Saturday, 23 November 2013

Christmas Jumpers on a Budget!

Christmas Jumpers on a Budget!

Hey loves,
 I have Christmas jumpers for you in this post!
These jumpers are £40 and under, because as it's Christmas us girls are on a budget!
Starting from the top left to right etc..

1) Amazon £7.50
2) £9.49
3) New Look £15
4) £9.49
5) BHS £25.00
6) New Look £15
7) River Island £35
8) New Look £23
9) New Look £20
10) New Look £15
11) Amazon £8
12) New Look £18

So the majority of these are cheap and seeing as a Christmas jumper is something you only wear at Christmas I personally can't justify spending over £15 on one so if I am to buy one (for the first time this year) then it's going to be one from Amazon or

My favourite jumper out of all of these is the first and the last one! I like number 1 because not only is it cheap but it has that Fair Isle print going on and the colours are patriotic and Christmas colours, even though it seems a little busy pattern-wise I think it balances it out!
I like 12 because it's looks baggy and loose fitting, also I love the way the sleeves are shaped, I think this jumper has a simple enough colour pallette and pattern to be able to be worn in fall time as well as winter so maybe it is worth spending over £15 on!

Tell me what you're favourite Christmas jumper is!
Once I buy one, I'll definitely show you guys :)

God bless!


  1. I love the grey reindeer one! I always get mine from primark, maybe I'll need to consider somewhere else this year!x

    1. Me too! Yeah I'll try Primark this year and Amazon looks promising too right :D Thanks for stopping by!
      All my love,
      Rozzie xoxo