Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Donut touch

Hey loves,

Here's a picture of me eating a doughnut.

Haha, the point of this post was actually to show you my FOTD and my OOTD the doughnut was just something my mum gave me when she came round :)
my face, I'm wearing:
1) Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation in Natural Beige which I thought made my face look dirty for some reason, it doesn't show up in the photos that much but I sure noticed it when applying my makeup!
4)MUA Heaven and Earth Palette for eyeshadows a light brown and then a dark brown
Also my nails are a mix of: 
Maybelline Forever Strong Pro-nail 720 Green Miracle which I got for £1.00 at Poundland!
and a dark grey almost mauvey purple for Company magazine as a free gift! 

I have no idea why my Google auto backup took a GIF of these photos my mum took of me but it makes me laugh, they're not the most flattering and I should have ironed my skirt really but hey ho it is done. I'm wearing a simple black strappy top underneath this from Primark and a white blouse which is lovely especially the sleeves they are my favourite type of sleeve I got it from Asda for £6.00 in the sale! I know right, crazy, it's been with me everywhere! To interviews, days out, nights, out just everywhere! Here's a link to a similar shirt to this with gold on the colour from Matalan as I couldn't find a link to the actual shirt.The skirt is from Primark a couple of months ago for around £8 or £10 pounds? My tights are most probably from Primark also and my dark brown ankle boots are from Store Twenty One on sale for £7.00 and they're nearly officially broken on me :( 

So yes, that is everything I hope you enjoyed it! 
I'll insert another photo of this amazing doughnut here

the doughnut was amazing by the way and it was from Greggs! :)

P.s Links of all the things mentioned are attached for some of them I couldn't find links though!

God bless,