Saturday, 12 October 2013


Hey guys, just a quick update! I was meant to be writing these blogs more regularly but haven't got round to succeeding this hopefully will compensate for my lack of posts. It will only be short, I just wanted to update you guys on what I did today. I went paint shopping. Yes. I am painting my walls in my bedroom upstairs that I got moved to and I have finally put my foot down on the yellow and orange painted walls. There's not even a colour pattern or colour block pattern like you would normally have on the adjacent walls. It is literally free-nilly "oh, paint would look so good here". I may or may not reveal a picture of its awfulness. But bless my Dad anyway, "just, what. was he thinking?" Me and my dad managed to pop into B&Q to get testers, samples... whatever you like to call them, I got 5 for £6.60 which trust me... is a lot lot lot in terms of the 3 for £1 offer I found online! My idea and vision for my bedroom is to have feature walls, right where my headboard is an either dark red or raspberry or plum. YOU SEE, that is the problem had we not got it here earlier. Coming home me and brother went to paint these testers onto the walls and compare. Firstly I decided on a light colour and then afterwards a feature wall colour will be in the picture. Either way, after struggling to find those paints I had decided I didn't not like any of them! My only tip today if anything. Take as much time as you need!


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