Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Style Inspiration: ♥THE CARRIE DIARIES♥

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So recently, I had blogger's block even though it may not seem like it having posted everyday for the past few days I just, until about 10 minutes ago had blogger's block. I don't really know if it's a "thing" but if not I'm making it a thing now. I got inspiration from a post I saw about ideas for fashion blogs after yes, typing that into google and Google did not disappoint! Here is the link to the website that helped a sister out of the blogger's block abyss:

I'll list a few of their tips here just to give you the gist of the blogpost:

Your favorite item of clothing at the moment: What are you loving in your closet right now? The thing you can’t live without? Your absolute best purchase and why.
A fashion problem you have.. Having a hard time finding flattering jeans? Maxi dresses for petites?
A solution you found… How did you find the perfect pair of jeans? Do tell!
Your closet: How do you keep your clothes?


Anyway, back to the purpose of this post, how many of you guys watch The Carrie Diaries? I don't know if it's come over to the UK yet but I started watching it on the US's Netflix and then preceded to watch Season 2 online. If you guys haven't watched it or even heard of it do not fret, I'll place a trailer here so that you don't miss out.. Did I mention Austin Butler's one of the leads? No? okay..

So you've caught a glimpse of the wonder that is The Carrie Diaries, now I want to give you a glimpse of the fashion. Kudos to the show's costume designer Eric Daman who reinvented 80's fashion. Vibrant colour, vibrant pattern and skyscraper heels adorn the beautiful cast and it's all about big hair. There is one word to describe the fashion on the Carrie Diaries and that, is funky. Just saying that word makes me cry a little - so I wanted to show a few outfits from the show (credit to Google for these beautiful photos) and I also wanted to include some pieces that you can get online to channel your inner Carrie.

Hope you enjoy!

Here are the items I picked out that I feel reflect Carrie Bradshaw's style within the show, as you can probably tell there is a lot of colour, funky patterns, bold expressions of shoe and a touch of neon. While searching for similar items I came across this website called - it's an awesome website that take the fashion of our favourite tv shows therefore enabling us to look like them. What more could you want?  

I will list all the items and their prices below :)


Where I found everything + their links:

I hope you enjoyed this post :)
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