Monday, 8 September 2014


Hey guys, 

Yes, it's that time of the year again where some of us return to normality and the routine of education again! Don't we all wish we were back on holiday doing well, anything but school. But let's not look upon the rest of this year as boring and repititive let's get excited for what God has in store for each and every one of us. For some of us, including myself, you will be starting a new chapter of your life whether it be going to university for the first time, moving up into secondary school or going into your second year of college. Either way I hope this new start to a wonderful year involves a change that you view as a wonderful opportunity to try new things, meet new people and generally have a great time learning because learning can be fun too guys and if some of you don't feel that way, then may you learn to love learning and if not may this stationary haul post ease a little bit of the pain. 

University. That word has never left the concious and sub conciousness of my mind ever since halfway through  the second year of college when we're told to seriously think about what we want to do with our lives. Some of you can relate to this - everyone's mum and their pet dog's brother twice removed talks about university and are waiting to judge the extent of professionalism you'll reach with the degree that you choose. (Blah blah blah) 

I actually didn't follow the crowd when everyone in my year was applying for university, did I regret it? Certainly not because I was given the time to really think about what I wanted to do in life whether that was to go to University or not. In the end I came to the conclusion to do Journalism with English Literature simply because I adored writing and reading. I love laying my thoughts out on a page and getting lost in a thick plot - I find it so enjoyable and that is why I decided to take it. Had I not taken a year out to work, start blogging again and been able to spend time with family and friends but more importantly spend time with myself and discover what I liked and to establish a bit more independence I would've probably been on a course that I didn't enjoy and a university that I didn't want to be at. For me it was refreshing to be able to relax after school and college and take time out for myself doing things that I enjoyed doing!

To decide about your future at the age of  17/18 years old is a lot of pressure to handle. I mean we have the concept drilled into us at such a young age that what we decide to study determines our future. In some ways it can be true, if we're focused on a career it's important to take the steps that take us there but on the other hand some of us simply don't know what we would genuinely be ecstatic to do in the future so we decide to take the subjects we enjoy and are passionate about and hope that it leads us to a job that we feel the same way in.  
Either way, whether you're determined on your future career or whether everything feels like it's just gone up in the air just work hard and do your best in whatever God has called you to do now whether it's to simply to love, cherish and enjoy spending time with your family and friends or study really hard for a grade that you are proud with and need to get to excel in education. It's above all important to love, love God, your family and friends and be appreciative of your life and come to the realisation of how much of a blessing it is.

So without furtherado here's my stationary haul:

Pencil Case is from Paperchase £8

Pink and Purple Folders are from WHSmiths £1.24 each

Study Planner and 2014/2015 Diary are from Paperchase £8 and £7

Pritt Stick from ASDA for £2.00
Pink Stapler from Paperchase for £5.00 
Sharpie Highlighters from ASDA for £3
Blue Paperclips from WHSmiths for £1.00
Pencil Book Markers from ASDA £0.50
Larger Post-it Notes from ASDA for £2.00
Small Post-it Notes from ASDA for £1.00

BIC Cristal Grip Pens £1.50
Zebra Z-Grip Ball Point Pen £2
Papermate Pens £3
All from ASDA

Oxford Paper Ringbinder 3 for to £5.99 each £11.98 for 3 at WHSmiths
Oxford Paper Refill Pad for £2 at ASDA

Collins English Dictionary £1.99
Improve Your Skills Writing Grammar and Punctuation £5.00
both from WHSmiths

Pack of 3 Display Books £4.99 from WHSmiths
Page Dividers £1.99 from WHSmiths
Polkadot Folder £2.50 from Paperchase

So this is what I've got so far, I've still yet to purchase a few bits and bobs but I'm hoping that this will last me the whole of this year and possibly a bit of next years! I fear I have bought way too much but there's really no excuse I just love stationary...

I hope you enjoyed this post,
God bless,
All my love and blessings to those starting school again!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

STYLE CRUSH TV: Once Upon a Time

Hey lovelies, todays post is going to be about the television show Once Upon A Time - a show I'm currently obseesed with. To gather what the show is all about you'll have to think of every fairytale ever told and mesh it into one. Imagine every fairytale coming to earth from different lands, insert family issues, complicated love triangles and relationship a bit of resentment and you have Once Upon A Time! I have found outfits that are relative to the styles of a few of the main girl actresses of the show so I hope you enjoy this post as I had a lot of time making it and searching for different clothing pieces.


Emma's style is very casual and simple, she normally pairs plain colours with jeans, combat boots and a leather jacket. Her style is edgy and looks and probably feels comfortable - it's efficient. This reflects her personality at the beginning of the series where Emma has her walls up, the dark wash colours reflect a fierce and sassy persona that she hides behind to stop her from caring. Her style is more on the sporty side which suits her job as Sheriff in the series, it enables her to capture the villains of Storybrooke and fight dragons. As the lead chracter of the show we watch her evolve into a wonderful, caring and loving mother, daughter and friend. She develops that heroic spirit throughout the show (baring in mind I have only just started season 2 - this has the potential to change) therefore the focus is on who she is rather than what she wears and you can find this care-free spirit evident in her choice of wardrobe.

1) Rosie Skinny Jeans - £10 - George at ASDA
2) Black Heeled Boots - £25 - H&M
3) Disc Choker - £7.12 - ASOS
4) Black Skinny Jeans - £10 - George at ASDA
6) Multitube Row Necklace - £14 - ASOS

All links are on my Polyvore here.

1) Black Biker Jacket - £35 - H&M
2) Black Jersey Top - £6.99 - H&M
3) Cream Top with Lace Trim - £6.99 - H&M
4) Brown Lace Up Doctor Martens - £130 -
5) Black and White Striped Jumper - £15 - H&M
6) Brown Leather Biker Jacket - £40 - New Look

All links are on my Polyvore here.


Mary Margaret's style is girly, floral and cute - her personality is reflected in her clothing. Purity, kindness, love and forgiveness lies in the off-white, ditsy floral patterns, pastel colours and tea dresses. The flows of her dresses and skirts that go outwards accentuate her small waist and end around the knee giving off a 1950's vibe to her style. This shape also creates a look of modesty and about her which suits her occupation perfectly as a primary school teacher.

1) Purple Crew Neck Cardigan - £9.99 - New Look
2) Cream and Blue Crew Neck Cardigan - £13 - New Look
3) Teal Crew Neck Cardigan - £9.99 - New Look
4) Brown Vintage Inspired Glide By Heel - £36 - ModCloth
5) Wine Red Dynamic Debut Heel - £27 - ModCloth
6) Red and Cream Vintage Inspired Heels - £42 - ModCloth

All links are on my Polyvore here.

1) Sleeveless A-line Best Daisies Ever Dress Blue and White - £42 - ModCloth
2) Ivory Roll Sleeve Shirt - £21 - Dorothy Perkins
3) Ivory Pussybow Blouse - £24 - Dorothy Perkins
4) Blue Room for Blooms Dress - £64 - ModCloth
5) Blue Floral Blouse - £27 - Dorothy Perkins
6) Dark Pink Chiffon Bird Print Dress - £23 - New Look
7) Navy V Neck Floral Print Tea Dress - £20 - New Look
8) Restricted Pin Up Heels Cream and Black - £36 - ModCloth

All links to items can be found on my Polyvore here.


Regina's style contains formal elements. there are a lot of assymetric shapes and blazers with pencil skirts that are used in her wardrobe. She dresses formally which is appropriate as the mayor of Storybrooke, this style gives her a sense of authority and power with a look of importance about her. In terms of her shoe choice the black pumps elongate her legs and compliment the smart appearance of her apparel.

1) Grey Draped Dress - £25 - H&M
2) Black Figure Fit Dress - £25 - H&M
3) Camel Mac Coat - £85 - River Island
4) Grey Blazer - £35 - H&M
5) Pencil Skirt - £15 - H&M

All links to items are on my Polyvore here.

1) Red Jacquard-weave Jacket - £30 - H&M
2) Alli Ribbed Bodycon Midi Skirt - £15 - Boohoo
3) Blue Draped Dress - £25 - H&M
4) Subtle Striped Navy Jacket - £16 - Matalan
5) Tux Blazer - £25 - Matalan
6) Guapa Suded Mary Janes - £60 - Topshop
7) Selena Mary Janes - £51 - Topshop
8) Platform Court Shoes - £25 - H&M

All item links are on my Polyvore here.


Belle's style is preppy, so that involves a lot of girly pieces and a  combination of skirts and tops. She seems to always be gearing onto pattern based items - her colour pallette is very versatile and is always complimented by her hairstyle which is mostly parted in the middle and curled from the middle downwards.

1) Pink Collared Scallop Dress - £20 - River Island
2) Navy Bow Print Contrast Collar Jumper - £30 - River Island LIMITED EDITION
3) The Best of Times Heels in Brown - £24 - ModCloth
4) Urban Lond Sleeveless Blue and White Tunic - £26 - ModCloth
5) Work Your Style Wedge - £21 - ModCloth
6) Womens Form Fitting Brown Blazer - £9.67 - Amazon
7) Grey Contrast Collar Top - £25 - River Island
8) Scholastic Bow n Places Heel - £79 - ModCloth

All item links are on my Polvore here.

1) Blue Chiffon Check Long Shirt - £20 - New Look
2) Circular Skirt - £13 - H&M
3) Black Collared Lace Top - £20 - New Look
4) Blue and White Pleated Skirt - £13 - H&M
5) Felicity Contrast Collar Blue Dress - £8 - Boohoo
6) Red and Navy Pleated Skirt - £15 - H&M

All item links are on my Polyvore here.


Red's style is one of my favourites, she plays around with different themes mixing edgy and bohemian together, all with the colour red laced into it. It relates to her name and gives her a unique and signature look. Pictured below are pieces that also centre around the colour black, she accentuates the red further by using a red lipstick. She is also seen sporting a collection of hats which is the perfect accessory to add this fall. 

1) Red Burnout Fringed Hem Cropped Kimono - £25 - New Look
2) Parisian Burgundy Laser Cut Skater Dress - £18 - New Look
3) Black Patent Lace Up Chunky Heel - £35 - New Look
4) Red Long Sleeve Chiffon Shirt - £18 - New Look
5) 3 Pack Gold Stone Cuff Bracelet - £5.99 - New Look
6) Black Double Zip Chunky Heel - £30 - New Look
7) Red Aztec Print Gold Enamel Bangle Set - £6.99

All links to items are on my Polvore here.

1) Red Check Boyfriend Shirt - £28 - River Island
2) Isla Wet Look Waist Trousers - £30 - Boohoo
3) Wide Fit Burgundy Shearling Cuff Boots - £30 - New Look
4) Black Leather Look Biker Jacket - £40 - New Look
5) Red Slouchy Beanie - £17 - Free People
6) Victoria Floppy Hat with Velvet Trim - £12 - Boohoo 
7) Amelia Pearl and Heart Necklace - £7.26 - Boohoo
8) Black Rose Knee High Riding Boots - £35 - Boohoo 
9) Dark Red Skinny Ankle Grazer Trousers - £30 - River Island
10) Red Tartan Blanket Scarf - £15 - River Island

I hope you enjoyed this Once Upon a Time inspired post stick around for University related hauls and things :) 
God bless,
All my love,