Sunday, 8 February 2015

SALE HAUL: JEWELLERY from Dorothy Perkins!

Bonjour! I apologise for not blogging frequently this year hm, great start to 2015! I apologise profusely. I felt like a simple haul blog post would be a great way to ease into a blogging rhythm so here it is. I bought these beautiful pieces of jewellery a few weeks ago and had to share the beautiful prices with you guys and to encourage you to look hard through sale racks and always keep your eyes peeled for incredible new pieces to add to your wardrobe.

I bought all of these pieces of jewellery at Dorothy Perkins and I think they're absolutely gorgeous. Now, I honestly hadn't bought jewellery in what felt like forever so when I found out the real prices of these jewellery pieces I was a tad gob-smacked to say the least.

This beautiful locket with the pastel pink opal had beautiful detailing etched into the gold and the chain is very delicate with small bits of gold on it. It was part of  Millie Mackintosh's line collaborating with Dorothy Perkins and was originally £10.00 but I purchased it for £3.00.

I have always been a fan of bright colours, it seeps into my fashion sense and I love looking out for new ways to bring colour into my style so when I saw this necklace that had beaded blends of blue and tangerine I had to get it! This necklace was originally £12.50 and I bought it for £3.00.

How beautiful is this red beaded necklace! I love the combination of the different sized beads, they are beautiful! This was also originally £12.50 and I bought it again for £3.00! See a recurring theme here?

This necklace was by far my favourite. I actually wore it to my birthday meal that I had with a few uni friends because it went perfectly with my outfit. The pastel cold colour of the blues mixed with the warmth of the gold creates a gorgeous piece of jewellery. This also was originally £12.50 but I purchased it again for £3.00. So, to conclude these four pieces of jewellery that I would have bought for £47.50 I actually bought for £12.00! Hurray for sales :D 

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