Friday, 20 December 2013

A Very Christmassy Girly Reunion :)

Hey loves,

I have another more personal post to show you guys today and it's simply due to the fact that I feel like I should share a little more of my life to that of fashion and beauty. 
So around two days ago me and 9 other friends met up after them all coming back from University and had a meal at this cafe called Wholesome Cafe, they had opened up the restaurant just for us which I thought was incredibly dedicated and we literally were so grateful and blessed to have them do that for us - we received such special treatment and everything was perfect!

I ordered a Soup of the Day which was Pea soup topped with cheese and 2 chunky slices of buttered bread. It was beautimous. 
For main I ordered a Turkey and Cranberry pie with vegetables surrounding it. It was so good, I had never had a pie like that before, the crust was so crisp and the insides blended so well together I might have to get my Dad to find out the recipe it was that incredible!
Price-wise it was so cheap! 3 courses for £12.50 :L 

As you can tell my friends are beautiful and their fashion-sense en pointe. I love them to death and seriously was so happy to see them all, we'd all been to secondary school with eachother so we've known eachother for a really long time and we hope that continues!

Me and Rach took a lot of selfies haha...

I hope you enjoyed this quick life post, 
I'm sure I will be posting more with the Christmas holidays coming up! 
God bless,
All my love,