Monday, 9 December 2013

My Christmas Wishlist

Hey loves, 
Today's post is going along the theme of being Christmassy, it's my Wish List! I honestly would be beyond happy if I got all of these for Christmas although they are only materialistic things, I won't forget the love of friends and family and most importantly giving thanks to God for our lives and the blessings we have these are just things that I could definitely go on in life without having but it would be lovely to receive :)

My Christmas Wishlist

1. Urban Decay Naked Palette: £33 - Debenhams
2. TOSHIBA Satellite C850-1LQ Refurbished 15.6" Laptop:£300
3. Mac Rebel Lipstick £8.87 Nordstrom
4. Samsung Galaxy S3 Floral Case: £16 Etsy
 5. Benefit Groovy Kind-of-Luv Makeup Set: £25 John Lewis
6. Real Techniques Stippling Brush £4.42 Target

1. This looks like it could be my favourite eyeshadow palette out of all of the Naked pallette in comparison to the others although I haven't personally tried or receives the other two this one appears as the best eyeshadows for my skin tone :)

2. I seriously need a new laptop :') It's getting a bit ridiculous and if I'm planning to go to uni next year which fingers crossed I am then I will need one, my current laptop is so slow, the Windows 7 on it is counterfeit and the Wi-fi is not working :( This one seemed to have great memory, looks sleek and also is well in my price range :)

3. I have one MAC lipstick purchase, one that I actually bought from MAC that is but the other 2 I have I got off Ebay and I'm not too sure whether they're real or if the packaging went wrong I just know that weight wise and look wise, they are not the same. Anyway my first Mac purchase was Ruby Woo, 2 years ago.. still using it to this day and I saw many of my favourite Youtube beauty gurus use this one and I just fell in love. Right then and there. 

4. My phonecase right now is from Poundland, it's white with a few jewels on so.. I have this phone until June 2nd and I really wanted a case that I just wouldn't fall out of love with and I figured if it's expensive I'm more than likely to keep it on my phone so I found this beautiful one on a store from Etsy I give you the link here. They make incredible cases you guys I did a post about another two I found which I'll link here.

5. I LOVE BENEFIT. It recently came to Boots and it's soooo expensive and I just thought maybe this set will do me just fine? 

6. I have craved Real Techniques brushes for goodness knows how long but somehow I could never get myself to buy any! So I put it on my Christmas list :D

Hope you enjoyed this post guys, comment and let me know what you think or let me know your Christmas wishlist also if you want to check out my Polyvore for all the sets I've blogged about and some of the sets I haven't but I have yet to blog about that click here to see my profile :)

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  1. What a fab wishlist. I recently purchased a new laptop and it's the best thing I've done, it makes blogging & youtube a whole lot easier and faster. I'd also love MAC Rebel lipstick for Christmas!

    I hope you receive what you wish for & have a lovely Christmas.

    Alice | Beauty by Alicee | YouTube

    1. Thankyou so much! Awesome which laptop did you invest in? I'm getting mine in January :) I know it's a gorgeous colour isn't it!
      Thankyou :) You too also!
      All my love,