Saturday, 21 March 2015


I have always been obsessed with colours. Vibrant colours and exotic floral patterns are things I would quite literally marry if I had the chance too. My bedroom back at home and my university hall bedroom are victims of my attempt to splash colour everywhere. I love bright colours like reds and blues, dark greens, light greens, lemon and mustard yellows, royal purples and shimmery golds - anything that visually excites the eyes, I'm drawn to. So having only come across Anthropologie in recent years what draws me to them most is their use of patterns and colours. If I had a doppelganger in shop form, Anthropologie would be it.

If you have visited their website then you would know that on the rare occasions that they have sales, their prices are steep. I, as a student couldn't possibly afford Anthropologie but that doesn't mean that I can't dream and admire their products from afar. Here is my Anthropologie Home Decor Wishlist - i.e the items that I would ever have ownership over if I sold everything I had (then even still I wouldn't have enough money to buy that bed).

1//Habari Mug - £10 // 2 // Crackled Batik Quilt - £148 // 3 // Ankara Throw - £88 // 4 // Thayer Curtain £98 // 5 // Orissa Shower Curtain £78 // 6 // Mirelle Bed - £2,200 // 7 // Crackled Batik Pillow case £58 // 8 // Moresque Chair - £398 

Thank you for checking this post out guys, 
God bless,
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Rosalind xoxo

UK NETFLIX MOVIE PICKS #1: Cheesy Chick-flicks

Anyone who knows me will know that I have watched nearly every chick-flick under  the sun. Below I listed 28 out of the 56 that I found on Netflix UK. Some of them, if not, all of them, I have watched more than once and shamefully a load of these are my all-time favourites. 

We love them because they're cheesy, predictable and sometimes so far out of the realm of the realistic that we still want to watch them time after time again because either a) the lead guy is cute, b) we want the wardrobe or c) we want to vicariously live our lives through them even if it is only for an hour and thirty minutes. I love showing these movies to my friends even if a majority of them may kill your brain cells in the process. 

Grab your girls and make your way through this list! P.S - Part 2 is coming up very soon :)

1.     Agent Cody Banks 2
2.     Beauty & the Briefcase
3.     Bratz
4.     Bring It On: Fight to Finish
5.     Burlesque
6.     Clueless 
7.     College Roadtrip
8.     Country Strong
9.     Coyote Ugly 
10. Footloose
11. Freaky Friday 
12. Grace Unplugged
13. Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars
14. Ice Princess
15. In My Dreams
16. Jumping the Broom
17. Just Like Heaven
18. Justs My Luck 
19. Killers
20. Legally Blonde 2
21. Like Crazy
22. LOL
23. Love Wrecked
24. Lovestruck the Musical 
25. Made of Honour 
26. Material Girls
27. Mean Girls 2
28. My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
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CURRENT: Favourites

I don't know why but I never really got into posting my monthly favourites on this blog which is weird because they're my favourite posts and youtube videos that I look forward to watching and reading every month. I recall taking these photos for a post that I was going to do at the beginning of the month but I never got round to it so... better late than never. I tell myself. #queenoflateness

1// Bethel Music - We Will Not Be Shaken album

My most absolute favourite songs on this album would have to be:

  • Jenn Johnson - In Over My Head
  • Kalley Heiligenthal - Ever Be 
  • Amanda Cook - You Don't Miss A Thing
  • Brian Johnson - Seas of Crimson
Overall the music production of this gorgeous album is absolutely incredible, the presence of God has hovered many times while I have worshipped to this album. It is laced with the Holy Spirit and absolutely catches the wonderful essence of who God is and what He is able to bring us through.

2// Glamour Magazine

I must admit that I was initially drawn to the free lip-gloss that you could get with this magazine but Glamour, the magazine itself is one of the few left of the shelves that actually produce useful articles, it does more than "fashion" and "beauty", leaps far beyond that so when I am able to purchase it - it's a real treat.

3// Maybelline 14 hour Lipstick Super Stay in Lasting Chestnut

Before I discovered this beauty of a lipstick I had previously bought the Always Plum colour which I wore non-stop when I first bought it so much so that it actually lead to it breaking off. I picked up this colour because shamefully I was looking for a similar Kylie Jenner lip colour and this lip colour is natural enough against my skin tone to wear every day. So I do.

4// Cafe De Bain Shower Cream in Coconut Macaroon

My friend Peter bought this and another scent for my birthday and I have been using it ever since. It has the most amazing smell that I cannot even put into words. It smells just like it sounds if not a little bit more sweeter. I believe you can purchase these in Superdrug in the UK.

5// Sinful Colours Nail Polish in Nirvana

I bought this nail varnish a while ago, it has lasted me so many months of wear and I only purchased it from Poundland! One of the greatest buys I have ever done (amidst all the stupid ones). It's basically this neutral, brown colour that lasts a while, it's a gorgeous nail varnish that I will definitely purchase again and again.

6// A Girl Called Jack - 100 Delicious Budget Recipes - Jack Monroe

My beautiful sister-in-law sent me this book to use while I'm at uni and for life and it is this amazing story about a girl called Jack Monroe that was living below the breadline in poverty along with her son and she struggled daily on a small budget putting enough food on the table for her and her son. Numerous times she would go without dinner just to make sure her son was fed. Her son would ask for more and it broke her heart telling him there wasn't any. So she was able to put together delicious and healthy meals that you can buy with a low budget and put it in a book so that I, the struggling student can learn from. I believe she also has a blog so be sure to check that out!

Thank you for checking out this post guys,
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Rosalind xoxo

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Talk-about Tuesdays: Share in my excitement for all things Cinderella

Taken from Pinterest

Bonjour everyone, I haven't graced the pages of this blog with my voice in a while so I figured that I should probably do a post soon and here I am. If you guys haven't heard of the new Cinderella that is coming out in the UK at the end of March then where have you been hiding? Being totally honest I seem to be one of the few that actually realised it was coming out. I have adored Disney and all things Disney princess from a young age but there is something about this particular movie that really grabs my attention. Maybe it's the stunning wardrobe or the amazing cast? Maybe it just brings every little girls dream of what it's like to be a princess to life even more so than its predecessors? Whatever it is that has made me even more excited for this remake of the wonderful story of Cinderella I am enjoying every moment of it. 

Taken from

Taken from

Many brands have jumped on the band wagon to promote the likes of this movie but I wanted to highlight 2 of my favourite for you guys.

I have been a loyal follower of Lauren Conrad since her days in Laguna Beach so obviously I was upset that when she started her Paper Crowns collection at Kohl's, a store that we do not have over here. I was very upset that I could not afford it. I was exactly the same when I found out that she was coming out with a Cinderella collection. Maybe one day I will be able to own a piece from her collection, who knows but until then I shall admire it from afar. What do you guys think of these beautiful pieces? 

I found out about this collection through a Youtuber that I follow called DulceCandy. Initially the thumbnail caught my eye because the packaging looked delightful. Packaging has been key in deciding whether people adore the overall product in discussion. MAC seems to have got the colour scheme down to a T. I have linked DulceCandy's review down below so you guys can get a feel of what is in the collection and you can receive someone's honest opinion. I do believe that at the time of watching it, there was a giveaway as well!

Let me know what you guys think of the movie, I'm so very excited I can hardly contain it. 
God bless,
All my love.

Rosalind xoxo

Thursday, 5 March 2015

HAUL: Superdrug - Loreal, Garnier, Olay etc.

Loreal Elnett Heat Styling Spray £5.99//Garnier Deodorant in Floral Fresh £1.99// Garnier Pure Active Toner £2.99

Ovals Pads 2 for £2.50// Radox Handwash in Pink Grapefruit & Basil £0.97p//

Olay Day Cream on offer for £4.99 from £9.99// Pantene Pro-V Volume Booster Dry Shampoo £1.97// Garnier Face Wash £3.99

You know, recently I've just been breaking out a lot and I couldn't quite put my finger on what was making my skin go so bad. Was it my diet (or lack thereof) or my skin routine? Did I eat too much chocolate or did I not take my make-up off thoroughly enough? All these things were an attempt to search for something to place the blame on for my face intruders. 

Then I realised, since getting to university I did, in fact, let my skin routine go down the drain. I think it was down to pure laziness. I swore by Olay before coming to university thank-you to my mum for that wonderful influence and it has honestly done wonders to my skin BUT because of student living no one's got the money for £10 a pot skin cleansers and toners. SO, I figured that in order to get a new skin routine going on I might as well start with different brand products. 

The same goes for my mane. I honestly am not the best when it comes to looking after my hurr and with the length being an issue at times in terms of how much time you need to spend looking after it, it's easy to get lazy on a hair wash day so I figured, why not try dry shampoo?

The remaining products I haven't spoken about are just everyday items that I need to use. Deodorant's pretty essential I guess.. And this is the first time I've used the face cotton-pads and I've found that where I usually use two or three normal cotton pads I only use one of the oval cotton pads. Hand wash I'm always looking for ones that smell amazing simply because I use it at least 2 times a day just for putting in and taking out my contacts so it had to not only be a reasonable size but it also had to smell really good for optimum enjoyment.

God bless,
All my love,
Rosalind xo