Sunday, 23 February 2014

#1 What's in my February Ebay basket?

Hey guys,

I have a new series idea that I wanted to start and I think it's going to be centered around my online baskets for example what's lying in my Amazon, Ebay or Etsy basket, I figured it was a good way to display my wishlists and items I purchase, thank goodness I haven't yet applied to get a Debit card simply because I don't trust myself. No, I do but I just haven't applied for one yet (shoot me). Anyway, this series will involve numerous stores that (I wish) I could buy from, I mean, sometimes I am able to using my parents cards and paying them back but most of the time it's not worth the hassle. I have never really online shopped apart from Amazon and Ebay because items on those sites are cheap with a capital "C". I also think this is an interesting way to see how much I like to pretend/fantasy shop and to see the huge total mount up at the end of the checkout, it's kind of a bonus that I don't actually get to do the damage to my card but yes anyway, most of these finds are very inexpensive so I hope you guys enjoy all the cute Spring/Summer items I have found...


I know what you guys are thinking.. "that's a lot of pastel" I've become a bit pastel crazy but aside from that there isn't much of my favourite Winter colour and that's Black.. my favourite safety zone of a colour, the colour that goes with everything. I honestly 100% swear to you guys I actually went to Church in all black today and I didn't even mean to (I promise). Letting go of the colour black will be refreshing for me, I love colour on my outfit (although today stated otherwise) so to be able to step out in feminine and girly colours will be good for me! All the links to everything I have posted are attached all you need to do is simply click on them :) 

Also if you guys want to check out my Polyvore I have loads of sets that I create in order to place them on my blog so you can keep up to date with them by following me if you want to!

9. Tribal Necklace £3.99 

I hope you enjoyed this post and have got a load of inspiration for Spring and Summer and let me know if you guys are interested in seeing more of my "What's in my [insert month here] [insert website here] basket?" I would love to see if you guys enjoy them so you can comment below if you really want to :)
God bless,
All my love,

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