Tuesday, 8 October 2013

To new beginnings.

My name is Rosalind, from the Shakespeare play, the one with the masks. Midsummer Nights Dream? Twelth night? Yes. That's the one. I'm currently sitting downstairs in my house at 1:35am writing a new post on my very new blog. I have written on blogs before but I really hope this blog will be the one to break the inconsistency mode that I seem to be in no matter how many times I promise myself "I will blog today". I'm also currently watching The Hills, I have been such a fan of Lauren Conrad ever since Laguna Beach, I started at The Hills Season 1 and she has come so far drifting off from The Hills to pursue her own life. Watching her life unravel at the age of 19 makes me really think about my life and how I wish my life to pan out. I wish to be set apart. I follow God and God alone, my relationship with Him is what gives me life and I have so much, I have the rest of eternity to really experience being with Him and being His daughter and making Him proud. I am His and He is mine. God is a huge part of my life, if anything the biggest. Of course, I am most certainly not perfect but I serve a God that is and by His grace I am able to live my life for Him and because of Him, He has saved me and will continue saving me from myself.

 I wish for nothing more than to try my hardest to inspire you, whether you are a Christ-follower or not I hope and I pray that God's love will flow through each blog I post and that I will display nothing but the truth, honest truth about my walk with Him and trying to get by in this world.

I really hope you guys enjoy my blog there will be a lot of me stuff on here so here's a quick overview of a few things that I lovelovelove!

Let's start off with God, you will join me on discovering myself and getting into a deeper relationship with God. Fashion, I love fashion, I have since a very young age sketching out possible designs and filling pages of magazine cut-outs from Vogue, Glamour, Grazia, Marie-Claire, Elle, Teenvogue and Seventeen magazines. I also have a slight obsession with Youtube, especially the beauty community so I hope you guys can really enjoy me showing you my hauls, make-up wise and clothes wise and anything else wise! You guys will join me on my journey with music - I play the violin and the piano, I would love to classify myself as someone that can sing however I'm not that good. I also dabble a little in playing the guitar which is one of my favourites to play. You guys will join me on Book Reviews as I love reading books and I would love to recommend you guys the books I read. Among these you'll be there with me through life, I currently have a job and am also currently looking for one. I just graduated from college so I will soon be going to university!

So here I am :)

Signing off.

Blessings always,

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