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An Oldschool Album Review

Evening guys! I have a review for you on two albums that I recently found at Poundland here in the UK. I'll review one first and the other in a later blog post. These are two of my favourite artists when I was in my early teens, I love love loved them! Anyway lets use a little anecdote to get the ball rolling. I'm in Poundland, not many expectations to find anything good at all! I stroll over to the CD section and I see CD's by awkward 60's and 70's artists that I've never heard of and then I see that there are CD's like Natasha Bedingfields Unwritten album which was indeed a pretty good album. Rummaging through those CD's is like searching through trash in a treasure chest and trying to get to the gold at the bottom. That is where I found the beautiful Hilary Duff Metamorphosis album! I wasn't actually able to buy this album when it first came out because... well, I'm not too sure why, I don't think my parents would be willing to buy it online and I didn't have enough money to buy the CD as well as having to listen to it on the computer because I didn't have a walkman! Searching more I wondered if I could find any of her other albums OR Demi Lovato's album that is when I came across Jordin Spark's self titled album, the three songs that caught my eye were the first three songs "Tattoo", "One Step at a Time" and "No Air". Anyway this is my first review that I've done on a blog so please bare with me, I'm not sure on the approach I'm going to take but I assume I will tell you the song list on each album and then review each one in order! :) Hopefully you guys enjoy this blogpost!

Hilary Duff "Metamorphosis":

1. So Yesterday: I don't know if you guys remember when this video came out but I absolutely loved it, it was total "in-your-face" slap to your boyfriend or that guy you had a huge crush on. It was a song that told you to take charge of your feelings, reign them in and to let go of your "yesterday" boyfriend. It's a beautiful song about picking yourself up off of your feet brushing yourself of and living for tomorrow despite what that guy did to you. It was very well produced and just by listening to it you can tell it had "I'm a hit" all over it - the lyrics, although poor in some places i.e "I'm gonna keep your jeans//And your old black hat". This was Hilary Duff in her prime, taking pop to a level of borderline rock and granting an empowerment of broken hearted teenage girls, everywhere.

Favourite line: "How can you hang up if the line is dead//If you wanna walk I'm a step ahead."

2. Come Clean: This song reminds me of Laguna Beach, oh yes, if you watched Laguna Beach ith LC and her embarassingly obsessive crush on Stephen Colletti then this song will bring your memories back also. The video to this was gorgeous I still rewatch it to this day. There is something so raw about the lyrics to this song, something philisophical, you can hear Duff really discover herself and evolve from the usual r&b and pop mesh of lyrics about being in a club. I love the background vocals of Hilary's songs it really gives depth to the song and really reflects the pop style that was around the time this was made.

Favourite line: "I'm shedding//Shedding every colour//Trying to find a pigment of truth beneath my skin"

3. Workin' It Out: This is actually the first time I listened to this song and I must admit, it's not my favourite. The part that is spoken word just makes me cringe, the message of the song is really wonderful though. This is one of the more rockier songs on the album, one that you can really shout to. It's pretty much a song that tells you to not give up. Must say, not Hilary's best.

Favourite line: "No way - I'm not slackin' off or backin' out or crackin' up with doubt".

4.Little Voice: I really enjoyed the concept of this song, she highlights the fact that there is a distinct difference between our hearts and our heads. That "little voice" that she sings about is her voice of reasoning, one that stands for the rational and prevents her from doing what she shouldn't do. I love the way this song used "La la la's" in a inventive way as if to say that that is what she wants to say in order to shut up the little voice in her head. There is heavy guitar in this and a firm beat with a very catchy chorus, this also makes you want to jump along and show off your dancemoves to whatever you feel is necessary.

Favourite line: "The little voice in my head is never misled//All of this noise is what keeps me from making a mess".

5. Where Did I Go Right: This song is very mellow and slow there is a lot of cello use that makes the song meloncholy at the beginning but the adding of the guitar and drum including clash symbols makes the chorus loud and you can feel the emotion in her voice throughout. I personally am not too very fond of this song. It is one of those songs that you think you have deciphered but really in reality it seems she contradicting herself to the point where it doesn't actually make any sense. This song really highlights the confuse going on in her head as well as the confusion going on in mine.

Favourite line: "I'm always aiming //But somehow keep missing//So how did you get here//Something is wrong"

6. Anywhere But Here: This has to be one of my favourite songs on the album! I loved it in "A Cinderella Story" it really captures the craziness and overwhelming love you have with a special someone. How it completely overwhelms you making you not think correctly. This song captures being in love, being free and shows how much whoever she's fallen in love with makes her want to be there with him every moment. It's an all consuming love that has her turned around and upside down and "falling through the door". The use of the lead guitar and beat of the drum makes this pop rock ballad sound magnificent again the use of the background vocals strengthen Hilary's voice and place a bit more life and layer into the song.

Favourite line: "Here is the place where//My head is spinning// Time is beginning//To race away when//You come to throw me//Knock me off my feet//You give me wings to fly//The world goes crashing by again"

7. The Math: I have actually warmed up a lot to this song, it makes sense to me. Using math as something to decribe love and's genius. The melody of the verses don't really fit and the bridge is much to long, it is longer than the chorus and the verse put together! You can really hear her sister's voice that is doubling Hilary's on the chorus and again the background vocals add depth, my favourite harmony is the one on the lyrics "This is *69" it really completes the rocky vibe that the song has throughout.

Favourite line: "If you can't do the math//Then get out of the equation".

8.Love Just Is: This is a lovely ballad and song about Love there is the usual adlib at the beginning to set the mood and it has a slow, mellow beat to it that involves a string section and beautiful piano part that plays in the background. The banging of the high hat and the combination of the piano and string section enables the magical quality and build-up and down of the song also, a combo with the background vocals grants a softer, more voice controlled round off to a beautiful beautiful song.

Favourite line: "When you ask to stay and then disappear//It seems you're gone but you're really here//When every moves seems out of place//But every kiss is filled with grace".

9.Sweet Sixteen: The theme tune to My Super Sweet Sixteen, you guys must remember that show on MTV it may even still be running! The lyrics of this song is so simple, a 11 year-old could've written it but never the less the song is as catchy as a cold in December. The up-beat, riding with the top down, hair flying about, LA lifestyle is where and only there you should play it. Otherwise it's a great song to play on your sixteenth birthday.

Favourite line: N/A

10.Party Up: Heavy lead guitar and electrical sounds make this song the rock song it is. The beat and crazy background vocals make it catchy and captures the pop genre. I think I also hear a bit of trumpet in there which gives it a samba feel. Again it uses spoken word which still to this day cringes me out.

Favourite line: N/A

11. Metamorphosis: My favourite musicality of this song is the acoustic guitar and the stops and pauses of it which creates a hispanic feel but the electrical drum beat draws the song back to its true pop direction. My favourite part on top of that is the interlude, I love the melody of it and was in my opinion an impressive way of leading up into the chorus. The song title is also in relation to the song and the actual process of Metamorphis. The least part I like about this song is spoken word part again, you can hear a reoccurring theme of how much I dislike Hilary's use of it.

Favourite line: "Watching the butterfly go towards the sun, I wonder what I will become".

12. Inner Strength:  It is the shortest song on the album I will literally note down the lyrics here for you -

"Gotta find your inner strength
If you can't then just throw life away
Gotta learn to rely on you
Beauty, strength and wisdom too
You're beautiful inside and out
Lead a great life without a doubt
Don't need a man to make things fair
Cuz more than likely he won't be there
Listen girl, gotta know it's true
In the end all you've got is you."

The mellowness of this track makes it sound like a lullaby, the main beat sounds literally like enhanced raindrop sounds on a window pane. There is not much to it in terms of production and even Hilary's voice is enough to carry this on her own, the tune, although the structure is not there, is still catchy and the words are simple, east to remember and yet make a statement of their own. Something deep that every girl will be able to relate to, good job Haylie Duff Music.

13. Why Not: I LOVE THIS SONG. Maybe it's my favourite... maybe it's not but literally the beat makes you want to download it onto your ipod and walk down the street on a sunny day blasting it out of your headphones. It's such a feel good song that every part of this song has been structured, layered and produced to amazing results. There is an element of everything from this album placed here including a string section, heavy lead guitar section, electric sounds and acoustic guitars that create a magical feel. This was a song where the video was featured on "The Lizzie Mcguire Movie". Please invest time to watch it all you teenage girls!

Favourite line: EVERYTHING. Especially "Why not//Take a star from the sky//Why not//Spread your wings and fly."

14. Girl Can Rock: This rounds off the fact that Hilary can actually sometimes rock but most of the time she can pop. This actually has elements of "We Will Rock You" i.e stomping and clapping for a few bars. There are heavy guitar riffs as well as her favourite "background vocals." I personally am not a fan of this song and I really wished "Why Not" would be the song to end the album. But, we can't all have our way can we?

Favourite line: N/A

Hope you enjoyed this! Jordin Sparks is the next album I shall be reviewing! Love to you all and God bless! :)

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