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I originally planned for this post to be put up a few days ago but time escaped me. Did anyone read about the Teen Choice Awards scandal when popular Viners and Youtubers claimed that TCA rigged their voting? All I can say is thankyou for redeeming factors like the performances and the fashion - I have been watching TCA for a good few years and I have always waited with bated breath as the stars hit the carpet in wonderful fashion. I narrowed down 9 outfits that I thoroughly enjoyed to look at and placed them in a little collage for you. The pictures are credited to the photographers I got these photos from a variety of websites and I do not credit any of these to myself - I wish I went though because it looks so fun to attend. Some of my favourite Youtubers were there, Mylifeaseva and Bethany Mota - I'm so proud of both of them they worked so hard to get to where they are!

If you guys wanted to watch the Teen Choice Awards click here.

Cher Lloyd killed it performing with Demi Lovato did she not? I love her outfit here it's so simple when you break it down to a top, shorts and heels but the detailing on her top and the lace mesh tie this look together perfectly. Although I'm not a huge fan of wearing black in the summer (although I confess that I do it sometimes) her natural make-up and hair look make her look incredibly well put together.

Nina Dobrev looked amazing as always, I loved the colour pallette that was spread this Teen Choice Awards and the pattern in her two-peice is unique in every way from the colours to the powdery effect that it created. I believe that the hot pink theme that ran through this outfit complimented her skin tone and the simple fishtail braid tied this look together making it age appropriate for the occasion.

Shay Mitchell always looks stunning, her lace two peice is perfection as well as the silver kitten heel shoes (which appear to be extremely popular this season) what made this outfit pop was not only the lace but the dark red vampy lipstick and amazing Elsa inspired braid make it look very chic.

Chloe Grace Moretz outfit was colourful and very unique, the contrasting colours and patterns made it different but the focus was always on the outfit. I also love the choice of shoe, it's simple and compliments the outfit as well as elongating her legs (as if they needed more elongating). This combination suited Chloe Moretz style and she pulled it off so well!

I love Jordin Sparks, this includes her fashion sense which she has a lot of, two peices are all the rage this season and Jordin brought a wonderful colourful and unique piece to the table with a slight african-style going on with the warm colours and natural hair.

Hailee Steinfield looked very bohemian in her outfit which is one of my favourite styles, the patterns and colours were gorgeous. The lace see-through detailing added a touch of difference to her outfit and created a more edgy vibe to this girly number. Her shoes are also kitten heels but the style is very different to the others.

Taylor Swift always looks beautiful in her outfits, I love how she played the colour card, two colours that you wouldn't necessarily work together she absolutely pulled it off. Again with a two-peice green skirt with black and white detailing and crop top compliments her shape and skin tone and doesn't wash her out too much. The yellow heels give off that 50's vibe and the strap at the top elongate her legs. 

Victoria Justice looks wonderful in a crotcheted dress, it's different and has a more beachy vibe to it. However the dress she appears to be wearing underneath creates a more formal and sophisticated vibe.

Shailene Woodley gave inspiring speeches all night and she wore a beautiful outfit. The feather detailing creates an aztec vibe and contrast with the block shape pattern below. I love how her stylist played off of the red in the feathers and gave her red kitten heels, it makes her tie into the season yet wear such a unique piece with confidence in her style and outfit.

I hope you enjoyed my favourite outfits, I'm sorry it was so late, 
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