Monday, 18 November 2013

Celeb Style Inspiration: Lily Collins #2

Celeb Style Inspiration: Lily Collins #2

Celeb Style Inspiration: Lily Collins #1 and #2 by rose1995 on Polyvore

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I recently made these boards on Polyvore and its dedicated to one of my recent Celeb Style Inspirations Lily Collins, I recently read an article about her, daughter of the famous Phil Collins moved to USA when she was 6 with her mother and made a name for herself, by herself! She is so gorgeous and she claims to keep her style true to her British roots! She prefers British fashion so yay for us Brits - she says we're more experimentive which makes me proud to be British because when you visit places like London fashion is so awesome there and each person is different and personal with their style!

Celeb Style Inspiration: Lily Collins

In these photos I used she has a lot of different layers of pattern going on which shows the importance of experimenting with different textures to create a funky and eclectic look. I love her combination of colour its bright but not too much that it hurts your eyes. Also her make-up can we just take a minute to admire her make-up!? That girl seriously works it. I'm a huge fan of her big eyes and bold lip colour. Maybe a Lily Collins look is in the works. Now I must invest in some fake eyelashes.

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