Tuesday, 19 November 2013

British Blogger Selection!

Hey loves,

I am excited to announce I signed up to be part of the British Blogger Selection!

 It was created by Ellie at Little Vintage Camera Anyone British can sign up :D You basically need to send her your Name, e-mail address and blog url so that she can send you the themes that you need to write about. She says to do it each Saturday and you can miss a week if you don't feel like doing it and join in anytime you want!
Seeing as I missed last Saturday the theme is a quick Q&A and she's written some questions down for me to answer:

1) Why do you like blogging?
I love writing, I have stacks of journals up in my room as proof, I've started many blogs in my time and have never stuck to it but this one, this time seems different and it's really fun it's not like a burden or anything so it's something I really enjoy doing everyday and I love looking at other peoples blogs as well!

2) How did you come up with your blog name?
BeautyinHisname: Being a Christian, I love love love God, He is my everything He is the only one I have in this world that will never forsake me He has taught and is teaching me so much, I may not be the perfect daughter of Christ but I know He's bringing me on a journey where amazing things can happen because He's the God of the universe, first and the last and he loves us. He's also taught me to see the beauty in everything, in the world, in people, in life and in myself having dealt with insecurities like every other girl the Lord teaches me and lets me know that I am beautiful because He said so, not anyone elses opinion but His is the only one that should matter and He's definitely teaching me to tell myself that everyday.

3) Where from the UK do you come from?
I come from South East England in a country village/town which is so cute I love it and I also live not far from the sea! :)

4) Favourite colour?
It varies each season but right now it is Raspberry and Red Wine colour. Perfect for Autumn!

5) Do you like Lana Del Ray?
To be perfectly honest I don't really like her music, don't shoot me I just don't enjoy listening to it but darn that girl is beautiful!

6) Hidden talents that you have?
I sadly don't have any :(
Someone give me theirs!?

7) Celebrity Crush?
UM, my boyfriend better not read this haha If you are I love you bub! :L Chris Hemsworth, Dave Franco, Mario Lopez, Chris Evans. Y'know.

8) Favourite blog of all time?

9) What made you want to join #BritishBloggerSelection?
I loved the concept of it Ellie has also done an awesome job organising it and it is such a cute way for inspiration when you get Blogger's block AYYYY that should be a real thing...

So those are the #BritishBloggerSelection questions anyone that want to join leave a comment on Ellie's post about it. Click here.
In her own words she tells you some stuff about it:

"What's in it for you? If you participate in #BritishBloggerSelection, you'll get more blog traffic, friends with bloggers you probably didn't even know existed!

How this works: Each week on Saturday I'll send you a theme to blog about and from there you blog about whatever you want related to that theme! You don't have to participate in this every week, just participate when you feel ready! No one's forcing you to do it every week!

If you want to join in contact me with your blog URL, blog name and your first and last name and from there you are added into the group!


So thanks for stopping by stay tuned for the next theme on Saturday!
God bless!

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  1. Hey, I'd love to join in on this :-)
    My name is Alice Snell and my blog name is BeautyByAlicee (http://beautybyalicee.blogspot.co.uk/)