Monday, 3 March 2014

Dear March...

Dear March,

How did time flow so fast, it's seems like it was yesterday that it was New Years? Today, on the 1st of your beautiful month you were a sunny day which makes a change from all the other months. I have a very good feeling that you're going to be a great month leading off to many great months after that and although I have not been in the most glorious place the last few months I know that the Lord has got so many more plans for me. Today, without even realising it was the beginning of a new month, I worked out. I actually got my butt out of bed at 10 and worked out and it was hard, my heart felt like it was going to break out of my being but I managed to finish a workout and I also had breakfast which is a meal that I have been prone to skipping in the several months before hand. I had chopped apple and porridge and a load of water and it felt so good to feel like I had made a step even if it was a little step toward being a healthier and happier me. 

It would be so easy to do this for all the wrong reasons, I could starve myself, put time limits and unrealistic goals ahead of me, I could think of a ton of unhealthy ways I could lose weight but these all don't equal happiness. Happiness to me is a joy that flows straight from the throne room of God to me, my body is a temple and I should dang well treat it like one. Today was one of those days where I woke up and I was like, I want to embrace change, happiness and healthiness. I'm so tired of making up excuse after excuse and crying in frustration in front of the mirror and even hating shopping which I love doing. I've hated shopping for so long so now, I'm going to embrace the body I have now and work hard to get it better, I don't want to go through another summer hiding my body and being self-conscious. I want to start the summer of filled with joy, healthiness and peace with myself.

I'm in a process of learning to love myself, flaws and all - I refuse trying to put up a happy facade during the day and then crying in a pillow, one hand clutched to the tv remote while replaying 90210 wishing I had their bodies and having the other hand clasped around an unhealthy snack during the night, I want to fall in love with every fibre of my being just like the Lord is with His people. I want to fall in love with what God gave me and a step towards that is being healthy.

The inspiration for this post was because of my best friend Leyla, this is her blog dedicated to healthiness and most importantly happiness so you guys can give her a follow that would be much appreciated :)

Welcome to the New You Blog
Here's a load of pictures that I took from her blog haha enjoy checking them out :)

I hope you enjoyed this post,
God bless,
All my love,

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