Friday, 6 December 2013

A Very Yummy Christmassy Hot Chocolate :)

Hey loves, 

I lagged on my stocking stuffers blog post yesterday but I guess this morning at 4:16am It can count as yesterday however I have a different post for you guys it's sort of a tutorial for you and I got this tutorial off of a Youtube beauty guru called MissGlamorazzi you guys may have heard of her her videos are awesome! 
I'll link her video at the end so you can check her out, I bet she'll do a better job at it than I can :)

So me and my love went out at 12am to our nearest 24/7 Tesco's and bought a load of ingredients that Ingrid used and added a few of her own :)
Here are the ingredients we used from the left to the right:
1. Askeys: Treat Chocolate Sauce
2. Anchor's Whipped Cream 
3. Peanut Butter
4. Tesco's Own Brand Marshmallows
5. McVities Digestive Biscuits
6. Cadbury Flakes
7. Hot Chocolate powder, mine's one from Options and it's the White Hot Chocolate one
also, I forgot to add the eighth one
8. MILK :D

1) Place Milk and the hot chocolate into a cup and add milk up to your desired amount of hot chocolate this just measures and balances the ratio of hot chocolate and milk. After pour it into a pan and turn the heat up to medium then using a whisk stir all the contents together.

2) Leave the hot chocolate to simmer on  low heat which just keeps it warm while you work on other aspects of the recipe.

3) Next line your cup using a knife with Peanut Butter, this part can be quite tedious so you can take your time on it if you want to. It's quite easy after you learn the ropes though.

4) Next take around three or four digestive biscuits and place into a bag, a ziplock would be ideal, and then using either a mug or a rolling pin, squash, bash, roll, whack the biscuits until it becomes fine, crumbly peices, much like the bottom of cheesecake.

5) Next open the bag onto a small plate and scatter to circe the plate with crumbs. Then you're going to place your peanut-butter lined cup into the centre downwards and then using your fingers gather the crumbs into a mound around the cup so that it can latch onto the yummy peanut butter.

So it should look something like the picture below, this is an amazing touch to this hot chocolate recipe and creates the wafer part that you get in a smore.

6) Next, take your pan off of the hob and place it into a jug making it easier and less likely for you to spill the hot chocolate.

7) Then leaving your hob on to full or medium whichever one of your choice, you can use skewers for this part but we chose to use three forks, place your marshmallows on the end and heat them until at least 2 sides of the marshmallow turn a little brown!

8) Next using whipped cream line the top of your hot chocolate with it.

9) Then add the marshmallows which will be all creamy and gooey!

10) Then add the chocolate sauce!

11) And cut the flake bar in half and place one on one side of the cup, be careful not to sink the ship with it!

And voila! You have an amazing smore hot chocolate drink :D 
May I just mention this is the most amazing hot chocolate drink I have ever lie.
Also just to pre-warn you, this is quite a messy drink when you finish making it, probably shortly after this photo was taken the cream and fudge sauce probably exploded over the cup!

So there you have it, I hope you enjoy your lovely Smore Hot Chocolate, comment if you try it out! Here's Ingrid's video, make sure to subscribe to her channel as she is doing DIY December which instead of Vlogmas, is a Do It Yourself video everyday up until Christmas! 
I really hope you enjoyed this blog post guys! I'm going to head to bed to catch some Zzz's, keep posted for more tutorials and Christmas related stuff!
God bless, 
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  1. Wow this looks so good! Cute mug too!

    Alice | | xxx

    1. Thankyou! It's so yummy you should definitely try it! :D

  2. Replies
    1. Thankyou! Its even tastier than it looks haha

  3. Damn this chocolate bomb.