Monday, 18 November 2013

A sneak peek into my bedroom this Winter♥

Hey loves, 
I have a new blog post for you and it consists of little bits of my bedroom that I have recently decorated this year. Obviously my bedroom is still a work in progress but the progress that has been taking place in the recent months have moved so fast and I am getting more and more pleased with it!

I shall list where I got all the things you can see in this post and hopefully try and find the links for you guys :)

Enjoy :)

P.S I have been nominated by Megan from Lazy Thoughts for a Sunshine Award it is an award  for bloggers who are: 'positive and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere' so I'm very excited to start nominating having just done the Liebster Award and seen it as a great way to interact with other bloggers! So look out for that post asap.

So here we gooo:

This is my headboard, originally it was a horrible old school pink colour but I bought this beautiful tapestry-like peice in a junk store that the lady asked £15 for but my papa managed to get it down to £13! Those £2 matter :)

Also my pillows are from Asda and the pillowcases are from Matalan which I got in a matching set for £10.

This is my view from my bedside table, I was watching a movie with my boyfriend and we both had a Caramel and Gingerbread Latte which is in that raspberry coloured mug for £2.50 at Sainsburys.
The lamp my Dad got from a yard sale. 
The pink butterfly detailed box is £2.00 from Store Twenty One
The "Follow your Dreams" wooden heart was a present I got for my best friend Rachel.
The birdcage on top I got for £3.00 at Store Twenty One
The Yankee Candle I got from the Yankee Store in Westfield London from £19.00 reduced to £12.74

This is what it looks like with my Fake Olive Tree which I got from one of my dear family friends topped with Fairy Lights that I got from Asda for £3.50

This is atop my mini closet I just stacked my journals there in the middle.
The Ringbinder I got from WHS SMITH for £5.99
The Footprints Journal I got from Soul Survivor for £10.00
The bird journal on top I got from WHS Smiths for £6.99
The turqouise green and gold one on top I got from Tescoes for £6.99
The Pink and Spotty one I got from Paperchase from my beautiful best friend Leyla for my Birthday!

The jar on top of my journals I got from ESK for £1.99 and bought the floral bow seperate for 99p.
The candle on the left I got from Tescoes for £3.99 and the one on the right I got from Izzie for my birthday.
The two picture frames I got in a pack with black frames from Poundland and filled it with a floral wrapping paper I got from Tescoes for £1.99.
I laid it all on a scarf that I got from Primark for £3.00!

I got this bed cover from Asda for £12.00 which match the pillow on top.
The purple bedsheet was £8.00 and the Christmas Blanket was £12.00.
Additionally the heart stringed lights were from ASDA for £8.00 
Close-up here:

And the cross was handmade by someone from my old church and the LOVE sign is from Store Twenty One for £2.99.

Here is a random cubby hole that contains books I'm currently reading, a tv and dvd player magazines, photo albums and candles. Toys and a clock and a makeup bag, cd's and a woody canvas!
Oh and a keyboard that doesn't work properly... YAY.

Those pink, purple and turqouise and gold pots were from Esk, they were £1.99 each and gorgeous for holding pens or candles! And the bits of shrubbery you see laying around I have picked from nature :)
That BIC candle lighter is one I use to light the candles with and it is SO GOOD. And easy to use! It was only £2.00 from ASDA.

Here I have to Beach House hangers that my best friends got me from their holiday and I painted them the purple I have on my main focus walls. I just hung all my long necklaces here. 
In the middle is a beautiful wooden heart that I got in a sale because it was chipped a little bit on the back for £5.00 from Debenhams.
I also stuck a Vera Wang perfume sampler onto it because it matched my room and looks cute!

I recently stuck this notice board on the back of my door, I was in the process of sticking loads of cute things there like Bible Verses and fashion inspiration and I have even got my Wi-fi code on it just in case my friends ask for it!

This is my chest of drawers/ make-up desk thing that I use to hold my beautiful mirror that my Dad got me for Christmas and skin stuff and hair stuff and jewellery.

This is my bookshelf corner, I ran out of space so I had to place uni prospectuses and notebooks on the floor. But I have a few cute peices that I got for birthday hanging on the top shelf and other random peices there to.

So that it my bedroom tour thing done obviously it's not in depth but I'm honestly so happy in the way it is starting to turn out. You should've seen this bad boy before. Mhm. 

See you guys later!
God bless,


  1. Beautiful candle and I love the jewelry houses!

    1. Thanks girl! Glad you liked it :D
      Thanks for stopping by!
      All my love,