Friday, 28 February 2014

♥ What's on my Phone?

Hey guys,

Today I'm going to show you around my phone :) I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, it's the blue/black version, I currently have one crack on the screen that I got just a week ago baring in mind I've had this phone for nearly 2 years #justsayin. That, to me is a record in itself! I'm on Three and I have unlimited data in my contract which is a saviour when roaming about the place :) So I decided to take screenshots of my phone so you can view my theme, fonts, apps and all of that. I know I personally love looking at what other people and fashion bloggers have on their phone so I wanted to join the party.

The first screenshot is of my lock screen, it's a beautiful illustration of Nehemiah 8:10 "The joy of the Lord is my strength" which I think is a beautiful and encouraging quote to start my day on! My screen is a simple *swipe* motion, I haven't bothered with a password, I have before but it's just too much hassle I find!

The second screenshot shows my love for Paris in the background, I think I got this photo off of Pinterest and I love it, I loved it so much that I instagrammed it. In the top bar I have all of my notifications, below is a weather app, I blurred out my location but (just letting you know it doesn't really appear like that irl). 

Below are my favourite apps, they're not in any order because I click randomly on these 8 more frequently then any other apps. The first app I go on in the morning is definitely Instagram! Some of these icons I grabbed from different themes I downloaded, if you want to know which ones leave a comment :)

At the very bottom I have my messages, dial, apps drawer, contacts and Chrome.

Here is my second screen as you can see I have Gmail at the top, which I honestly don't think it's very good at all, it's pretty awful and doesn't always load new e-mails and remains on very old ones that I have so it's very unreliable, half of the time I use gmail on Chrome because it's much more reliable. 

Next I have Blogger, I hardly use it though and then next to that I have my Alarm widget that I just tap and then it comes on. 

Underneath that I have Snapchat which I use regularly I currently have over 4,000 points? 

Next to that I have Whatsapp which I use more frequently than text if I'm honest, I paid around £0.69p for it and I think you have to pay every year? It's a genius way to send messages, photos and videos!

Under those I have Google Play Music, which I use to play all my purchases on from the Play Store! Beside that I have Bloglovin an app that you can view all the blogs you follow on there easily. Liking posts have never been easier.

Then I have the Play Store, my Files, the Three app which I use to track my bill and whether or not I go over it and then I have Settings.

The second screenshot are my Photography apps in the photography folder, my most used apps out of these are Photowonder and Photogrid. Photowonder for editing photos and Photogrid to get that cool instagram, white border effect as recommended by my awesome friend Vana!


Below are my Photography apps continued, I use Google Photos regularly to transfer photos from my phone to my Google+ where I share photos privately and then copy the image url. A Beautiful Mess was an app I bought because I followed their blog, I don't use it often but I love all the different things you can do to your photos!

Below I have my Games and Music folders, concerning Games I use High School Story the most, currently, that could change soon, then I would say I use Charades after that simply because me and my boyfriend love to play the Music theme. Teen Vogue Me Girl is also a fun app because it's to do with fashion and then I have Virtual Families which I went through a phase of adoring and spending real life money on that in the end I just stopped playing it, it always seems like a great idea at the time! Next in my Music folder I have apps that I don't really use anymore, I haven't even used Shazam since downloading it I tend to stick to my Play Music app.


I then have my Tools folder, I use the Calculator, Inkpad, National Rail (lifesaver), Maps (for when I'm feeling lost) and Voice Recorder apps the most!

Below are my Shopping and God folders, the only apps I actually go on concerning shopping is probably Amazon, Argos, Ebay, Groupon and NUS Extra which is an app for my NUS card where I get cool discounts and things. On my God folder I really only use the Bible and IHOP a few times, I have yet to really get acquainted with the other apps you see.


Okay, so onto the third screen I have my Calender which is basically my planner for everything concerning life, I put when I next work there, when I meet up with friends and important events that I need to remember and there's a timer on each of them so I don't forget. A really fun part is that I can add stickers to the day I have events on and you know how stickers make everything better. I then have my Music Player widget that I can just click and it'll play right there and then. I have book apps, Skype, Keek, Facebook messenger apps. 
In my Watch folder I use the Cineworld app for looking at what showings are in the cinema, I use IMDB for researching my favourite actors, I hate it when they have the little bots haha one of those apps is Cartoon HD which I use regularly along with Movietube.


Here is a screenshot of my two favourite apps

Twitter and Instagram be sure to follow me on both when you get the chance!


I hope you guys enjoyed this post, it's different to a fashion or beuaty related post but I hope you enjoyed it all the same, what apps are you guys using and does anyone recommend anything? 
God bless, 
All my love,

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