Thursday, 21 August 2014


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I originally planned for this post to be put up a few days ago but time escaped me. Did anyone read about the Teen Choice Awards scandal when popular Viners and Youtubers claimed that TCA rigged their voting? All I can say is thankyou for redeeming factors like the performances and the fashion - I have been watching TCA for a good few years and I have always waited with bated breath as the stars hit the carpet in wonderful fashion. I narrowed down 9 outfits that I thoroughly enjoyed to look at and placed them in a little collage for you. The pictures are credited to the photographers I got these photos from a variety of websites and I do not credit any of these to myself - I wish I went though because it looks so fun to attend. Some of my favourite Youtubers were there, Mylifeaseva and Bethany Mota - I'm so proud of both of them they worked so hard to get to where they are!

If you guys wanted to watch the Teen Choice Awards click here.

Cher Lloyd killed it performing with Demi Lovato did she not? I love her outfit here it's so simple when you break it down to a top, shorts and heels but the detailing on her top and the lace mesh tie this look together perfectly. Although I'm not a huge fan of wearing black in the summer (although I confess that I do it sometimes) her natural make-up and hair look make her look incredibly well put together.

Nina Dobrev looked amazing as always, I loved the colour pallette that was spread this Teen Choice Awards and the pattern in her two-peice is unique in every way from the colours to the powdery effect that it created. I believe that the hot pink theme that ran through this outfit complimented her skin tone and the simple fishtail braid tied this look together making it age appropriate for the occasion.

Shay Mitchell always looks stunning, her lace two peice is perfection as well as the silver kitten heel shoes (which appear to be extremely popular this season) what made this outfit pop was not only the lace but the dark red vampy lipstick and amazing Elsa inspired braid make it look very chic.

Chloe Grace Moretz outfit was colourful and very unique, the contrasting colours and patterns made it different but the focus was always on the outfit. I also love the choice of shoe, it's simple and compliments the outfit as well as elongating her legs (as if they needed more elongating). This combination suited Chloe Moretz style and she pulled it off so well!

I love Jordin Sparks, this includes her fashion sense which she has a lot of, two peices are all the rage this season and Jordin brought a wonderful colourful and unique piece to the table with a slight african-style going on with the warm colours and natural hair.

Hailee Steinfield looked very bohemian in her outfit which is one of my favourite styles, the patterns and colours were gorgeous. The lace see-through detailing added a touch of difference to her outfit and created a more edgy vibe to this girly number. Her shoes are also kitten heels but the style is very different to the others.

Taylor Swift always looks beautiful in her outfits, I love how she played the colour card, two colours that you wouldn't necessarily work together she absolutely pulled it off. Again with a two-peice green skirt with black and white detailing and crop top compliments her shape and skin tone and doesn't wash her out too much. The yellow heels give off that 50's vibe and the strap at the top elongate her legs. 

Victoria Justice looks wonderful in a crotcheted dress, it's different and has a more beachy vibe to it. However the dress she appears to be wearing underneath creates a more formal and sophisticated vibe.

Shailene Woodley gave inspiring speeches all night and she wore a beautiful outfit. The feather detailing creates an aztec vibe and contrast with the block shape pattern below. I love how her stylist played off of the red in the feathers and gave her red kitten heels, it makes her tie into the season yet wear such a unique piece with confidence in her style and outfit.

I hope you enjoyed my favourite outfits, I'm sorry it was so late, 
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Friday, 15 August 2014

Back to School Series: SCHOOL HANDBAGS

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It's that time of the year where back to school items hit the shelves of our local stores - I mean I'm not complaining I am a huge fan of everything related to stationary. Even though school is more than the latest fashions and pencils it's awesome to make school that little bit more exciting starting with the right schoolbag.
It was so much easier in primary school when you were given a bookbag but now for me, entering into university I don't think a bookbags going to cut it. I have chosen bags of reasonable size but in reality it's all about personal preference, personally I would choose the biggest bag on the shelf but I realise that may not be everyone else's choice. Most of these bags are totes, some are backpacks but all are affordable and from high street shops because students, we gotta budget. Even if you're not going to school, these bags are cute for everyday use and versatile for every season, so I hope you enjoy these bags and stay tuned for more posts for my Back to School Series :)

1) Pierre Cardin Purple Tote Bag - £25 - TK Maxx
2) Steve Madden Black Backpack - £30 - TK Maxx
3) Marla London Colour Block Tote Bag - £20 - TK Maxx
4) L Credi Brown Patent Grab Bag - £25 - TK Maxx
5) Slouchy Zippered Shoulder Bag - £21 - Forever21
6) Ribbed Faux Leather Tote - £23 - Forever21

1) Faux Futuristic Leather Tote - £17 - Forever21
2) Faux Leather Colourblocked Tote - £19 - Forever21
3) Bold Abstract Geo Tote - £17 - Forever21
4) Versatille Leather Tote - £20 - Forever21
5) Oasis Tegan Tote - £36 - Debenhams
6) Parfois Camel Tote Bag - £28 - Debenhams

1) Crossbody Faux Leather Tote - £10.0 - Ebay
2) River Island Cream Mock Winged Tote Bag - £45 - River Island
3) Red Quilted Panel Tote Bag - £45 - River Island
4) Black Leather Croc Tote Bag - £45 - River Island
5) Tan Leather Winged Shopper Bag - £55 - New Look
6) Long and Son Large Red Tote Bag - £25 - TK Maxx

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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

NEW LOOK SALE PICS: Preparation for Autumn

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Today I have a sale picks blog post for you I fully acknowledge and understand that I spelt it wrong in every single Polyvore collage haha, I apologise for that. If you haven't glanced at the following pictures yet then prepare for awesome inexpensive fashion everything item is obviously from New Look one of the UK's leading fashion stores. Did I mention that everything here is under £20?

I hope you enjoy this post :)

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Sunday, 10 August 2014

HAUL: Makeup a la Market

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Today I have a really small make-up haul of things I got from a local market. I love love LOVE markets, I don't know about you guys but you can get some amazing deals from markets! I don't really know how markets get their products and are able to sell them so cheap all I'm hoping is that their products won't make my skin go bad in the future (I'll keep you posted on that one). Other than that ounce of doubt in these products overall, it is great value for money. The market I visited had brands like Maybelline, Stila, Loreal, Rimmel, Clinique and a lot more so it's wise to keep your eyes peeled whenever you come across a boot sale or market.

I love to put bronzer on my skin in the summer, I believe that a wonderful healthy glow is an awesome look to go for, especially in the summer. This Technic bronzer was only £2.00 as you can see and gives a beautiful glow to my skin when I tried it on - hopefully a make-up look will be coming soon on this product.

This small pallette that I purchased is by Maybelline and it was only £3.50 how incredible is this? The pigmentation of this palette is beyond amazing and so easy to blend with a brush or your finger. The colours can each be placed onto your eyelid individually and altogether - so many different looks can be created by this small pallette and I'm so excited to use it more often.

Does anyone remember Bethany Mota showing this product in a haul? I remember seeing it a while ago and it didn't actually turn up in the UK for a while, I didn't even realise it was in the country until I saw it! As you can see it was only £2.50 - if I'm being totally honest with you guys at first it was very confusing to get the hang of because it's bouncy like a mousse but not as easy to get into, it's very pigmented but is the kind of bright pink that limits what colour eyeshadow and lipstick you're allowed to use - very natural tones should be used when you use this product.

I absolutely adore painting my nails but I am so guilty of not putting a base and a top coat on so when I saw this Top Coat was only £1.00 I thought why not? I'm always doing my nails, might as well use a top coat so that it can last a little longer. So far it has been wonderful at doubling as a base coat!

I know, some of these lipsticks look a bit worse for wear but I have been fortunate to use my mum as a model and every single colour looks gorgeous on her. I believe that they each go for a very high price in local drugstores and I also think it comes with a clear lipstick as well but anyway - that is what surprised me, it being £1.00 and everything. 

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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Personal: ESYO Tour 2014 to Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia - Part 1: Leipzig, Germany.

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Today's blog post will be all about my trip to Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia. I have quite a lot of things to say about this amazing trip so I was thinking of doing it in three parts. Part 1 - Germany, Part 2 -Czech Republic and Part 3 - Slovakia. This is to make it easier for myself and you guys that want to know about one particular country or can't handle reading through pages and pages of writing. Yeah girl, I feel you.

Let's start with the reason why I went to those places in the first place, around 3 or 4 years ago I auditioned for the East Sussex String Chamber Orchestra and the East Sussex Youth Orchestra and I managed to get into both but up until this year in Easter was I able to afford partaking in ESYO. I decided it was the right time to join seeing as they were arranging a tour. I figured it would be an incredible first experience with them and I planned to be in the orchestra for a while.

There was over a year of preparation into this tour along with so many people fundraising and organising our venues and the itinerary. There were 2 courses that I did in Easter and Summer that lasted a week, 9:30 till 5 creating incredible music with everyone and rehearsing like mad getting everything ready in time for the two concerts we did and the tour we were about to embark on. Some of the repertoire included Joseph Suk's Scherzo Fantastique, The Three Cornered Hat by De Falla, and the Mahler along with another handful of pieces. I remember playing the Mahler in the first week of Easter, I sightread it and got incredibly lost - if you had told me we were going to take it on tour and actually play it incredible I would've been like WHATT, you joke big time.

On July 30th at approximately 6pm everyone arrived at Lewes ready to pack the coaches, there were around 92 of us that went - not including teachers (I think) there were 2 coaches, Coach A an Coach B (which we named the party coach) and an instrument van. I sat next to my good friend Pasha throughout the whole of tour and she was a delight! A couple of incidents happened on the coach during the trip though for one Coach A actually missed the ferry on the way there and had to wait an hour for the next one, we decided to wait for them but actually took a detour that made Coach A overtake us.

Then, to top it all off we had to get our tire changed which took around an hour and a half but it was okay because we managed to explore a gorgeous town that we found in Germany which is in the picture below. The girl in the picture is my good friend Heledd (pronounced Heleth) and she is one of the nicest, sweetest, purest, hilarious and most innocent girls you will ever meet doesn't she look so cute in this photo!

 So, what was supposed to be a 22 hour coach journey actually ended up being around 24 hour coach journey! Our itinerary stated that once we got into the hotel and checked in and unpacked a bit then we could take a tram in Leipzig and explore but no we weren't able to catch the tram into Leipzig to explore because our coach was majorly delayed so when we arrived at the Hotel Ramada in Leipzig we had just about enough time to unload our suitcases and instruments, check in, wash and change just in time for a quick drink and then go to dinner. The hotel was beautiful, it really was - it was lovely and spacious and beautifully decorated, ESYO also had the whole floor to ourselves so it was easy to find everyone. Our hotel room was also very lovely and had a gorgeous view overlooking the hotel, I took a few pictures to show you guys.

The photo above is indeed a hotel room selfie that me Ocean and Will took, the dress is what I wore to dinner. Let me tell you something about dinner, it was incredible, I might do a little food diary to go along with everything because you know I took countless photos of my food on tour, I have no shame.

The above photo is Pasha, Ellie and I before our tour of Leipzig, we had a big day ahead of us with rehearsal, concert and dinner. After breakfast - which was a buffet (an amazing buffet) we took the coach into Leipzig and was dropped off at the main train station that had 26 platforms, unbelievable I know, it also doubled as a huge supermarket which was amazing! We were then split into groups and taken on a tour, we were able to see countless churches, my favourite being St Thomas's Church where Johann Sebastian Bach was buried, (pictures will be below) it was just such an amazing experience to be laced in with streets that contained so much history to it. Beautiful, tall, extravagantly built buildings that withstood time itself and remained wonderful as ever - it was so breathtaking at times. One note about Germany is it's sanitary status -which is en pointe. Literally, so clean! I loved it, also the weather was so incredible to us all week, apart from one thunderstorm that happened on our way to dinner this same day but other than that it was incredibly and sometimes uncomfortably hot which was contradictary to the rain that we had previously been forecasted to have a week before so we were very grateful for that (but not grateful for the luggage room that would have been freed from thick woolly jumpers and trousers). Anyway, here are some of the photos of our tour of Leipzig that I took:

The tour was amazing, Leipzig was beautiful I seriously recommend visiting Leipzig if you are ever in Germany, the music that fills every street is marvellous, the sights are breathtaking, the smell of the restaurants are bakeries literally made my mouth drool and there were so many shopping opportunities I didn't even know where to start. After our tour we managed to grab lunch at a cute little bakery where everything was in containers that you had to lift the lid up of and choose what you wanted and place it on a tray, everything was also very cheap which helped a lot. 

We had to make it back to the coach at a certain time and surprisingly we were the first ones there which made a change seeing as we had to wait for a few people earlier that morning. After, we had took around an hour to get to the concert hall to rehearse for the concert in the evening, the venue was very quaint and beautiful and the same time.

After rehearsal we had dinner at a place 15 minutes away, the starter was soup, the mains were chicken and vegetables and the dessert was pannacotta (which I had actually already eaten the evening before at dinner but enjoyed all the same). After dinner we went straight to the concert hall, apparently getting lost on the way and had to awkwardly walk through the concert hall where the audience were sat to get changed into our concert dress and to grab our instruments. The concert went amazing and the audiences response was marvellous, they were so very friendly and welcoming it made the experience all the more enjoyable. 

Initially I wasn't able to create a video because movie maker was being weird but I have finally made one, added cheesy music to it and uploaded it to Youtube so here it is:

It was such a blessing to be able to share the stage surrounded by incredible musicians, I spent most of the trip just being deeply moved and inspired by these wonderfully gifted individuals. It was the music that brought us there at that moment and music that formed our friendships. So there it is, our first few days on tour for your eyes only. 

Stay tuned for the next two blog posts about Czech Republic and Slovakia,
God bless,
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Friday, 8 August 2014

GAME DAY - Outfit Idea featuring

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Everyone's probably been to watch a game of some sort in their lives whether it's seats at an NBA game, being part of the crowd of the infectious atmosphere of a football or even simply watching your brother hit it out of the park at his local baseball game. Whether you have or not it is always a fun place to express your own individual style at, everyone has different style there's no doubt about that so for me having only been to a few sports games here's an outfit idea that I would wear if you were watching a game with a date or going to watch a game with your your friends.

Check out a leading online retailer for everything sports that specialises in apparel for all your favourite teams. They have nearly every sport under the sun from NBA to Lacrosse and more! I chose the Atlanta Braves New Era Infant Mesaflix Redux Adjustable Hat  in Navy Blue/White for my Game Day outfit because I adored its simplicity, the polka-dot stripes that go around the hat appear subtle and add what I felt was a slight girly, sporty chic touch to the outfit. The added boldness of the red A accentuates the hat and gives you a chance to play off of that and add red lipstick to accentuate the boldness of the colour even more further. From there I decided tht I wanted red elements to seep through the outfit because I feel like it makes the whole outfit a little more interesting and edgy. This is why I added the red kimono, it's plain so it can classify as casual and not too bright that it takes away the attention from the hat. 

 Check out their website here: for an even wider selection of cutest baseball caps who ever said casual had to be boring? With an amazing 4000 and more range of bright, bold colours for a large number of teams all over there is endless baseball cap opportunity, no doubt it will keep on growing. These baseball caps are for all ages, woman and man and are priced so well you really can't go wrong! Here are more of my favourite baseball caps because it was really hard narrowing it down to just one:

1) New Era L.A. Dodgers Royal Blue Neo 39THIRTY Stretch Fit Hat - £15
2) New Era Detroit Tigers Cooperstown Collection 59FIFTY Fitted Hat Gray - £21
3) New Era Boston Red Sox Throwback Trucker Hat Navy Blue/Red - £12
4) '47 Brand Cincinnati Reds Cleanup Adjustable Hat Red - £12

So as I have already mentioned before (no harm in mentioning one more time) I chose to use the Atlanta Braves New Era Infant Mesaflix Redux Adjustable Hat  in Navy Blue/White - in USD it costs $15.95 for those who live in the UK it will cost around £9.47.

For the other items of clothing:
1) White and Grey Stripe High Neck Crop Top - £7.99 - New Look
2) Pale Blue Acid Wash Jeans - £23 - New Look
3) Burgundy Fine Knit Kimono - £18 - New Look
4) Wide Fit Black Multi Strap Heels - £25 - New Look
5) Mini Satchel Bag - £20 - ASOS
6) Pillar Box Red - £4.25 - Barry M
7) Necklace - £8.00 - Accessorize

Hope you guys enjoyed this short post be sure to check out their website I had a lot of fun creating this outfit,
God bless,
All my love,