Thursday, 20 February 2014

RECENT HAUL #1 - New Look, Debenhams, Boots and Yankee Store.

Hey loves,

I have a haul for you today :) I have bought quite a lot these past few months and I wanted to show everything to you guys because I'm real excited to show you some awesome bargains that I got :)
This will be the first out of probably 2 or 3 more posts that I'm going to do on recent buys that I'm in love with so I hope you guys enjoy this one :) 

New Look Boots £17.00
These boots are black and suede, there is a slight heel on them and they're really comfy also I'm so glad that New Look do a 10% student discount! I wear them everyday I kid you not and I can normally not really walk in heels that well but these are an exception as they're not that high but easy to walk in.

Debenhams, Butterfly Frame £6.00 
I have been looking for things that will make my bedroom look really pretty, it's the first time that I'm really allowed to decorate so I'm going to town on anything purple-related. It was reduced from £12.00 and I really honestly can say that there isn't anything wrong with it :)

Umberto Giannini Vintage Hair Styling Kit and Backcomb Hair Styling Kit, £2.50 each
I was so surprised by the amount of hair accessories that were in these kits and for £2.50! It's insane :)

This is the Backcomb Styling Kit with a Backcombing volumising brush and two sponges also the long one can attach to the other side to create a doughnut. I also got loads of clear rubber hairbands and black and yellow hair grips and a gorgeous feather hair accessory.

This is the Vintage styling Kit with a lace hairband black and yellow hair grips, 2 doughnuts and 4 curlers except there are actually two in each of the 4 curlers but I didn't realise that until after I took the photograph and lasy but not least a comb. The ends of both of these brushes make it really easy to seperate your hair into sections and the quality of these products are amazing!

Maybelline Brow Drama in Dark Brown £4.99
This is officially my lifesaver especially if I'm in a rush I just swipe it on and then walk out of the door, the good thing is it works even better when I spend more than 3 minutes on my eyebrows filling them in with an angled brush. This creates a clean final look on my brows and keeps them in tact which is awesome!

Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24H - £7.99

I got these two products together and had a student discount over the top of it so it wasn't as much as I had expected. I have used this Gel Eyeliner in the past but I lost the lid therefore the gel went hard and I wasn't able to use it again. After that I somehow convinced myself that I would be much better off with normal gel liner that I can put the lid on everytime I use it and not forget. I recently just got back into using it and I have ditched the brush that comes with it because I believe there is little control that you get useing it compared to an angled brush. I use my eco tools angled brush which enables  me to follow the line of my eyes and variate the thickness easier.

Tan Mittens from Accessorize £3.00
I lose my gloves so easily I really need ones that are attached to eachother haha but I found these in a sale at Accessorize, they were originally £12 so who could pass out an offer like that! They are literally so thick and comfy! They have extra cotton material inside so they keep my fingers nice and toasty also I love the cute velvet ribbon and heart detail on the front it's makes them extra adorable.

Yankee Candle - Fireside Treats - Large Jar -  £12.97
Last but not least on my haul for now is this Yankee Candle! I have been so obsessed with Yankee candles, this is my first large jar purchase, I purchased it in Ashford when I was recently shopping there with my boyfriend. No joke, we smelt every single candle in that store looking for the perfect smell and this was the only smell we BOTH agreed was amazing. It was reduced which was a bonus, literally one and a half sides of the store was reduced to 50%, I was most certainly in candle heaven!

That's it for my haul guys I hope you enjoyed reading and looking at my pictures and keep your eyes peeled for more! 
God bless, 
All my love,

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