Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Donut touch

Hey loves,

Here's a picture of me eating a doughnut.

Haha, the point of this post was actually to show you my FOTD and my OOTD the doughnut was just something my mum gave me when she came round :)
my face, I'm wearing:
1) Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation in Natural Beige which I thought made my face look dirty for some reason, it doesn't show up in the photos that much but I sure noticed it when applying my makeup!
4)MUA Heaven and Earth Palette for eyeshadows a light brown and then a dark brown
Also my nails are a mix of: 
Maybelline Forever Strong Pro-nail 720 Green Miracle which I got for £1.00 at Poundland!
and a dark grey almost mauvey purple for Company magazine as a free gift! 

I have no idea why my Google auto backup took a GIF of these photos my mum took of me but it makes me laugh, they're not the most flattering and I should have ironed my skirt really but hey ho it is done. I'm wearing a simple black strappy top underneath this from Primark and a white blouse which is lovely especially the sleeves they are my favourite type of sleeve I got it from Asda for £6.00 in the sale! I know right, crazy, it's been with me everywhere! To interviews, days out, nights, out just everywhere! Here's a link to a similar shirt to this with gold on the colour from Matalan as I couldn't find a link to the actual shirt.The skirt is from Primark a couple of months ago for around £8 or £10 pounds? My tights are most probably from Primark also and my dark brown ankle boots are from Store Twenty One on sale for £7.00 and they're nearly officially broken on me :( 

So yes, that is everything I hope you enjoyed it! 
I'll insert another photo of this amazing doughnut here

the doughnut was amazing by the way and it was from Greggs! :)

P.s Links of all the things mentioned are attached for some of them I couldn't find links though!

God bless,


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    1. No problem :D Thankyou also for your follows!
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  2. Hello lovely :)

    That donut looks soooo yummy :) ! Nice outfit too!

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award 2013! This is a blog award to help other bloggers with less than 200 followers. You can find out more about the award on my blog!

    You don't have to take part but I'd love it if you did because I really like your blog :)

    Love, x x x

    1. Heya! Thankyou it was very yummy! :D
      Oh my goodness thankyou! This is the first time I'm hearing about this, I'm still so new to the blogging scene but I would definitely love love love to take part :) Your blog is awesome I'll get on straight away with your questions and nominating other people :) Thankyou!
      All my love :D