Sunday, 10 August 2014

HAUL: Makeup a la Market

Hey guys,

Today I have a really small make-up haul of things I got from a local market. I love love LOVE markets, I don't know about you guys but you can get some amazing deals from markets! I don't really know how markets get their products and are able to sell them so cheap all I'm hoping is that their products won't make my skin go bad in the future (I'll keep you posted on that one). Other than that ounce of doubt in these products overall, it is great value for money. The market I visited had brands like Maybelline, Stila, Loreal, Rimmel, Clinique and a lot more so it's wise to keep your eyes peeled whenever you come across a boot sale or market.

I love to put bronzer on my skin in the summer, I believe that a wonderful healthy glow is an awesome look to go for, especially in the summer. This Technic bronzer was only £2.00 as you can see and gives a beautiful glow to my skin when I tried it on - hopefully a make-up look will be coming soon on this product.

This small pallette that I purchased is by Maybelline and it was only £3.50 how incredible is this? The pigmentation of this palette is beyond amazing and so easy to blend with a brush or your finger. The colours can each be placed onto your eyelid individually and altogether - so many different looks can be created by this small pallette and I'm so excited to use it more often.

Does anyone remember Bethany Mota showing this product in a haul? I remember seeing it a while ago and it didn't actually turn up in the UK for a while, I didn't even realise it was in the country until I saw it! As you can see it was only £2.50 - if I'm being totally honest with you guys at first it was very confusing to get the hang of because it's bouncy like a mousse but not as easy to get into, it's very pigmented but is the kind of bright pink that limits what colour eyeshadow and lipstick you're allowed to use - very natural tones should be used when you use this product.

I absolutely adore painting my nails but I am so guilty of not putting a base and a top coat on so when I saw this Top Coat was only £1.00 I thought why not? I'm always doing my nails, might as well use a top coat so that it can last a little longer. So far it has been wonderful at doubling as a base coat!

I know, some of these lipsticks look a bit worse for wear but I have been fortunate to use my mum as a model and every single colour looks gorgeous on her. I believe that they each go for a very high price in local drugstores and I also think it comes with a clear lipstick as well but anyway - that is what surprised me, it being £1.00 and everything. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, 
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