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I've recently taken quite a few trips to New Look in town recently and I have honestly been so excited by their new arrivals. I find myself swooning over everything around the entrance and filling my basket with things that, when I get to the counter, I won't be able to afford. I wanted to share some of their things that have recently attracted me to their Spring/Summer collection 2014. There are additional items that I found in the actual store but most of them are the items that you see before you. Once pay-day comes around I'm sure I will be able to do a haul post because I am definitely investing in some of these gorgeous items!

New Look: Just In #1

One of my favourite themes that I found in their new arrivals was the outpouring of Pastels. Pastels this spring are bigger than ever, I'm excited to go pastel-crazy! Additionally Floral Prints are back, not as huge as Pastels but that is just my opinion :)

Starting from the left to the right:
1) Mint Green Jumper £15
This looks cropped and I have been in need of getting a cropped jumper for so long because, hands up girls who tuck their jumpers into their skirts and get attacked by frumpiness. It's hard to hide it when you have extra thick material under so the perfect solution? Get it cropped!

2) Shell Pink Boxy Chiffon £15
My best friend actually bought this shirt and it looked so cute on her! These shirts are so versatile you can add a statement necklace for a night out and you can add a jumper over it for a casual look, not only that - add shorts and you're ready for summer. I'm in love with the Dusty Pink colour, it's stunning and very feminine and girly.

3) Mint Green Floral Gem Long Sleeve Jumper £23
Although this jumper is similar to the first jumper I love the floral detail that makes any outfit that much more adorable.

4) White Floral Print Tea £20
I am a huge fan of floral tea dresses so when I set my eyes on this one, I fell in love literally. Imagine wearing this in summer, it would be gorgeous!

New Look: JUST IN #2

Starting from the left:
1) Mint Green Hello Brooklyn T-Shirt £9.99
I love Graphic tees (to a certain extent) and t-shirts with quotes on, especially if it's something to do with America!

2) Green Daisy Jacquered Boxy T-Shirt £15
The daisy/floral trend in white on pastel shirts is very on trend, I think the trend is adorable and very girly. I honestly don't think that florals in Spring will ever go out of style.

3) 43inch Light Blue Acid Wash Jeans £22.99
One of my friends bought acid jeans when we were in London with a few of our work friends and I honestly fell in love with acid jeans from that day so when I saw that New Look were doing a pretty much identical version of the jeans she bought I also was ecstatic to find that they were much more cheaper and affordable!

4) Mint Green Daisy Statement Necklace £7.99
The following seasons are also all about statement necklaces so with the combination of statment jewellery and pastels you can't go wrong. The colour gold and pastel when it comes to jewellery have a gorgeous touch of femininity that I love!

New Look: JUST IN #3

Starting from left to right:
1) Mint Green Colour Block Structured Clutch £16
Althought a bit more on the pricey side for a clutch the combination of mint green tones and the structure creates a very unique take on clutches, it also appears to me as a more futuristic reinvention of the clutch bag!

2) Blue Crepe Longline Blazer £28
Blazers can create a preppy look on any outfit, I think a blazer is also as versatile as the dusty pink shirt just in the way that you can add it with a smart dress, with work clothing and over a day dress it can add that touch of cute pastel detail.

3) 2 pack Mint Green and Pink Spot Print Hair Scrunchies £2.99
In case anyone hasn't noticed but the 90's are officially back and yes, that includes the glorious "scrunchie", so guys feels free to raid your mum's hair accessories because the Scrunchie, is back.

  • 4) 6 Pack Mint Green Bow Enamel Stud Earrings Set £4.99
  • I have never really been much of an earring wearer, not if they are from places like New Look and Primark simply because with jewellery I like to be able to wear them on all the time and hardly ever take them off, however, aren't these the cutest earring pack you've ever set your eyes on? The designs are gorgeous and the fact that they are Mint Green is a bonus!

New Look: JUST IN #4

Last but not least I found a cute collection of dresses (and a maxi-skirt) that are too cute to pass out on Spring and Summer.

From left to right:
  • 1) Parisian Light Blue Floral Print Cross Back Denim Dress £23
  • I think that the fact that it is named after the parisian lights just makes me want to purchase it even more, not only that but this kind of pattern is very unique and not you're usual pattern like a floral or animal print so bonus points for the designer, I also feel like there is something very 1950's about buttoned up dresses all the way down the middle. I also feel like it makes dressing and undressing out ofthe dress a whole lot easier.

  • 2) Black Sweetheart Neck Floral Print Skater Dress £20
  • When I saw this dress I wanted to do a little dance because everything from the sweetheart neckline to the beautiful clusters of flowers to the colour scheme really was a beautiful, visual party for me. I feel like fashion is recycling itself right before our very eyes and that is a wonderful feeling.

  • 3) Mint Green 1/2 Sleeve Daisy Print Skater Dress £18
  • Going along with the beautiful pastel theme this dress matches a previous item, obviously there is no way of wearing one on top of the other, that would be pointless but you can add a cream or white jumper over this dress for those chilly days OR you can add sandals and a crotchet top for those beautiful warm, sunny days.

  • 4) Coral Button Front Maxi Skirt £18
  • On a previous Valentine's Day series post I posted a coral dress that was the exact same style to this maxi-skirt so to avoid an item-repeater (Lizzie Mcguire movie reference anyone?... ANYONE?!) I decided to add the maxi-skirt version of it. I'm really not a huge maxi-skirt wearer but this one is gorgeous and this summer if I'm brave enough I might just as well venture out into the world that is the "maxi-skirt/dress".  

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!
God bless,
All my love,

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