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1 Party Dress 3 Ways

1 Party Dress 3 Ways

1 Party Dress 3 Ways by rose1995 featuring Sequin Dress

I found this gorgeous party season dress on Polyvore the link is below, the reason why I chose this dress is because I love the cut, cinched in waistlines always do a curvy girl a world of wonder. Thank the Lord for whoever created the peplum. What drew me also was the way the shoulders were cut, it enables those girls including me that don't like to show a lot of arm to get the right balance between showing and hiding. Also I chose it obviously because the sequins looks gorgeous! After finding this beautiful dress I had the idea of having it as a Party dress but for those girls that don't have much to spend on girly clothes so an idea is to buy one dress and learn how to dress it up in multiple ways with simple clothing peices.

Here I chose a simple black crop top that could appeal to the sporty girls of this ages, it's quick and easy to place over the dress and still has that cinched in at the waist feel to it! A black top is also a really good base for beautiful accessories.

This is a plain peach cardigan that you can get anywhere, jumpers are so in and hopefully they will always be in, for the winter so the second look for all those girls that adore partying in comfiness this is the look to go for providing you don't get too hot while under the baking hot lights of a party. Don't forget you'll be the girl everyone wants to shre the warmth with after coming home from a party and having to walk around in the ice cold at night!

For those sporty girls there is also a cute, comfortable and edgy shoe choice that you can go with which are these velvety lace-up boots from topshop! They will be easy to walk in, keep your footsies warm and plus they look incredible cute with the ensemble I have chosen out for them!

$57 -

The casual girls that can't bear a whole night in heels can go out in pretty pumps, these match the cardigan and in fear that plain pumps will make it look like you went out "too-casual" for the evening shindig, these pumps have a gorgeous blinged out brooch-type end on it. Therefore keeping that glitz and glamour still on show but enabling a cute and most of all comfy way to go through the evening.

In the first look, because I incorporated a lot of bright blue in the subtle area of the gorgeous necklace I figured in order to brighten up the sequins (if it were possible) why not add the bright blue shoe?! This goes perfect with the look as the perfect shoe finishes off the outfit!

This ties in with the informal look as the large strap enables you to have it around your body or on your shoulder so it is easy to access, you're less likely to use it and its easier to carry!

When I saw this clutch bag I literally pooed glitter. Is this not amazing!? It looks all 3-D and gorgeous! This would go SO PERFECT with this outfit I literally will do anything to get my hands on this bad boy. It really rounds off the edgy glam rock look and also matches the accessories so well!

This purse ties in with the blue theme that is going on with this outfit it is simple yet glamourous and I think clutch bags can really help accessorise an outfit! This one has the right balance of everything.

This accessory can appear unrelated to the outfit but it really breaks the outfit up especially where the cardigan may have lost a bit off the dress this accesory is simple yet bold enough to do that to the outfit.

This necklace is stunning.
Might as well finish it there.
Never has a necklace got me lost for words.

My mother has always had a weekness for sparkly earrings haha so whenever I see a pair that are big and gold it always makes me think of her! These go perfectly with the third outfit because well, the rule is to not wear a long necklace earrings and big belt all at once so these earrings go amazing.

I love the look and design of this glorious belt it matches my love for the purse that goes with this outfit and because it incorporates monochrome colours as well as a touch of gold gives it the touch of glam that rounds the busy dress off and grants that glam look.

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