Monday, 10 February 2014

♥ Valentine's Day SERIES #5: Outfits no. 3

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I have here my last Valentine's Day Outfit post, it is the third and final set that I have created you guys! I still have a few days left until Valentine's Day so I really wanted to post another one just because of timing and how much I did not plan this Valentine's Day Series well in advance of Valentine's Day but I will learn from my mistakes of course :)

This set really plays upon pastel colours which are very in this Spring, it also plays around with coral colours and floral patterns like my previous Valentine's Day Outfit posts. I am very much a dress person when it comes to special occassions anyway so I am pleased to involve some of my favourite dresses that I came across on my outfit-searching travels.

I have recently got back into numbering my Polyvore sets as it really is hard and close to impossible to work out which items I'm talking about when all I say is "From top left:" So I hope you guys find it easier to view it this way! I will also link my Polyvore Set link so that you can click through to the actual web pages of these outfits.


Valentine's Day Outfits #3

Valentine's Day Outfits #3 by rose1995 

1) Sophisticated Flutter Shorts - £11 - Forever21
2) Shiraz Stappy Lace Detail Puffball Mini Dress in Cream - £35 - Missguided
3) Coral Waterfall Blazer - £22 - New Look
4) Shell Pink Waterfall Blazer - £35 - New Look
5) Coral Button Up Lattice Back Skater Dress - £15 - New Look
6) Pink Double Pocket Mohair Texture Longlined Coat - £10 - New Look
7) Coral Lipstick Paint Flaunt in Tube - £4.59 - Etsy
8) Rouge Pur Couture - £21 - YSL
9) Rouge Volupte - £21 - YSL
10) Rebel Rose Skater Dress - £12 - Forever21
11) Malisa Tartan Chiffon Skater Dress in Red - £23 - Missguided
12) Lace Dress - £20 - H&M
13) Short Dress - £15 - H&M

Here is the link to my Polyvore Set where you can find all the links to the clothes :)

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