Thursday, 26 December 2013


Hey loves,
Christmas is almost over in the Bootle household which is upsetting but we do have more family coming over so second Christmas is on its way!
Today has been wonderful! I woke up at 9am and had to get up open Santa's sack which was a combination of chocolates and stationary and even Tuna... yes, Santa has a very wild imagination but I'm in love with tuna so it's okay :D
So after opening presents with my brother and Dad I began to get ready for work :( I had work at 11:00 till 6pm which was a majority of my day so I left when it was light and I came back when it was dark! If you guys want to have his special holiday season then don't get a job in the hospitality industry haha. We had 230 or so people have their Christmas lunch with us today and we were split into teams, me and Phoebe were an incredible team... just saying :) When we finished we were so out of that door it was insane! So I came home, got ready for dinner and had my Christmas dinner which my family so patiently waited for me to have :) After, we did the usual opening of the remaining presents and watched Home Alon Lost in New York which is personally a favourite of mine this time of year! We also watched Bear Grylls and Stephen Fry go on an adventure and Doctor Who on Bbc iplayer :) I fell asleep as it was quite a long day for me and I am now currently watching tv and eating.

Here are a few of the pictures I took on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day :)

I have had a wonderful time with my family and work family today and I hope you guys have also! The Lord has blessed me with so much and I am so grateful, this year has been tough at times but there's been nothing that God didn't bring me through! So Happy Birthday to our Saviour Jesus Christ :)

God bless 
All my love,


  1. you look gorgeous! hope you had a wonderful christmas, cant believe you got tuna!xxx

    1. Thankyou so much! Hope you did also :D Hahaha I know right! xxx