Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Stocking Stuffers for under £5: Stationary, Pens and Pencil Cases. Stickers & Bookmarks

Hey loves, 
Okay last Stocking Stuffer post of the year so Good luck to you all after this! :D 
Here I just created a collection of pens and pencil cases and stickers that you guys can use they all look so awesome and amazing and I'm actually getting rather excited to show you guys these! ANYWAY here's the last post :) Hope you guys enjoyed this series :)

Untitled #16

Stocking Stuffers for Under £5: Stationary: Pens and Stuff by rose1995 on Polyvore

 Lunch Bunch Stickers: £3.50
 Black Glasses Pencil Topper: £3.00
 Bird Stickers: £3.50
 Crayons Pack of 12: £1.00
 Robots Colour Changing Pens: £3.15
 Bear Highlighters Pack of 5: £1.50
 Chunky Knits Barrel Pencil Case: £3.50
5 Puzzle Ball Pens: £3.00
 Quilted Wool Square Pencil Case: £3.50
 Kyoto Rose Square Pencil Case: £5.00
 Violet Fabric Brush Pen:  £3.00
Lions Bubble Pen: £1.00
 Kyoto Rose Button Bookmark: £5.00
 Chunky Knits Ball Point Pen: £1.00

Hope you guys enjoy this post!
God bless,
All my love,

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