Monday, 9 February 2015

MAKE-UP TUTORIAL: Red lips, Neutral eyes

Hey beautifuls, I never usually do make-up tutorials on my blog and I feel like I have such a wonderful time doing my own make-up that I wish to share it with you guys. I am by no means an expert or professional at make-up. A few of my make-up mistakes include wearing bright green shimmery eye-shadow in Year 6, plucking my eyebrows way too thin in Year 7 and putting black eyeliner on the bottom of my eyelids (hashtag Cleopatra and not in a good way). I am still very much on a huge learning curve when it comes to my make-up. I wish I was a pro but practice makes perfect and with practice comes inevitable mistakes so I will try my hardest to explain the process of this red-lipped look I wore on my second birthday when I went home with my family last weekend.

FIRST of all, I always start with moisturiser. Then when that is dried I put Maybelline's 25 hour foundation in True Nude. Next I go in with concealer over my spots and under eyes. I normally dot the concealer with a triangle shape and blend it into my skin with my fingers.
NEXT I comb through my eyebrows with a spooley brush and start filling them in with an angled eyeliner brush from Revlon using Wet n Wild's brow kit, the darkest colour.
AFTER my eyebrows I use eye shadow, my current go-to eye shadow palette is MUA's Undress Me Too. Here I used the shade Wink. I place that all over my eyelid. Then I use Loreal's Superliner in Black along the top of my eye and I always angle it out.
THEN I curl my eyelashes and use Maxfactor's Masterpiece Transform mascara. I do this twice for extra volume. I know that it is wrong to do this but I hadn't decided on wearing eyelashes that day so it was a sort of last-minute thing but after I added Eylure's Naturals eyelashes no. 031 for extra volume on my eyelashes.
FOR MY LIPS I used Revlon Colorburst lip butter in Candy Apple to get that bright red lips. It is a wonderful red, moisturising lip gloss consistency.
LAST BUT NOT LEAST I used Sleek's Contour Kit in Dark to contour my cheekbones and finished the look of with Rimmel's Stay Matte powder.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post :)

God bless,
All my love,
Rosalind xo

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