Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Stocking Stuffers under £5: Diaries & Notebooks

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For those on the late front of Christmas and all things present-related (a.k.a me) I have a few more Stocking Stuffers posts that'll hopefully help those last-minute shoppers that have present-buyer-block (it's a real thing. I swear) These diaries are awesome! As a journal and diary / stationary lover from a very young age I honestly get so excited to go into Paperchase you guys don't even understand! So here I've chosen not only the cheaper options but the equally amazing options in terms of design and quality (thankyou Paperchase). So I hope you guys are a little inspired by this and that'll it'll help you on your way to finding that perfect stocking!

Paperchase website

Stocking Stuffers under £5: Diaries & Notebooks

1. pack up your troubles notebook, £5.00 
2. compact week to view floral 2014 diary, £4.50
3. tribal A5 notebook, £4.50
4. kraft A5 plus ruled jumbo wiro notebook, £4.50 
5. peacock eco small composition book, £4.20 
6. into the wild notebook, £3.00  
7. slim lizzie week to view 2014 diary, £4.50
8. nibs kraft A5 plain notebook, £4.00 
9. long tail bird bamboo small notebook, £4.50  

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