Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Life ♥: My Secondary School Prom 2011

Hey guys,

I've been looking for dresses to put in a Prom post that I'm working on and I figured I would involve my own Prom in a post before I post them. My Prom was around 3 years ago, I went with two of my best friends Leyla and Serena and also my boyfriend at the time Tom. My ate, Julyeta did my hair and make-up I actually had no idea how I wanted my hair at the time I only remember collecting so many pictures for dresses that I wanted to use so I completely forgot about how I wanted to do my hair. In the end I just wanted it curled with a fringe, I wish I had it up but oh well, she did my make-up wonderfully and she really knew how to do her stuff! I bought my jewellery and my dress from Debenhams and I'd say that altogether it came to under £200? I wore fake eyelashes (for the first time) and false nails (probably for the first time also) which I regretted because playing the violin I've never really been able to have my nails long and heck they were annoying, by the end of the night I wanted to rip them off myself (horrible picture).  I actually shamefully have a video that I created on my old Youtube channel Peppermints and Roses, a channel I began with my best friend Leyla and I'll put the link right at the end of this post so be sure to check that out!

For now here are some beautiful photos that were captured at Prom I hope you guys enjoy :)

Leyla, Me and Serena about to leave for Prom

The bestest friends I could ever ask for, Me, Leyla and Rach at Prom - aren't they beautiful :)

Me and the wonderful Grace at Prom!

Me and the stunning Jess at Prom :)

This was at Leyla's old house right before Prom, her garden was lovely!

Me and Rach (love her) at prom, seated and about to eat food I'm guessing.

Me, Rach and Leyla we'd make a wonderful British flag with our Prom dresses (totally not planned).

Our table at prom after our wonderful meal!

A few of our friends outside, thank goodness it was sunny!

I loved Prom it was such a beautiful way to send off beautiful friendships that we'd all made, so I encourage you to really enjoy your last times at secondary school, I miss it so much but I wouldn't do anything differently :)

Here's that embarrassing video I did straight after coming home from Prom:

God bless,
All my love,

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