Friday, 7 March 2014

♥THE BEDROOM: Decor & Ideas

Hey guys,

Today's post will be about bedroom ideas, I recently made the decision to actually redo my bedroom and it's the first time that I've actually been able to it since moving from having my bedroom downstairs to upstairs. Basically something happened to my Dad health-wise and we thought it would be safer having the bedroom downstairs where the toilet and things are a couple of steps away rather than a flight of stairs. So, before I had my room painted it was orange and yellow, I kid you not. I actually asked my Dad what possessed him to paint the walls orange and yellow and he replied "I just used whatever paint was left over from doing the rest of the house". Haha, fair enough. Anyway, now my bedroom is purple and a light brown - purple/raspberry on the statement walls and light brown on the side walls. I have yet to do things like, paint the ceiling which still remains an off-white almost yellow colour so that will be my next endeavour!

I do want to do more to my room in terms of storage, my things have no home, in my bedroom as it were they're mostly scattered around my room so at times it can become really cluttered. I also want to see if I can change my horrible mauve/brown/red/I don't even know what colour carpet but that can wait, I can deal with the carpet for now. Part of me was like, maybe you shouldn't bother, seeing as you're nearly off to uni however I will be back to stay with my parents no doubt so I might as well!

Here are a few pictures that I took off of Tumblr, so credit to the photographers/bedroom-owners that these belong to, they are absolutely stunning:

As you can tell a majority of these pictures are really girly, I've recently got into fun pinks and girly floral patterns so that is the reason why. I hope you guys enjoyed this super quick post, I apologise for it being so quick!
God bless 
With all my love,

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