Monday, 10 February 2014

♥ Valentine's SERIES #4: All things Heart-shaped.

Hey loves,

Can you believe it? It's Valentine's Day in just 4 days how times has flown by it feels like it was only yesterday that it was New Year's! 
I have to say that the heart theme on anything just for me, looks instantly cute and girly. I love patterned mugs, blankets, tops, pillows, candles anything that you can place a heart-shape on - I find it adorable. What better way to go heart-crazy than with Valentine's Day just around the corner, the great thing is that you can use heart-shaped/patterned objects all year round - this is how liberated the heart is (ayiie, poetic).
So in the spirit of things I picked out some heart-related items to help you get in the Valentine's Day Spirit. In other new: my mind is pondering on the thought of who came up with the heart shape because my heart sure isn't shaped like ♥ ... it still looks cute regardless though! 

Enjoy :)

The Theme of Hearts

Here is where I got all of these items from:
1) Appliques Heart Cushion - £9.99 - Dunhelm Mill
2) Stone and Black Heart Chalkboard - £4.00 - New Look
3) Beaded Heart Clock - £12 - Next
4) Grey Love Heart Mug - £1.69 - Dunhelm Mill
5) Daisy Patch Heart A5 Wiro Notebook - £2.50 - The Range
6) Heart Applique Cushion - £12 - Next 
7) Heart Coasters - £7.50 - Next
8) Red Heart Print Skater Dress - £15 - New Look
9) Mink Short Sleeve Heart Print Shirt - £18 - New Look
10) Chic & Shabby Metal Floral Ditsy Heart Vintage Hanging Hearts - £2.99 - Ebay
11) Pink 3/4 Sleeve Heart Print Top - £13 - New Look
12) Light Pink Lace Floral Print Heart Jumper - £10 - New Look
13) Cream Heart Hands Graphic T-shirt - £7.99 - New Look

I have all the links to these items on my Polyvore profile, the link to the actual set is here
From there you can click on each individual item and it will send you to its destination :) 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!
All my love,
God bless,

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