Saturday, 19 October 2013

London Adventure

Evening guys, I recently went to London with some of my work friends and my boyfriend and it was such an amazing adventure-filled day I don't think I can go another without blogging about it! 
We met at 9:30am and completely missed the train we were supposed to get, we bought the tickets at the tourist office and popped off at Sainsburys to get some snacks, this included for me, Company magazine and a gingerbread latte from Costa. I knew from right then that this day was going to cost me a lot! So jumping on the train we played Heads Up which is a charade game that everyone thought was hilarious.. totally a party ice breaker, the app was made by Ellen you guys should definitely invest in it! When we arrived at London Victoria we purchased our day travel card, it was very cheap and pretty much soon after that we were on our way to Westfield I'm not sure which one we went to first but anyway I think my first purchase was from Victoria Secret... It was the first time I had been there and I fell in love with their scents! So much so that I got the offer for 5 for £30! I bought 4 Scents, the infamous Love Spell, a new scent that is described as Red Berry and Sensual Woods, Apple and Ylang Ylang? I think that was what it was called and the last was one of their Summer Bright collection. The fifth purchase was buttercream in the flavour Love Spell! After that the string of shops that followed was blurry, meanwhile when Mel went home we decided to head over to Oxford Street - we only went to 2 shops and that was Nike Town and Forever21 and I didn't buy anything, I don't think anyone did! After this we went back onto the tube and hit the second Westfield! I'm at this point so ready to shop, It's crazy. A number of shops I bought things at was the Yankee Store, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Paperchase. We also hit, a noodle bar, Pinkberry and the amazing pretzel store with brown sugar and cinnamon! Pinkberry I had only heard and seen on Instagram and in America so you can imagine my excitement when I went! I bought a medium so that me and my love could share and it was soooo good! Caramel flavoured ice cream with multiple toppings: brownies, chocolate shavings, strawberries, raspberries, melon and caramel sauce on top! The last part of the day was the most stressful all the shops at Westfield closed at 10pm and the last train was at 11:25 so in our minds we think we have time to eat at Gourmet Burger and take all the trains back to London Victoria. Anyway, we finished eating our gorgeous Burgers and ran to catch two tubes to London Victoria... with 5-10minutes until it left we ran... to the wrong platform and the man wasn't even helpful! We ran to the platform on the other side and went just in time for the train.. I literally felt like I was going to pass out! We made it anyway so it was okay but the stress didn't end then, we got off at the stop closest to my home and Danny and Marco carried on, then we get a phonecall from Danny saying that he had left his keys in Phoebe's bag, it was a problem because Phoebe was with us. In addition to this there were no taxis we could call because everyone was out and it was 1am in the morning so we began to embark on a 30minute walk back to my house with so many heavy bags! Just as we were about to leave we get a phonecall saying that a taxi is on its way! Thank.Goodness! When we got home we didn't even have enough time to have a drink we were straight on our way to Danny, the weather was so rubbish so we felt so sorry for him! All was fine and well at the merry hour of 2am so thank God that everything was okay in the end, it's so hard being in situations where you're not so sure everything will work out but it really shows how much faith you need to have in God to know that he has everything under control!

 This was my order at Gourmet Burger Kitchen, it was my first time there and it was an amazing burger, no joke, bacon and cheese steak burger and thick chips. It was amazing and so inexpensive at £15!
 This is me and my darling Justin, we have been together for a year and 2 months and they have been so wonderful, I thank God for him and for blessing me with someone so amazing and supportive as he.
 Pinkberry!!!!!!! My order looks amazing! Excuse my badly painted fingernails, don't know what is going on there.

Phoebe, Mel and Marco on the train there, Marco does not look impressed!
 Marco and Danny with their Gourmet Burger Kitchen order, it was awesome!

Me and my gorgeous Phoebe - Pheebus, I love her to bits and she hates me calling her that! 

That is pretty much all that I have for this blog post! I will have more blogposts coming up :)
Love to you all,
God bless!

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