Friday, 15 August 2014

Back to School Series: SCHOOL HANDBAGS

Hey guys, 

It's that time of the year where back to school items hit the shelves of our local stores - I mean I'm not complaining I am a huge fan of everything related to stationary. Even though school is more than the latest fashions and pencils it's awesome to make school that little bit more exciting starting with the right schoolbag.
It was so much easier in primary school when you were given a bookbag but now for me, entering into university I don't think a bookbags going to cut it. I have chosen bags of reasonable size but in reality it's all about personal preference, personally I would choose the biggest bag on the shelf but I realise that may not be everyone else's choice. Most of these bags are totes, some are backpacks but all are affordable and from high street shops because students, we gotta budget. Even if you're not going to school, these bags are cute for everyday use and versatile for every season, so I hope you enjoy these bags and stay tuned for more posts for my Back to School Series :)

1) Pierre Cardin Purple Tote Bag - £25 - TK Maxx
2) Steve Madden Black Backpack - £30 - TK Maxx
3) Marla London Colour Block Tote Bag - £20 - TK Maxx
4) L Credi Brown Patent Grab Bag - £25 - TK Maxx
5) Slouchy Zippered Shoulder Bag - £21 - Forever21
6) Ribbed Faux Leather Tote - £23 - Forever21

1) Faux Futuristic Leather Tote - £17 - Forever21
2) Faux Leather Colourblocked Tote - £19 - Forever21
3) Bold Abstract Geo Tote - £17 - Forever21
4) Versatille Leather Tote - £20 - Forever21
5) Oasis Tegan Tote - £36 - Debenhams
6) Parfois Camel Tote Bag - £28 - Debenhams

1) Crossbody Faux Leather Tote - £10.0 - Ebay
2) River Island Cream Mock Winged Tote Bag - £45 - River Island
3) Red Quilted Panel Tote Bag - £45 - River Island
4) Black Leather Croc Tote Bag - £45 - River Island
5) Tan Leather Winged Shopper Bag - £55 - New Look
6) Long and Son Large Red Tote Bag - £25 - TK Maxx

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