holy Spirit drawing me back but I have most definitely.
 17. opinion on insecurities.
They suck. It's so easy to compare yourself to people balancing your bad points with their good points and even the other way round. As a society we find satisfaction in picking on people because of their looks to big ourselves up i.e celebrities which is not a good society to live in but each day I'm learning to embrace what I've got and am understanding everyone was born  different and if we're all the same kind of beautiful in the Lord's eyes, who elses opinion matters anyway?
 18. do you miss how thing were a year ago?
Not one bit, I know that I am exactly where I'm supposed to be, I'm surrounded by people I treasure and that have my best intentions in mind and theirs in mine. I am incredibly blessed and wouldn't change a thing.
 19. have you ever been to New York?
No! Sad face. But I have been watching The Hills recently and Whitney just moved to New York. I don't believe I could ever be a city girl, I'll always be a country girl at heart.
 20. what is your favourite song at the moment?
My favourite song at this very moment is Britt Nicole - Ready or Not it's one of those proud to be a Christian songs for sure!
 21. age and birthday?
I am 18 and my birthday is on the 26th of January 1995. JANUARY BABY♥
 22. description of crush.
Justin Hemmings :3
 23. fear(s)
heights and creep crawlies
 24. height
I'm going to say about 5"2?
 25. role model
Jesus, my mother, my bible study teacher, Kari Jobe, Jamie Grace, Moriah Peters.
 26. idol(s)
Idolatry is bad however I "look up to" Christian artists like Kari Jobe, Jamie Grace and Moriah Peters.
 27. things i hate
Rudeness, Manipulation, Intimidation, Two-faced people.
 28. i'll love you if...
Love to read books, listen to the same music as me, has at least one funny bone in their body, can understand my humour.
 29. favourite film(s)
Safe Haven, The Lucky One, She's the Man, Tangled, The Back-Up Plan, Sweet Home Alabama, Sparkle, Footloose.
 30. favourite tv show(s)
The Hills, The City, Revenge, Pretty Little Liars
 31. 3 random facts
1) I'm currently redecorating my room properly for the first time in my life. 
2) Me and my boyfriend used to hang out when we're were little.
3) I love youtube; my favourite beauty gurus are Beautycrush, Macbarbie07, ThatsHeart, ItsMyRayeRaye, UglyFaceofBeauty, Zoella, MissGlamorazzi and AndreasChoice.
 32. are your friends mainly girls or guys?
Mainly girls, I am friends with a few guys but I find it easier to talk to girls.
 33. something you want to learn
How to sew, how to cook and how to speak another language like Tagalog
 34. most embarrassing moment
I have many, many skirt inside my tights incidents, skirt falling down incidents, falling over incidents. etc.
 35. favourite subject
At secondary school - Music and History and English
At college - Psychology and Graphics
 36. 3 dreams you want to fulfill?
1) Go into full time ministry
2) Start a family
3) Create a Christian Girl Magazine
 37. favourite actor/actress
Rachel Mcadams, Isla Fisher, Channing Tatum, Dwayne Johnson
 38. favourite comedian(s)
I don't really know any, if you can count Ellen Degeneres as a comedian then her.
 39. favourite sport(s)
To watch, basketball. To play... rounders or just planning dancing and excercising.
 40. favourite memory
Going to Disneyland Paris!
 41. relationship status
Taken since August 9th 2012.
 42. favourite book(s)
Bible, Smith Wigglesworth Devotionals, Beth Redmans books.
 43. favourite song ever
Any Brooke Fraser song especially "Lord of Lords" 
 44. age you get mistaken for
Younger than 18.
 45. how you found out about your idol
Youtube and online.
 46. what my last text message says
"You have 5 new voice mails"
 47. turn ons
Humour, Charm, Smile, Eyes
 48. turn offs
 49. where i want to be right now
In bed snuggled up.
 50. favourite picture of your idol
Jamie Grace

Kari Jobe

Moriah Peters
 51. starsign
I don't believe in starsigns but Ive been told Im an Aquarius. But it means jack.
 52. something i'm talented at
Music? I guess, I've played the piano and violin for a very long time and I absolutely love it!
 53. 5 things that make me happy
God, My family, My besties, My boyfriend, My friends.
 54. something thats worrying me at the moment
My job interview! Haha, also my personal statement and uni application and stuffs...
 55. favourite food(s)
Rice, tuna, corned beef, chinese, spaghetti.
 56. favourite animal(s)
Cats, Dogs, Horses and Octopi
 57. description of my best friend(s)
Hilarious, Laid back, Down to earth, There for everything, Uplifting, They always have my back and care for me no matter what I do. Always honest and trustworthy also.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post! Stay tunes for more :)
God bless!
Rozzie xoxo

Saturday, 19 October 2013

London Adventure

Evening guys, I recently went to London with some of my work friends and my boyfriend and it was such an amazing adventure-filled day I don't think I can go another without blogging about it! 
We met at 9:30am and completely missed the train we were supposed to get, we bought the tickets at the tourist office and popped off at Sainsburys to get some snacks, this included for me, Company magazine and a gingerbread latte from Costa. I knew from right then that this day was going to cost me a lot! So jumping on the train we played Heads Up which is a charade game that everyone thought was hilarious.. totally a party ice breaker, the app was made by Ellen you guys should definitely invest in it! When we arrived at London Victoria we purchased our day travel card, it was very cheap and pretty much soon after that we were on our way to Westfield I'm not sure which one we went to first but anyway I think my first purchase was from Victoria Secret... It was the first time I had been there and I fell in love with their scents! So much so that I got the offer for 5 for £30! I bought 4 Scents, the infamous Love Spell, a new scent that is described as Red Berry and Sensual Woods, Apple and Ylang Ylang? I think that was what it was called and the last was one of their Summer Bright collection. The fifth purchase was buttercream in the flavour Love Spell! After that the string of shops that followed was blurry, meanwhile when Mel went home we decided to head over to Oxford Street - we only went to 2 shops and that was Nike Town and Forever21 and I didn't buy anything, I don't think anyone did! After this we went back onto the tube and hit the second Westfield! I'm at this point so ready to shop, It's crazy. A number of shops I bought things at was the Yankee Store, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Paperchase. We also hit, a noodle bar, Pinkberry and the amazing pretzel store with brown sugar and cinnamon! Pinkberry I had only heard and seen on Instagram and in America so you can imagine my excitement when I went! I bought a medium so that me and my love could share and it was soooo good! Caramel flavoured ice cream with multiple toppings: brownies, chocolate shavings, strawberries, raspberries, melon and caramel sauce on top! The last part of the day was the most stressful all the shops at Westfield closed at 10pm and the last train was at 11:25 so in our minds we think we have time to eat at Gourmet Burger and take all the trains back to London Victoria. Anyway, we finished eating our gorgeous Burgers and ran to catch two tubes to London Victoria... with 5-10minutes until it left we ran... to the wrong platform and the man wasn't even helpful! We ran to the platform on the other side and went just in time for the train.. I literally felt like I was going to pass out! We made it anyway so it was okay but the stress didn't end then, we got off at the stop closest to my home and Danny and Marco carried on, then we get a phonecall from Danny saying that he had left his keys in Phoebe's bag, it was a problem because Phoebe was with us. In addition to this there were no taxis we could call because everyone was out and it was 1am in the morning so we began to embark on a 30minute walk back to my house with so many heavy bags! Just as we were about to leave we get a phonecall saying that a taxi is on its way! Thank.Goodness! When we got home we didn't even have enough time to have a drink we were straight on our way to Danny, the weather was so rubbish so we felt so sorry for him! All was fine and well at the merry hour of 2am so thank God that everything was okay in the end, it's so hard being in situations where you're not so sure everything will work out but it really shows how much faith you need to have in God to know that he has everything under control!

 This was my order at Gourmet Burger Kitchen, it was my first time there and it was an amazing burger, no joke, bacon and cheese steak burger and thick chips. It was amazing and so inexpensive at £15!
 This is me and my darling Justin, we have been together for a year and 2 months and they have been so wonderful, I thank God for him and for blessing me with someone so amazing and supportive as he.
 Pinkberry!!!!!!! My order looks amazing! Excuse my badly painted fingernails, don't know what is going on there.

Phoebe, Mel and Marco on the train there, Marco does not look impressed!
 Marco and Danny with their Gourmet Burger Kitchen order, it was awesome!

Me and my gorgeous Phoebe - Pheebus, I love her to bits and she hates me calling her that! 

That is pretty much all that I have for this blog post! I will have more blogposts coming up :)
Love to you all,
God bless!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

An Oldschool Album Review

Evening guys! I have a review for you on two albums that I recently found at Poundland here in the UK. I'll review one first and the other in a later blog post. These are two of my favourite artists when I was in my early teens, I love love loved them! Anyway lets use a little anecdote to get the ball rolling. I'm in Poundland, not many expectations to find anything good at all! I stroll over to the CD section and I see CD's by awkward 60's and 70's artists that I've never heard of and then I see that there are CD's like Natasha Bedingfields Unwritten album which was indeed a pretty good album. Rummaging through those CD's is like searching through trash in a treasure chest and trying to get to the gold at the bottom. That is where I found the beautiful Hilary Duff Metamorphosis album! I wasn't actually able to buy this album when it first came out because... well, I'm not too sure why, I don't think my parents would be willing to buy it online and I didn't have enough money to buy the CD as well as having to listen to it on the computer because I didn't have a walkman! Searching more I wondered if I could find any of her other albums OR Demi Lovato's album that is when I came across Jordin Spark's self titled album, the three songs that caught my eye were the first three songs "Tattoo", "One Step at a Time" and "No Air". Anyway this is my first review that I've done on a blog so please bare with me, I'm not sure on the approach I'm going to take but I assume I will tell you the song list on each album and then review each one in order! :) Hopefully you guys enjoy this blogpost!

Hilary Duff "Metamorphosis":

1. So Yesterday: I don't know if you guys remember when this video came out but I absolutely loved it, it was total "in-your-face" slap to your boyfriend or that guy you had a huge crush on. It was a song that told you to take charge of your feelings, reign them in and to let go of your "yesterday" boyfriend. It's a beautiful song about picking yourself up off of your feet brushing yourself of and living for tomorrow despite what that guy did to you. It was very well produced and just by listening to it you can tell it had "I'm a hit" all over it - the lyrics, although poor in some places i.e "I'm gonna keep your jeans//And your old black hat". This was Hilary Duff in her prime, taking pop to a level of borderline rock and granting an empowerment of broken hearted teenage girls, everywhere.

Favourite line: "How can you hang up if the line is dead//If you wanna walk I'm a step ahead."

2. Come Clean: This song reminds me of Laguna Beach, oh yes, if you watched Laguna Beach ith LC and her embarassingly obsessive crush on Stephen Colletti then this song will bring your memories back also. The video to this was gorgeous I still rewatch it to this day. There is something so raw about the lyrics to this song, something philisophical, you can hear Duff really discover herself and evolve from the usual r&b and pop mesh of lyrics about being in a club. I love the background vocals of Hilary's songs it really gives depth to the song and really reflects the pop style that was around the time this was made.

Favourite line: "I'm shedding//Shedding every colour//Trying to find a pigment of truth beneath my skin"

3. Workin' It Out: This is actually the first time I listened to this song and I must admit, it's not my favourite. The part that is spoken word just makes me cringe, the message of the song is really wonderful though. This is one of the more rockier songs on the album, one that you can really shout to. It's pretty much a song that tells you to not give up. Must say, not Hilary's best.

Favourite line: "No way - I'm not slackin' off or backin' out or crackin' up with doubt".

4.Little Voice: I really enjoyed the concept of this song, she highlights the fact that there is a distinct difference between our hearts and our heads. That "little voice" that she sings about is her voice of reasoning, one that stands for the rational and prevents her from doing what she shouldn't do. I love the way this song used "La la la's" in a inventive way as if to say that that is what she wants to say in order to shut up the little voice in her head. There is heavy guitar in this and a firm beat with a very catchy chorus, this also makes you want to jump along and show off your dancemoves to whatever you feel is necessary.

Favourite line: "The little voice in my head is never misled//All of this noise is what keeps me from making a mess".

5. Where Did I Go Right: This song is very mellow and slow there is a lot of cello use that makes the song meloncholy at the beginning but the adding of the guitar and drum including clash symbols makes the chorus loud and you can feel the emotion in her voice throughout. I personally am not too very fond of this song. It is one of those songs that you think you have deciphered but really in reality it seems she contradicting herself to the point where it doesn't actually make any sense. This song really highlights the confuse going on in her head as well as the confusion going on in mine.

Favourite line: "I'm always aiming //But somehow keep missing//So how did you get here//Something is wrong"

6. Anywhere But Here: This has to be one of my favourite songs on the album! I loved it in "A Cinderella Story" it really captures the craziness and overwhelming love you have with a special someone. How it completely overwhelms you making you not think correctly. This song captures being in love, being free and shows how much whoever she's fallen in love with makes her want to be there with him every moment. It's an all consuming love that has her turned around and upside down and "falling through the door". The use of the lead guitar and beat of the drum makes this pop rock ballad sound magnificent again the use of the background vocals strengthen Hilary's voice and place a bit more life and layer into the song.

Favourite line: "Here is the place where//My head is spinning// Time is beginning//To race away when//You come to throw me//Knock me off my feet//You give me wings to fly//The world goes crashing by again"

7. The Math: I have actually warmed up a lot to this song, it makes sense to me. Using math as something to decribe love and's genius. The melody of the verses don't really fit and the bridge is much to long, it is longer than the chorus and the verse put together! You can really hear her sister's voice that is doubling Hilary's on the chorus and again the background vocals add depth, my favourite harmony is the one on the lyrics "This is *69" it really completes the rocky vibe that the song has throughout.

Favourite line: "If you can't do the math//Then get out of the equation".

8.Love Just Is: This is a lovely ballad and song about Love there is the usual adlib at the beginning to set the mood and it has a slow, mellow beat to it that involves a string section and beautiful piano part that plays in the background. The banging of the high hat and the combination of the piano and string section enables the magical quality and build-up and down of the song also, a combo with the background vocals grants a softer, more voice controlled round off to a beautiful beautiful song.

Favourite line: "When you ask to stay and then disappear//It seems you're gone but you're really here//When every moves seems out of place//But every kiss is filled with grace".

9.Sweet Sixteen: The theme tune to My Super Sweet Sixteen, you guys must remember that show on MTV it may even still be running! The lyrics of this song is so simple, a 11 year-old could've written it but never the less the song is as catchy as a cold in December. The up-beat, riding with the top down, hair flying about, LA lifestyle is where and only there you should play it. Otherwise it's a great song to play on your sixteenth birthday.

Favourite line: N/A

10.Party Up: Heavy lead guitar and electrical sounds make this song the rock song it is. The beat and crazy background vocals make it catchy and captures the pop genre. I think I also hear a bit of trumpet in there which gives it a samba feel. Again it uses spoken word which still to this day cringes me out.

Favourite line: N/A

11. Metamorphosis: My favourite musicality of this song is the acoustic guitar and the stops and pauses of it which creates a hispanic feel but the electrical drum beat draws the song back to its true pop direction. My favourite part on top of that is the interlude, I love the melody of it and was in my opinion an impressive way of leading up into the chorus. The song title is also in relation to the song and the actual process of Metamorphis. The least part I like about this song is spoken word part again, you can hear a reoccurring theme of how much I dislike Hilary's use of it.

Favourite line: "Watching the butterfly go towards the sun, I wonder what I will become".

12. Inner Strength:  It is the shortest song on the album I will literally note down the lyrics here for you -

"Gotta find your inner strength
If you can't then just throw life away
Gotta learn to rely on you
Beauty, strength and wisdom too
You're beautiful inside and out
Lead a great life without a doubt
Don't need a man to make things fair
Cuz more than likely he won't be there
Listen girl, gotta know it's true
In the end all you've got is you."

The mellowness of this track makes it sound like a lullaby, the main beat sounds literally like enhanced raindrop sounds on a window pane. There is not much to it in terms of production and even Hilary's voice is enough to carry this on her own, the tune, although the structure is not there, is still catchy and the words are simple, east to remember and yet make a statement of their own. Something deep that every girl will be able to relate to, good job Haylie Duff Music.

13. Why Not: I LOVE THIS SONG. Maybe it's my favourite... maybe it's not but literally the beat makes you want to download it onto your ipod and walk down the street on a sunny day blasting it out of your headphones. It's such a feel good song that every part of this song has been structured, layered and produced to amazing results. There is an element of everything from this album placed here including a string section, heavy lead guitar section, electric sounds and acoustic guitars that create a magical feel. This was a song where the video was featured on "The Lizzie Mcguire Movie". Please invest time to watch it all you teenage girls!

Favourite line: EVERYTHING. Especially "Why not//Take a star from the sky//Why not//Spread your wings and fly."

14. Girl Can Rock: This rounds off the fact that Hilary can actually sometimes rock but most of the time she can pop. This actually has elements of "We Will Rock You" i.e stomping and clapping for a few bars. There are heavy guitar riffs as well as her favourite "background vocals." I personally am not a fan of this song and I really wished "Why Not" would be the song to end the album. But, we can't all have our way can we?

Favourite line: N/A

Hope you enjoyed this! Jordin Sparks is the next album I shall be reviewing! Love to you all and God bless! :)

Saturday, 12 October 2013


Hey guys, just a quick update! I was meant to be writing these blogs more regularly but haven't got round to succeeding this hopefully will compensate for my lack of posts. It will only be short, I just wanted to update you guys on what I did today. I went paint shopping. Yes. I am painting my walls in my bedroom upstairs that I got moved to and I have finally put my foot down on the yellow and orange painted walls. There's not even a colour pattern or colour block pattern like you would normally have on the adjacent walls. It is literally free-nilly "oh, paint would look so good here". I may or may not reveal a picture of its awfulness. But bless my Dad anyway, "just, what. was he thinking?" Me and my dad managed to pop into B&Q to get testers, samples... whatever you like to call them, I got 5 for £6.60 which trust me... is a lot lot lot in terms of the 3 for £1 offer I found online! My idea and vision for my bedroom is to have feature walls, right where my headboard is an either dark red or raspberry or plum. YOU SEE, that is the problem had we not got it here earlier. Coming home me and brother went to paint these testers onto the walls and compare. Firstly I decided on a light colour and then afterwards a feature wall colour will be in the picture. Either way, after struggling to find those paints I had decided I didn't not like any of them! My only tip today if anything. Take as much time as you need!


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

To new beginnings.

My name is Rosalind, from the Shakespeare play, the one with the masks. Midsummer Nights Dream? Twelth night? Yes. That's the one. I'm currently sitting downstairs in my house at 1:35am writing a new post on my very new blog. I have written on blogs before but I really hope this blog will be the one to break the inconsistency mode that I seem to be in no matter how many times I promise myself "I will blog today". I'm also currently watching The Hills, I have been such a fan of Lauren Conrad ever since Laguna Beach, I started at The Hills Season 1 and she has come so far drifting off from The Hills to pursue her own life. Watching her life unravel at the age of 19 makes me really think about my life and how I wish my life to pan out. I wish to be set apart. I follow God and God alone, my relationship with Him is what gives me life and I have so much, I have the rest of eternity to really experience being with Him and being His daughter and making Him proud. I am His and He is mine. God is a huge part of my life, if anything the biggest. Of course, I am most certainly not perfect but I serve a God that is and by His grace I am able to live my life for Him and because of Him, He has saved me and will continue saving me from myself.

 I wish for nothing more than to try my hardest to inspire you, whether you are a Christ-follower or not I hope and I pray that God's love will flow through each blog I post and that I will display nothing but the truth, honest truth about my walk with Him and trying to get by in this world.

I really hope you guys enjoy my blog there will be a lot of me stuff on here so here's a quick overview of a few things that I lovelovelove!

Let's start off with God, you will join me on discovering myself and getting into a deeper relationship with God. Fashion, I love fashion, I have since a very young age sketching out possible designs and filling pages of magazine cut-outs from Vogue, Glamour, Grazia, Marie-Claire, Elle, Teenvogue and Seventeen magazines. I also have a slight obsession with Youtube, especially the beauty community so I hope you guys can really enjoy me showing you my hauls, make-up wise and clothes wise and anything else wise! You guys will join me on my journey with music - I play the violin and the piano, I would love to classify myself as someone that can sing however I'm not that good. I also dabble a little in playing the guitar which is one of my favourites to play. You guys will join me on Book Reviews as I love reading books and I would love to recommend you guys the books I read. Among these you'll be there with me through life, I currently have a job and am also currently looking for one. I just graduated from college so I will soon be going to university!

So here I am :)

Signing off.

Blessings always,