Friday, 8 November 2013

Beauty Favourites!

Hey loves!
I have only recently just got my phone to work it has been a long 2 months of not being able to contact people and things like that but it finally works after my dad bought a samsung galaxy s3 battery charger which I honestly thought would not work! But now that my phone is back I have taken a few pictures on it and edited them using Photogrid a free photo app that enables you to acheive that cut-off effect that many instagram users use to make their pictures look hipster. I personally am so in love with it! 
So yes, I have always been a fan of my wonderful phone camera and I have here a few products that I have been enjoying in the month of October. 

Hope you guys enjoy!

So here are the products I have been enjoying this month and I have actually in all honesty been using these products for a while but I have picked them because they have become my everyday products, products that I always reach for. I'll just label them here and see if I can find the links to each product.
From Left to Right
  1. Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation in Natural Beige -
  2. Vaseline Rosy Lips -
  3. MUA Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit -
  4. L.A Colours Mineral Blush in Very Berry -
  5. Color Tattoo 24 Hour by Loreal in On and On Bronze -

This is the Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation and I bought this around 2 months ago because my other foundation was running out. My skin tone is an olive/tan colour, in the winter is goes a lot more pale however despite this foundation being in the colour Natural Beige is appears seriously light on my skin I think this is also this darkest shade of the Rimmel London Stay Matte line so that is one out of two disappointments of this product. The other one is the fact that even though it is matte - it really drys out the parts around my nose a lot. Other than that the coverage is great, whether it stays the whole day I'm not really sure, I would say it doesn't however it gives my face a case of the matte and smooth fever this is the best base I like to put my makeup on top of so if you are looking for a new foundation I wouldn't recommend it even though it is in my October favourites this is because I have nothing else to compare it to as of yet.

This is the Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rosy Lips, it is one of my favourite products this month I actually purchased this from Poundland! So this was super cheap and it gives you a clear hint of pink, the most subtle hint of pink ever and I try to make the product go in a circular motion - any dents will make me flip! Haha that is so sad! Anyway, this is a product that I'd say you'd apply every 2-3 hours, normally I don't notice my lips going dry but this is a product to just keep in your bag so you can pop it out anytime that you want!

This and 3 other products were my first L.A Colors purchases, I found this badboy out in London at Westfield Shepherds Bush and it was only £1.99 there! I had been keen to purchase a Berry Blush ever since I saw Youtuber ThatsHeart put some on in her video! You can check out her channel here. Okay so this product is awesome as long as you are using a brush that you have more control of over the bristles for example a Kabuki brush otherwise its hard to blend it in right as it is not a natural colour for cheeks to be. Other than that it stays on for a few hours but is a product you have to continue applying throughout the day to maintain that Berry colour it is very pigmented so a slight tap of the brush gets a good load onto it.

24hour Color Tattoo by Loreal is AMAZINGGGGG. By far the best product out of all of my October favourites! It is so pigmented I have used it pretty much every other day for the past month and it doesn't even look like I have made a dent in it! This Bronze colour is super gorgeous and totally in for fall and winter, it reminds me of a shiny taupe colour and since seeing Mac's I have always wanted products with the similar colour! This product also stays on for the whole day which I am so very pleased with! You dont even have to reapply it! I recommend this product most definitely also I would check out your nearest Tescos or Asda for cheap make-up deals I bought this one for £3.00 at Tescoes whereas at Boots its £4.99 I think? Something like that...

I have been sworn by this product ever since I misplaced my Sleek Eyebrow Palette which was a bad bad mistake because I absolutely LOVED that. R.I.P Sleek Eyebrow Palette! I have used this baby a lot and up until recently have only really learnt that the eyebrows can make or break a girls overall makeup look especially mine being of half philipino descent my dads eyebrows are bushy and my mum's eyebrows are sparse so together that makes them bushy and sparse which is not a good look sometimes not even a tweezer can fix these babies. Hair. Everywhere. ANYWAY off topic I lost the two tools that came with this product which were a slanted eyeliner brush and tweezers which I don't really remember being all that good anyway. However now I just use a Slanted Eyeliner brush that I bought from Barry M at Superdrug which does the job just fine. The brown, taupe and light peach colours are all matte and despite the top right colour looking the most used I actually don't use it at all it just broke on me :( I mostly use the dark brown on my eyebrows as it blends well with them, I then use the colour underneath which is a peachy colour to highlight my brow enabling an easy matte colour to blend my eyeshadow colours into. The gel liquid colour was originally clear but I am still to this day confused as to how to use it so instead I use MUA Clear Mascara on my brows to brush them and secure them into place. I recommend this product because 1) It's cheap and 2) it does the trick. Oh and 3) It lasts a heck of a long time!

So there it is guys my October Favourites I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post stay tuned for more!
God bless!

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